Do Skechers Go Walk Have Good Arch Support? Secret Stability!

If you’re looking for comfortable walking shoes that also provide good arch support, Skechers

Go Walk shoes may be a good option to consider. But how much arch support do they give? Let’s take a closer look

Do Skechers Go Walk Have Good Arch Support

Many Skechers Go Walk styles are designed with decent arch support in mind. They typically feature contoured insoles and midsoles that provide moderate arch support and cushioning.

However, the level of arch support can vary between specific Go Walk models and individual foot needs.

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What is Arch Support and Why is it Important?

Your arches are the curved part of your foot that connects your heel to the ball. Arch support refers to shoes that are designed to support the arch area with structural elements or cushioning. Good arch support distributes weight evenly across your foot, preventing too much pressure on certain areas. It can help prevent and relieve:

  • General foot fatigue and pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Knee and back pain

People with high arches or flat feet especially need shoes with good arch reinforcement. Without enough arch support, you’re more prone to developing painful foot problems over time.

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Key Features of Skechers Go Walk Shoes

Before analyzing the level of arch support in Skechers Go Walk models specifically, let’s briefly outline some of their overall comfort technologies:

  • Lightweight canvas or knit uppers: Allow air to pass through to keep feet cool and comfortable for long walks.
  • Goga Max insoles: Provide high-rebound cushioning and help absorb shock.
  • 5GEN midsoles: Give resilient cushioning to help reduce fatigue.
  • Bamboo lined footbed: Anti-bacterial and breathable to prevent odors.

Skechers Go Walk Arch Support Overview

ModelArch TypeLevel of SupportBest For
Go Walk JoyNeutralMedium-HighNeutral arches looking for responsive cushioning
Go Walk Arch FitMed to HighHighPronounced high arches needing custom orthotic support
Go Walk 5NeutralMediumNeutral arches needing cushion for long walks
Go Walk MaxMed to HighMediumModerately high arches needing maximum comfort

Do Skechers Go Walk Shoes Have Enough Arch Support?

Whether Skechers Go Walk shoes offer adequate arch support really depends on your individual foot arch type and specific needs.

If you have medium to high arches, models like the Go Walk Arch Fit and Go Walk Max provide pleasing arch reinforcement that matches the natural shape of your foot. This prevents pain and strain so you can walk comfortably for miles.

For neutral or flat arches, Go Walk shoes still offer decent arch cushioning and stability to support mileage. Though those with extremely flat feet may require heavier medical orthotics for enough support over long periods.

Do be aware that Skechers Go Walk insoles tend to compress and lose some supportiveness over time – usually around 6 to 12 months with regular wear. So you’ll need to replace them for that instant arch cushioning.

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Getting the Right Skechers Go Walk Arch Support Fit

To enjoy the full arch-hugging comfort of Skechers Go Walk shoes, it’s vital to get the correct size. Here’s how:

  • Try shoes on at the end of the day when your feet are slightly swollen.
  • Wear the same socks you’d normally walk in.
  • Stand with your feet flat – there should be around 1⁄2 inch from the end of the shoe.
  • The upper should feel snug yet comfy around your arches. If too tight or loose, try another size.
  • Walk around the store to test the arch support feel when moving.
  • Consider custom orthotic inserts if you need more support.

Getting the optimal fit makes all the difference in maximizing the arch benefits of Skechers Go Walk shoes as you walk.

Exploring Arch Support in Skechers Go Walk Shoes

Here’s a breakdown of the arch support you can expect with different Skechers Go Walk styles:

1. Skechers Go Walk Joy

  • Arch Type: Neutral
  • Arch Support: Medium to high
  • Key Features: Lightweight Responsive Flight Gen midsole, high-rebound Goga Max insole, stability heel overlay

Verdict: Very good arch support for neutral arches.

2. Skechers Go Walk Arch Fit

  • Arch Type: Medium to high
  • Arch Support: High
  • Key Features: Arch Fit orthotic insole for custom arch support, responsive Ultra Pillar midsole, stability heel overlay

Verdict: Excellent pronounced arch support. The best Skechers for high arches.

3. Skechers Go Walk 5

  • Arch Type: Neutral
  • Arch Support: Medium
  • Key Features: Bamboo lined footbed, Goga Max insole, Shock Pillar stability midsole

Verdict: Decent arch support for neutral arches. Cushioned for longer walks.

4. Skechers Go Walk Max

  • Arch Type: Medium to high
  • Arch Support: Medium
  • Key Features: Ultra Pillar midsole, Goga Max insole, responsivebamboo lined footbed

Verdict: Moderate arch support best for medium to high arches. Offers maximum comfort and response.

5 Tips to Boost Skechers Go Walk Arch Support Comfort

  1. Break shoes in slowly. Start with only short walks of 15-30 minutes before ramping up mileage so cushioning molds perfectly to your feet.
  2. Use recommended insoles. Skechers Go Walk insoles give great arch cushioning when new. Replace roughly every 6-12 months.
  3. Try heel inserts. Gel heel pads or cups provide extra stability and support if arches feel too compressed.
  4. Wear good socks. Well-fitting, moisture-wicking socks enhance comfort and prevent slipping that can negatively impact arch support.
  5. Stretch feet properly. Gently stretch and massage feet, ankles, and calves before and after walking to increase blood flow and reduce injury risk.

Making some small adjustments like these as you break in and wear your Skechers Go Walks can elevate the arch benefits and life span of the shoes.

Skechers Go Walk Arch Support Over Time

It’s only natural for some compression and flattening of the Go Walk shoe cushioning elements to occur over time – especially in the arch area that handles significant repeated pressure as you walk.

In the first 100 miles or so, you should still enjoy bouncy arch support that energizes your feet with every step. Cushioning feels springy and supportive.

After 300-500 miles, expect moderate wear-down of arch cushioning. The shoes remain comfy for long walks but have slightly less pep.

Beyond 500 miles, cushioning bottoms out in the arch and loses most bounce. At this stage, it’s best to replace shoes to restore that delightful arch cushioning for pain and fatigue reduction. Adding fresh insoles can temporarily provide more arch support and extend the shoe lifespan if you’re not ready to replace them yet.

Of course, individual gait, walking surfaces, and fit all impact cushioning wear too. But this gives a general guide on arch support longevity so your feet stay happy walk after walk.

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For walking shoes that tick both the comfort and support boxes, Skechers Go Walk models make fantastic options to consider. Their lightweight and flexible construction makes walking a breeze while technologies like Goga Max insoles and 5GEN midsoles offer responsive arch cushioning to keep feet feeling great for miles.

Choose the Go Walk Arch Fit style for maximum arch reinforcement or try the Joy and Max for medium support ideal for neutral feet. Getting the right individualized size and fit enhances support and longevity. With proper break-in and rotational wear, Skechers Go Walk shoes provide exceptional cushioned arch support for walking comfort seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Skechers Go Walk shoes work for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, many wearers with plantar fasciitis praise the arch comfort and shock absorption of various Go Walk models. The Go Walk Arch Fit offers particularly enhanced pronation control and stability if PF pain stems from fallen arches. Custom orthotics may optimize relief.

Are Skechers Go Walk good for walking and exercise?

With their lightweight design and responsive cushioning, Go Walk shoes provide both arch support and energizing flexibility for lengthy daily walks, travel, or light gym sessions. Their breathability keeps their feet energized even through long workouts.

How long do Skechers Go Walk shoes last?

Expect an average lifespan of 500-600 miles with 3-5 times weekly use. Rotating with a second pair helps maximize the longevity of bouncy arch support and traction. Proper care like air drying also prevents premature breakdown.

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