Skechers vs ECCO Golf Shoes – Pick Your Perfect Pair!

If you’re in the market for a new pair of golf shoes, you’re likely considering popular brands like Skechers and ECCO.

Both companies make functional and comfortable golf shoes catered to casual and avid golfers alike.

But there are some key differences to weigh as you evaluate which brand’s shoes are the best choice for your needs and preferences.

Skechers vs ECCO Golf

The key difference between Skechers and ECCO Golf is that Skechers offers athletic leisure shoes and golf shoes suitable for casual wear, while ECCO Golf specializes solely in high-performance golf shoes and accessories built for stability, durability and all-weather play.

Skechers golf shoes focus more on lifestyle and versatality off the course while ECCO Golf targets golf shoes specifically engineered for traction, support and comfort during play.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers vs ECCO Golf Shoes:

Type of ShoesAthletic, casual, golf, walking, work shoesPremium leather comfort shoes and golf shoes
Key TechnologiesAir Cooled Memory Foam, GOga Mat energy returnECCO Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS), BIOM natural motion
Size RangeMen’s sizes 6.5-15, women’s sizes 5-11 including half sizesUnisex sizing, run small so order 1/2 size up
Width OptionsMedium, wide, and extra-wide widths are availableOnly offer wide width on select styles
Price Range$50 – $160$140 – $270
Ideal ConsumerActive lifestyles seeking sporty comfort and supportDiscerning shoppers who appreciate premium materials/craftsmanship
WeightLightweight and flexibleHeavier leather construction
TractionMulti-directional grip perfect for walkingIntegrated golf traction systems grip sloped lies
Cushioning & SupportUltra-cushioned insoles, responsive feedbackAnatomically contoured footbeds and midsoles

In summary, Skechers golf offers very comfortable and affordable golf shoes with solid traction while ECCO specializes in high-end golf shoes known for comfort, weather protection and traction with a higher price tag. Skechers runs large while ECCO runs slightly small. Overall, Skechers hits a better value proposition while ECCO is considered a leader in premium golf shoes.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers

  • Wide variety of casual, athletic and lifestyle footwear
  • Often more affordable than ECCO Golf shoes
  • Innovative comfort technologies like Memory Foam
  • Fashionable and trendy styles available

Cons: Skechers

  • Not specifically designed for golf
  • May lack the traction, stability and waterproofing for the golf course
  • Limited golf-specific footwear models
  • Not the preferred choice among avid/professional golfers

Pros: ECCO Golf

  • Specializes in high-performance golf shoes
  • Uses advanced traction and stability technologies
  • Durable leather uppers and waterproof constructions
  • Respected brand name in the golf industry

Cons: ECCO Golf

  • Significantly more expensive than mainstream shoes
  • Limited styles beyond golf-specific designs
  • Technologies may be excessive for casual wear
  • Availability can be limited outside of golf retailers

Which Shoes are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running


  • Skechers offers a wide range of running shoes designed for various types of runners and terrains.
  • Their shoes often feature responsive cushioning technologies like ULTRA GO or MAX CUSHIONING to absorb impact and provide comfort during your runs.
  • Many Skechers running shoes have a flexible and lightweight design to enhance your natural stride and promote efficiency.
  • Models like the Skechers GOrun Ride 9 and Skechers GOrun Maxroad 5 are popular choices for road running.


  • ECCO is primarily known for their golf shoes, but they may not be the ideal choice for dedicated running activities.
  • Golf shoes prioritize features like traction, stability, and waterproofing, which are essential for playing on the course but may not be optimized for running.

Shoes for Walking


  • Skechers offers a wide variety of walking shoes designed for comfort and support during casual walks or extended periods of being on your feet.
  • Many of their walking shoes feature Air-Cooled Memory Foam insoles that mold to the shape of your feet, providing cushioning and support.
  • Models like the Skechers GOwalk Evolution Ultra and Skechers D’Lites are popular choices for their lightweight and comfortable design.


