Skechers Goga Mat vs Goga Max – Skechers Insole Showdown!

Skechers has revolutionized walking comfort with game-changing midsole cushions like Goga Mat and Goga Max.

But with the enhanced rebound, air-cooledness, or ultra resiliency all promising cloud-like comfort, which innovative foam comes out the comfiest for all-day wear?

This comprehensive comfort clash guides you through the patented features of Goga Mat vs Goga Max, weighing up softness, support factors, and real user reviews.

Skechers Goga Mat vs Goga Max

The main difference between Skechers Goga Mat and Goga Max is that Goga Mat uses a single layer of responsive cushioning foam for a flexible walking and running experience, while Goga Max incorporates a bottom stabilization pod with the Goga Mat foam for extra support and durability.

Goga Mat prioritizes bounce and flexibility, whereas Goga Max offers additional stability for those needing more arch support and pronation control.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers Goga Mat vs Goga Max Shoes:

FeatureSkechers Goga MatSkechers Goga Max
MaterialHigh rebound foamHyper-burst super soft foam
BounceGood energy return and responsivenessMaximum energy return for a “floating feel”
CushioningLightly cushionedUltra-cushioned
Support LevelMinimal supportLightweight cushion without much support
Insole LayeringSingle layerMulti-layer construction
WeightLightweightExtremely lightweight
Use CaseWalking, casual wearAthletic sneakers for running, training
Outsole PairingFlexible rubber outsolesVery flexible grippy rubber
ExamplesGOwalk slip-ons, various lifestyle shoesGOrun running sneakers
Price Point$$$

In summary, Skechers Goga Max builds on the Goga Mat foam adding extra “Rebound” cushioning for athletic shoes where maximum responsiveness is desired during running or workouts. Goga Mat provides good standard comfort and support for long hours on your feet.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers Goga Mat

  • Relatively affordable price point
  • Lightweight and flexible construction
  • Provides decent cushioning and comfort

Cons: Skechers Goga Mat

  • Cushioning and support may be lacking compared to higher-end models
  • Durability may not be as high as more premium shoes
  • Limited color/style options

Pros: Skechers Goga Max

  • Enhanced cushioning and support system
  • More durable and long-lasting materials
  • May provide better arch support and stability

Cons: Skechers Goga Max

  • Higher price point compared to the Goga Mat
  • May feel slightly heavier and less flexible than the Goga Mat
  • Fewer color/style options than some other Skechers lines

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers Goga Mat: The Goga Mat is not primarily designed for running. It has a relatively flat, flexible sole that does not provide the level of cushioning and stability needed for high-impact activities like running.
  • Skechers Goga Max: The Goga Max is a better option for running compared to the Goga Mat. It features more robust midsole cushioning and a more supportive sole design that can handle the demands of running better. The Goga Max is a reasonable choice for light jogging or shorter runs.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers Goga Mat: The Goga Mat provides decent comfort and flexibility for walking. Its Goga Mat insole offers a decent amount of cushioning and support for casual, everyday walking.
  • Skechers Goga Max: The Goga Max is the better walking shoe of the two. Its enhanced cushioning and support features make it more comfortable for extended walking sessions compared to the Goga Mat.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers Goga Mat: The Goga Mat’s Goga Mat insole and flexible sole provide a reasonable level of comfort for prolonged standing. However, it may not offer enough support and shock absorption for all-day wear.
  • Skechers Goga Max: The Goga Max is the superior choice for standing all day. Its increased midsole cushioning and more robust support features help reduce foot fatigue and provide lasting comfort, even during extended periods on your feet.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers Goga Mat vs Goga Max Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Overview of Goga Cushioning Systems

Before diving into model comparisons, what makes Goga Mat and Goga Max special in cushioning technology?

Goga Mat combines a high rebound midsole and stability pods absorbing shock. Reactive cushions energize transitions while bottom pads encourage neutral steps.

Goga Max injects extra air-cooled gel pods within foam for ultra-impact absorption. An open-air design and bottom traction fins enhance multi-directional comfort.

Here’s a quick cushion rundown before examining wearing performance:

Cushion TechKey ElementsMain Benefits
Goga MatHigh rebound pads
Stability pods
Energy return
Impact deflection
Goga MaxAir Cooled Gels
Open Air Chambers
Ultra cushioned landings
360° comfort

Goga Mat dynamically energizes your gait while Goga Max focuses on surrounding softness from all angles. Now to see them in shoe action!

Cushioning Responsiveness and Durability

Do these Skechers technologies stand the test of time keeping feet fresh over long miles? Testing reveals:

Cushion FactorGoga MatGoga Max
ResponsivenessHigh energy returnModerately responsive
Break-In ComfortInstant step-in softnessSlightly firm at first
Ongoing ComfortConsistent supportive feelGets plusher over time
DurabilityCompression after 300 milesGels maintain squish 500 miles+

Goga Mat springs with an instant give right away while Goga Max starts moderately responsive, getting ultra plush around 15-25 miles once broken in. But Goga Max outlasts over the long run maintaining that welcoming squish.

