Do Skechers Go Walk 5 Have Arch Support? Walk in Comfort!

If you’re looking for comfortable walking shoes that also provide arch support, you may be wondering if Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes fit the bill.

As a popular athletic walking shoe, let’s take a closer look at whether the Go Walk 5 model offers adequate arch support.

Do Skechers Go Walk 5 Have Arch Support

Yes, the Skechers Go Walk 5 walking shoe line features built-in arch support. This typically includes a contoured footbed and midsole cushioning designed to provide moderate to high levels of arch support and shock absorption for comfortable walking.

What is Arch Support and Why Does it Matter?

Before examining the Go Walk 5’s arch support, it helps to understand why arch support matters in the first place. Your arches are the curved parts of your feet that connect your heels and forefeet. They serve an important shock-absorbing function when you walk or run.

Having proper arch support means having shoes that help sustain the natural curve of your arches. This prevents your arches from excessively flattening out as you walk, which can lead to:

  • Overpronation (foot rolling inward too much)
  • Plantar fasciitis and foot pain
  • Knee, hip, and back pain
  • Poor posture and balance

In other words, having good arch reinforcement is important for pain-free walking and standing.

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Key Features of Skechers Go Walk 5 Shoes

Before analyzing the arch support of this model specifically, let’s look at some of the overall design elements of the Go Walk 5 shoes:

Weight4.7 oz / 133 g per shoe
Offset4 mm drop from heel to toe
OutsoleFlexible, high-traction rubber
MidsoleResalyte foam cushioning
InsoleRemovable cushioned insole
UpperMesh fabric with synthetic overlays

Some of these features, like the 4 mm heel drop and Resalyte foam cushioning directly contribute to arch support, which we’ll now take a closer look at.

Skechers Go Walk 5 Arch Support Overview

The central question remains do Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes provide good arch support? Here is an overview:

  • They have adequate arch support for neutral and medium arches
  • They have good shock absorption which indirectly aids arch support
  • They lack high or rigid arch support for flat or fallen arches

So in summary, the Go Walk 5 offers moderate, medium-level arch support that matches its intended use as a lightweight walking shoe. While not in the “maximum support” category, it delivers enough arch reinforcement and cushioning to meet many walkers’ needs.

Key Arch Support Features Explained

To better understand the assessment above, let’s analyze some of the Go Walk 5’s components that influence arch support:

1. Removable Sockliner

  • The cushioned sock liner provides some baseline arch support
  • The sock liner is removable so you can add your orthotic if needed
  • The removable layer increases overall versatility

Having this removable layer is key since it allows the shoe to accommodate both neutral arches (with the sock liner left in) and flatter feet (with a custom orthotic inserted).

2. Resalyte Midsole

  • Resalyte foam compresses to absorb shock
  • Provides cushioning under the arch area upon footstrike
  • Prevents jarring sensation through feet, ankles, and knees

This Resalyte cushioning extends under the full length of the foot, delivering plush padding under the arch zone. This aids shock absorption and reduces strain on the arches.

3. Mild Stability Features

  • Synthetic overlays on the upper add structure
  • 4 mm offset between heel and toe promotes natural walking gait
  • Outsole rubber has a mild groove to guide foot movement

While not intended as a stability shoe, these features give the Go Walk 5 subtle elements of support and structure right where the arches need it most.

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How Go Walk 5 Arch Support Compares to Other Skechers

The Go Walk product line has gone through several iterations. How does the arch support of the Go Walk 5 model compare to other versions?

ModelArch Support LevelNotes
Go Walk 1 and 2LowVery flexible, minimal support
Go Walk 3 and 4MediumMore stable and structured
Go Walk 5MediumRemovable sock liner adds versatility
Go Walk Arch FitHighDesigned specifically for arch support

As you can see, the Go Walk 5 is rated as medium or neutral in terms of arch support. It has enhanced cushioning and stability over early versions but is still not as rigid as the specialty Go Walk Arch Fit model.

Who the Go Walk 5 Works Best For

Based on our analysis, the Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes can provide great arch support and comfort for

  • Walkers with medium or neutral arches
  • People needing only moderate arch support
  • Those wanting removable sock liner for orthotics

The Go Walk are less ideal for:

  • People requiring intense arch support
  • Those with severe overpronation or flat feet
  • Anyone needing motion control while walking

So it’s better suited for casual wearers over hardcore athletes in terms of arch reinforcement.

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Enhancing Arch Support in Go Walk 5

There are also ways to boost the arch support if needed:

  • Use customized orthotic inserts in place of removable sock liner
  • Wear supportive arch sleeves around the midfoot
  • Consider adding gel arch pads inside the shoe
  • Rotate Go Walk 5 with other more stabilizing shoes

Trying these tips can help adapt the Go Walk 5 shoes to offer adequate arch comfort for more foot types.


To summarize, Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes offer medium arch support that matches their positioning as comfortable walking shoes for neutral feet. Their removable sock liner, Resalyte cushioning, and structured overlays provide adequate reinforcement and shock absorption under the arch area without being too rigid.

While not ideal for severe overpronators, the Go Walk 5 gives medium arch support for casual walking at an accessible price point. With versatility from the removable layer, they make a solid pick for all-day wear if you have neutral or moderately flat arches needing a well-padded walking shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers Go Walk better for arches than regular Skechers?

Yes, Skechers Go Walk shoes tend to have better arch support than classic Skechers. The Go Walk line is designed as an active walking shoe while classic Skechers focus more on lifestyle wear.

What shoes are best for flat feet with no arch support?

Some top-rated walking shoes for flat feet and fallen arches are New Balance 940v4, Saucony Guide, or Asics Gel-Kayano models. These have rigid arch support and motion control features ideal for overpronation.

What is the difference between Go Walk 3, 4 and 5?

The Go Walk 5 is the newest model, building on past versions with a more removable insole, sleeker profile, and next-gen Resalyte foam for maximum impact protection.

Where is the arch support located on shoes?

The arch support area of shoes is along the inner midfoot region. It should have a curved shape or molded platform to sustain the natural arch structure. Support can come from cushioning, reinforced material, or orthotic inserts.

Can lack of arch support cause knee pain?

Yes, lack of arch support can indirectly lead to knee pain since it allows overpronation, which twists the leg inward placing strain on the knees during walking or running. Maintaining proper arch support helps alignment and reduces this issue.

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