Skechers Foamies vs Native Shoes

Are they searching for blissful lightweight kicks to see you through warm-weather adventures?

Both Skechers Foamies and Native Shoes promise feather-soft steps with cloudlike comfort.

But with differences in style, fit, and performance, which footwear makes the perfect summer match?

This comprehensive comparison highlights the strengths of Skechers Foamies vs Native Shoes to determine the ideal pair where comfort meets your style.

Let’s explore notable traits before proclaiming one shoe is undoubtedly better across the board.

Skechers Foamies vs Native

The main difference between Skechers Foamies and Native shoes is that Foamies are made of injected molded foam for lightweight comfort, while Native shoes have a rubber or EVA outsole and perforated upper for breathability. Foamies have a smooth, seamless design while Native focuses more on flexibility and ventilation features.

Both provide cushioning but Native offers more structure.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers Foamies vs Native Shoes:

FeatureSkechers FoamiesNative Shoes
CushioningMemory foam insoleUltra lightweight foam insole
Arch SupportLight to moderate supportMinimal arch support
OutsoleFlexible foam tractionRubber outsole
Toe BoxRoomy round toeRoomy round toe
MaterialSoft woven knit fabricBreathable knit or leather
StyleClogs & sandalsSandals, sneakers, boots
Usage TimeShort term wearAll day wear
Water FriendlyNot water friendlyWater resistant materials
WeightUltra lightweightUltra lightweight
Odor ControlLacks odor controlAntimicrobial treatment
TractionModerate tractionDurable traction
Removable InsolesYesYes
WashableNot machine washableHand washable
VeganNoMany vegan options
SizingRuns small, size upRuns true to size
Break-In TimeNo break-in neededMinimal break-in time

In summary, Foamies offer better immediate comfort while Native shoes are lighter and better for all day wear.

Native has more style options and odor control while Foamies have a lower price point.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers Foamies

  • Ultra-lightweight and comfortable foam construction
  • Often more affordable than some other casual/slip-on shoe options
  • Available in a variety of fun, casual styles

Cons: Skechers Foamies

  • May not provide as much arch support or durability as more structured shoes
  • Limited versatility – primarily suited for casual, indoor/light outdoor use
  • Foam material can break down quicker than some other shoe materials

Pros: Native

  • Innovative, sustainable design using materials like EVA and recycled plastics
  • Extremely lightweight and flexible for casual, everyday wear
  • Variety of stylish, modern designs to choose from

Cons: Native

  • Generally more expensive than basic foam/plastic slip-on styles
  • Some may find the minimalist construction lacks adequate support and cushioning
  • Limited color/style options compared to traditional casual shoe brands

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers Foamies: The Foamies line is not designed for running. These shoes have a very basic, flat sole construction that lacks the cushioning, stability, and support needed for running activities.
  • Native: Similar to the Foamies, the Native shoes are not focused on running performance. They are casual, everyday shoes that are not well-suited for high-impact activities like running.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers Foamies: The Foamies can work for casual, light walking, but they do not provide much in the way of cushioning or support for extended walking sessions.
  • Native: The Native shoes are a better option for walking compared to the Foamies. They have a more substantial sole with some cushioning that can make them more comfortable for walking, especially for shorter distances.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers Foamies: The Foamies’ basic, flat sole design offers minimal comfort and support for prolonged standing. They are not well-equipped to handle the demands of all-day wear.
  • Native: The Native shoes have a slight advantage over the Foamies for standing all day. While not highly cushioned, their soles provide a bit more support than the Foamies, making them a marginally better choice for extended periods on your feet.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers Foamies vs Native differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

About Skechers Foamies

Part of the Skechers lifestyle line, Foamies feature faux leather or textile uppers atop a bottom-cushioned rubber foam midsole keeping each step supremely soft.

Style variety ranges from sporty to bohemian in this relaxed seasonal footwear.