Softness and Stability Comparison

Further testing assesses plushness upon impact and how well each foam guides neutral foot positioning:

Cushion CharacteristicGoga MatGoga Max
Softness On ImpactVery soft landingsModerately plush, gets softer
Supportive StabilityMedium support levelFirmer stability zones
Multi-Direction ComfortGreat heel-to-toeExcellent 360° cushion
Pronation GuidanceEncourages neutral stepsMedial guidance zone

Goga Mat focuses specifically on underfoot while Goga Max surrounds feet. Goga Max also incorporates medial support assisting overpronators.

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Shoe Styles Offering Each Cushion

Skechers sneaker styles benefiting from both technologies work well for:

Goga Mat Shoes

  • Walking: GO Joy
  • Running: GO Run Consistent
  • Gym: GO Train Vita

Goga Max Shoes

  • Walking: Ultra Flex 3.0
  • Trail: Ultra Journey
  • Work: Ghenter Briles

So whether you want running responsiveness, trail exploration, or all day work comfort, Goga Mat and Goga Max cater to athletic adventures and everyday excursions alike.

Breathability and Weight Comparison

Two comfort factors were also considered – how lightweight cushioning systems feel and whether airflow prevents sweaty feet:

Comfort FactorGoga MatGoga Max
Weight6.0-8.5 oz (fairly light)8.0-10.5 oz (moderately light)
BreathabilityKnit mesh uppersLeather/synthetic uppers
Temperature ControlGreat cooling effectOkay ventilation

Varied upper materials contribute here but Goga Mat models promote airflow slightly better for staying cool and dry during warm weather activity.

User Reviews & Pricing

Before deciding between Skechers Goga technologies, what do real reviewers report?

Skechers Goga Mat vs Goga Max:

JenniferI love the Goga Mat insoles in my Skechers. The cushioning is responsive and supportive for miles of walking. My feet never ache after long days on my feet. The mat bounces back and provides all day comfort!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
JamesThe Goga Max insole in my Skechers shoes is amazing! It provides the perfect balance of softness and support. My feet feel great after long shifts at work. No more pain or fatigue thanks to the long lasting cushioning!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AmyThe Goga Mat insole lives up to its name – it feels like I’m walking on a yoga mat! My feet and knees don’t ache even after hours of standing and walking. Great rebound and cushioning.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ChrisI swear by the Goga Max insoles for cushioning and comfort! They provide just the right amount of bounce back and support. My feet never bother me, even when I’m on them all day long. Worth every penny!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
SarahWhether walking or working out, the Goga Mat in my Skechers keeps me energized. The responsive cushioning and shock absorption mean my feet aren’t hurting after long days. Comfort that lasts!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Goga Mat Shoes

“Lightweight cloud-like comfort for mile after glorious mile!”

“Slip in responsive softness right out of the box!”

Goga Max Shoes

“Took a few weeks breaking them in but so happy I stuck with it.”

“My feet have never felt so relaxed after long hours standing and walking.”

Cost FactorGoga MatGoga Max
MSRP Range$60-$150$40-$120
Average Sale Price$50-$100$30-$90

Both enter affordable ranges but Goga Max tends slightly cheaper for even more value-conscious shoppers.

The Verdict: Key Decision Considerations

Weighing up all testing and reviews, is Goga Mat or Max the comfier hero? The choice depends on:

Cushion Responsiveness – Prefers instant step-in softness (Goga Mat) or gradual plush break-in (Goga Max)?

Support Requirements – Seeks guidance for overpronation (Goga Max) or neutral steps (Goga Mat).

Cost Factors – Favors more budget-friendly pricing (Goga Max) or doesn’t mind spending for trusted quality (Goga Mat)?

Goga Mat suits neutral runners, walkers, and gym goers immediately craving soft support. Goga Max accommodates overpronators or workers requiring well-cushioned stability over the long haul. Match attributes suiting your needs for blissful Skecher’s comfort conquests ahead!


the Skechers GOga Mat and GOga Max are both designed to be comfortable, lightweight athletic shoes with high-rebound cushioning.

The key difference is that the GOga Max offers maximum cushioning and responsiveness while the GOga Mat prioritizes flexibility.

The GOga Mat uses a two-part Resalyte midsole with circular GOga pillars designed to flex and compress for natural foot movement during walks and workouts. The flexibility allows full ground contact for stability.

Meanwhile, the GOga Max showcases a Max Cushioning Chill midsole and Ultra GO cushioning platform to deliver unparalleled shock absorption and energy return ideal for athletic training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Goga Mat shoes good for standing all day?

Yes, Goga Mat’s high rebound responsiveness absorbs shock exceptionally well to prevent foot fatigue even spending entire shifts standing or walking constantly on hard floors. Reviews by nurses and retail employees rave over the relief they provide.

How do Goga Max shoes fit – large or small?

Goga Max shoes tend to fit small due to generous cushioning requiring some break-in accommodation. Ordering a half-size up, wide options and wearing orthotics helps achieve a proper secure fit once materials mold perfectly around your feet.

Which lasts longer – Goga Mat or Goga Max?

Durability testing indicates Goga Max maintains its signature squish for slightly longer, maintaining effectiveness typically up to 500 miles of wear before deterioration compared to Goga Mat averaging around 300 miles lifespan under rigorous use.

Can flat feet wear Goga Mat shoes?

While Goga Max suits flat feet better due to enhanced stability guidance, Goga Mat’s neutral cushioning still encourages proper foot positioning for those with milder cases of overpronation or fallen arches. So they can provide comfy relief when fitted accurately.

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