  • ECCO’s golf shoes can be suitable for walking, as they often incorporate cushioning and support features to accommodate the walking involved in a round of golf.
  • However, they may not be as lightweight or flexible as dedicated walking shoes, as they prioritize elements like waterproofing and traction on the course.

Shoes for Standing All Day


  • Skechers offers a range of shoes designed specifically for occupations that require prolonged standing, such as the Skechers Work line.
  • These shoes often feature memory foam insoles, cushioned midsoles, and supportive arch support to provide comfort and reduce fatigue during long periods of standing.
  • Models like the Skechers Work Relaxed Fit: Felton and Skechers Work Sure Track are popular choices for professionals who spend a lot of time on their feet.


  • While ECCO’s golf shoes are primarily designed for playing golf, some models may offer sufficient cushioning and support to be suitable for extended periods of standing.
  • However, they may not be as specialized or optimized for prolonged standing as shoes specifically designed for that purpose.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers vs ECCO Golf Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Comparing Comfort and Performance

When prioritizing comfort and performance on the golf course, there are a few variables to assess including cushioning, stability, and traction technologies.

Cushioning and Shock Absorption

  • Skechers uses ultra-lightweight and responsive cushioning systems like Ultra Go, Ultra Flight, and Hyper Burst midsoles. The Ultra Go system provides high energy return while absorbing impact.
  • ECCO relies on its proprietary insole system called ECCO Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS) featuring a shock point and integral shank for stability. The cushioned insoles provide rebound and comfort.

Stability and Motion Control

  • Skechers golf shoes provide stability through structured midsoles and features like GOga Mat technology and multi-traction plate outsoles.
  • ECCO designs anatomical last shapes for a contoured fit and lower balance points for optimal alignment and weight distribution through the swing.

Traction and Grip

  • The multi-traction plate outsoles used across Skechers models have replaceable soft spikes for reliable traction.
  • ECCO Dynamic Traction System (E–DTS) outsoles have 800 traction angles and durable TPU for superb grip.

Based on these core performance attributes, Skechers excels in lightweight cushioning while ECCO has stronger stability and traction systems engineered just for golf.

Warranty and Customer Support

A. Skechers Warranty Policies

1.      Coverage Details

  • Limited warranty protects against manufacturer’s defects for 6 months after purchase
  • This applies to non-clearance Skechers footwear
  • Covers upper stitching, outsole separation, integrity of materials
  • Does not cover normal wear and tear

2.      Customer Support Channels

  • Online claim process to upload images for review
  • Option to mail footwear directly to Skechers
  • Check status updates through the claim dashboard
  • Contact info listed for questions

B. Ecco Warranty and Support

1.      Terms and Conditions

  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty from the purchase date
  • Covers materials and workmanship defects
  • The customer needs to provide receipt proof of purchase
  • ECCO repairs or replaces with an equivalent product

2.      Ease of Access

  • Customer service chat, email, phone options
  • The directory locates authorized retailers for returns
  • Return shipping costs are not covered
  • Lacking status visibility or self-service options

The key differences are Skechers offers a streamlined 6-month defect warranty with self-service options, while Ecco provides double the coverage duration at 12 months through more traditional warranty support channels.

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Shoe Construction and Technologies

Skechers and ECCO utilize different shoe materials, construction methods, and technologies:

Feature Comparison

Main MaterialsSynthetic leather, mesh, HyperfusePremium leather, waterproof membranes
Midsole CushioningFoam EVA blends, Air Cooled Goga Mat, Flight GenPU and E-DTS foam
OutsoleMulti-traction rubberInjected PU with Champ Zarma spikes
Waterproof OptionsSkechers H2GO Shield membraneOutlast treatment, Hydromax
Width SizingMedium, wide, X-wideWide option only
Spikeless OptionsSeveral stylesLimited options

As the table shows, Skechers leverages more synthetic, water-resistant materials while ECCO uses premium, waterproofed leathers. Both brands incorporate state-of-the-art cushioning and outsole systems tailored for golf.