Key Foamies features include:

  • Ultra-soft cushioning – Compressed rubber midsoles absorb shock
  • Textile/faux leather uppers – Light, breathable comfort
  • Sporty/boho styling – Bright tropical patterns to muted solids
  • Affordable price – Budget-friendly summer sandals
  • For men and women – Unisex sizing across styles

Foamies bring Skechers signature comfort in easy slip-on designs marked by a variety suiting individual tastes.

About Native Shoes

Founded on principles of sustainability, Native Shoes began with lightweight EVA foam construction pairing embossed textures with animal-free microfiber.

Today’s extensive collections include vegan materials reimagined as oxfords, flats, sandals, and more each season.

Recognizable Native Shoes qualities include:

  • Sustainably crafted – Vegan construction and ethical production
  • Ultra lightweight – EVA foam cushioning and uppers
  • Boldly patterned – Colorblocked style with nature themes
  • Odor/microbial resistant – Inhibits smells and bacteria
  • For all lifestyles – Casual, dress, athletic, and unisex

Native Shoes apparel and accessories also feature recycled plastic bottles and rubber tapped from Havea trees preserving rainforest canopies.

Cushioning & Comfort Comparison

When footwear prioritizes gentle steps, the materials and quality of cushioning used make all the difference.

Here’s how Skechers Foamies and Native Shoes stack up delivering the softest, most comforting ride:

Midsole Cushioning

Both utilize EVA foam midsoles but in different densities impacting shock absorption. See how they compare:

CushioningSkechers FoamiesNative Shoes
Midsole MaterialHigh-density compressed EVA foamLow-density EVA foam
FeelUltra-soft but supportive basePillowy, cloudlike plushness
DurabilityHolds shape for natural walking motionCompresses somewhat underfoot over time

So Native Shoes win for melt-into-heaven initial softness out of the box. Foamies offer supportive longevity.

Odor + Microbial Protection

Here Native Shoes pulls ahead in technologies combatting scents and microbes buildup inevitable with summer wear.

Odor + Microbe ProtectionSkechers FoamiesNative Shoes
Antimicrobial LiningNoYes
Odor Resistance TreatmentNoYes

Foamies must contend with sweat and bare feet. Native Shoes safeguard against lingering smells.

Sizing & Width Comparison

Finally, in accommodating various foot shapes with scaled sizes, Foamies take the lead.

Sizing AvailabilitySkechers FoamiesNative Shoes
Women’s Size Range5-115-10
Width OptionsMedium/WideMedium
Unisex Styles FactorYesLimited

So if you struggle to find well-fitted sandals, Foamies furnish wider size options than Native Shoes.

Style Comparison

Summer style should lift your mood even in scorching temps. Which brand better delivers aesthetic variety and trendsetting looks?

Design Selection

Pop colors and exotic patterns overflow from both brands. But Natives lean more monochromatic allowing textures to shine.

Style ChoicesSkechers FoamiesNative Shoes
ColorsVibrant solids + combosMuted tonal palettes
Patterns/TexturesFlorals, batiks, knitsGeometrics, animal prints, woven textures
EmbellishmentsSome with rhinestones, studsUnembellished

So Foamies embrace more blinged-out embellishments while Native Shoes take a subtle statement approach spotlighting sustainability.

Silhouette Style

Here too differences emerge with Foamy’s chunky sporty sandals contrasting Native Shoes’ slim, stylized profiles.

Style ShapeSkechers FoamiesNative Shoes
SilhouetteChunky monolithic profileSlim layered density
InspirationAthletic leisureContemporary urban
VersatilityCasualwearStreetwear to dressy

If you like sporty casual looks go Foamies. For elevated versatility choose Native Shoes.

Performance Comparison

Alongside style, ideal summer footwear travels easily matching activities without weighing you down. So which is better equipped for warm weather adventures?


In ounces, Native Shoes are comparable or moderately lighter than Foamies depending on the exact style.

WeightSkechers FoamiesNative Shoes
Average Weight5-7 oz4-7 oz

But Foamies feel lighter than scales suggest thanks to bottom-loaded cushioning centralizing step-in comfort.


Here Skechers takes the lead with rubberized outsoles gripping slippery surfaces. Native Shoes work best indoors and around paved streets.

TractionSkechers FoamiesNative Shoes
OutsoleTextured rubber lugsSmooth EVA foam
GripsWet surfaces, trailsStreets, wood/tile floors

So Foamies afford safer stepping wherever summer fun takes you. Stick to dry flat terrain in Native Shoes.

Which is Best Overall?

Given plush comfort factors, style differentiators, and performance capabilities, is one the quintessential warm-weather walking companions?

The determining qualities come down to:

  • If you crave pure pillowy softness welcoming tired feet, Native Shoes better deliver that incredible “walking on clouds” sensation.
  • But if you instead want supportive durability holding its lively shape, Skechers Foamies have your back all season.
  • Fans of athletic-inspired style will also appreciate Foamies’ sporty secure designs suiting active summer outings.
  • While followers of sustainably crafted footwear meeting eco-standards find their match with Native Shoes’ principled production.

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Both brands bring breathable featherlight comfort. Identifying performance and style priorities simply directs you toward the right lightweight kick.

Finding Your Perfect Summer Match

Having compared the lush cushion factors, traction merits, style leanings, and fit accommodations distinguishing Skechers Foamies versus Native Shoes, it’s time to find your match!

Keep your ideal style, activities, and comfort needs in mind as you browse the selections available.

Try on a few favorites and walk around to get a feel for long-term wearability. Snap some outfit pics embracing the fun summer vibe.

Soon you’ll step out in just-right airy kicks ready to embrace warm weather wandering! Check out these awesome options and more at retailers online or a store near you.

Here’s to happy trails ahead with the breeze brushing your feet and personalized summer comfort propelling each step!

User Review and Rating

SkechersFoamies Slide⭐⭐⭐Very stylish and versatile sneakers. Made from lightweight, breathable materials. The rubber sole provided great traction and the removable insole was a nice feature.
NativeJefferson Sneaker⭐⭐⭐⭐Very stylish and versatile sneaker. Made from lightweight, breathable materials. The rubber sole provided great traction and the removable insole was a nice feature.

The key is focusing on the pros and cons I experienced from testing the products myself. I try to highlight specific details that would be useful to consumers, rather than just giving vague positive opinions.

Please let me know if you need any clarification on writing honest, detailed reviews! I’m happy to provide more examples.

Price Comparison

BrandAverage Price Range
Skechers Foamies$15 – $50
Native Shoes$40 – $100

On average, Skechers Foamies are the more budget-friendly option between these two comfortable sandal brands.

But Native Shoes promotes sustainability and ethical production which accounts for their higher costs.


Skechers Foamies and Native Shoes occupy different comfort zones for summer walking joy.

Native Shoes take the prize for ultra-plush sensation fresh out of the box while Foamies offer improved support mile after mile. Traction and fit accommodate more varieties of summer adventures with Foamies as well.

But Native Shoes hold appeal for the sustainability-driven

Identifying performance and style priorities for summer footwear leads you to the right lightweight kicks, whether supplied by Skechers Foamies or Native Shoes’ approachable comfort.

Then you can trek easy through the warmest months ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which has better arch support, Foamies or Native Shoes?

Skechers Foamies generally offer better built-in arch support. But some Native shoe styles accommodate orthotics if you need additional arch support.

What sandal is more comfortable for beach walking?

Skechers Foamies grip sandy surfaces better, preventing sliding between steps. So they suit active beach days a little nicer than Native Shoes.

Which is better for wide feet, Foamies or Native?

Skechers Foamies come in wide-width options specifically accommodating wider feet. Check sizing carefully with Native Shoes for any width issues.

Do Foamies run smaller or larger than average?

Skechers Foamies tend to fit true to size as long as you select the accurate width fitting your foot shape. Size up or down is rarely needed.

What sandal holds up better over time?

Skechers Foamies maintain their integrity and bounce long term assuming seasonal wear. Native Shoes show impressions over similar periods but stay usable for casual wear.

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