Golf-Specific Technologies

GOga Mat Technology (cushioning)Ecco Dynamic Traction System (grip/stability)
GOimpulse Sensor Technology (cushioning pods)Tri-Fi-Grip (triple compound grip zones)
H2GO Shield Waterproof MembraneHydromax Treatment (waterproof/breathable)
Air Cooled Goga Mat (cushioning/breathabilityBIOM Anatomical Last Shaping

Comparing Sizing, Widths, and Style Choices

Skechers tend to run medium in terms of sizing while some ECCO styles fit narrow. Here’s how they compare:

  • Skechers come in medium or wide profiles, plus extra wide choices, to suit narrow to very wide feet. Sizing runs true-to-size.
  • ECCO shoes have a low-volume fit with snug heels. Some styles run small or narrow. Wide size and fit options are limited.

For style preferences:

  • Skechers has a vast selection including casual lace-ups, sporty athleisure types, as well as traditional saddle shoes. Lots of mesh accent styles.
  • ECCO offers classic golf styles in leather and synthetic leather options. Subtle accents and clean finishing.

So Skechers provides more variety to complement personal style preferences both on and off the course.

Price Differences

There are significant price differences between Skechers and ECCO golf shoes:

  • Skechers Golf Shoes range between $100 to $160 for high-performance models. Great value under $150.
  • ECCO Golf Shoes are premium priced from $180 up to $270. The average price exceeds $200.

While ECCO shoes skew expensive, fans praise their durability and golf performance return on investment. Skechers deliver excellent comfort and features at friendlier mid-range price points under $150.

User Reviews


In summary:

Skechers golf shoes are extremely comfortable and offer great value, but score a bit lower on traction and durability compared to ECCO. ECCO shoes provide superior waterproofing and style, with slightly better overall performance. Both brands make high quality, comfortable golf shoes catering to different needs and preferences. Skechers provides maximum cushioning at a great price point, while ECCO emphasizes premium materials and classic styling.

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Direct Model Comparisons

Here are two direct model match-ups highlighting key similarities and differences:

Model Comparison

FeatureSkechers Go Golf Pro V4ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3
StyleAthletic SportClassic Saddle
Weight14 oz15.6 oz
TractionMulti-directionalTri-Fi Grip, 800 angles

Skechers Go Golf Pro V4 has a breathable, sporty style with Skechers Ultra Flight and Resamax cushioning technologies. Extremely lightweight under 15 ounces.

ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 delivers a classic, leather saddle style with superb Tri-Fi comfort and a traction grip system. More premium materials and construction.

Both models are comparable in performance, just differentiated by style preferences and price points.


When choosing between Skechers and ECCO golf shoes, Skechers provides better value, comfort cushioning, and more width sizing options. ECCO excels in stability, waterproofing, grip, and classic style choices.

Skecher’s vast selection ensures you can find sporty, casual designs aligned with your personal preferences at friendlier sub-$150 price points. ECCO skews premium in the $200+ range but pays dividends long-term through their signature “Golf Comfort” feel and durability.

Evaluate your criteria – whether that’s style variety, width sizing, lightweight comfort, or traction performance – to decide if Skechers or ECCO best fits your golfing needs. Both represent quality golf footwear brands tailored for the walking course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is more comfortable for walking 18 holes?

Overall ECCO due to stability and excellent traction systems purpose-built for golf, but Skechers delivers equal step-in comfort cushioning.

Which shoes have better waterproof protection?

ECCO since waterproof leathers and membranes like Outlast or Hydromax are standard. Skechers H20 Shield models resist light moisture, and offer warmth, but won’t withstand immersion.

Do both brands make golf sandals?

Yes. Skechers has an excellent selection of lightweight, cushioned styles while ECCO has premium leather comfort sandals with integrated traction.

What shoes offer the most stability and traction?

ECCO shoes engineered anatomical shaping and the E-DTS outsole for grip on slopes, angles, and tighter lies. Skechers are grippy but can’t match ECCO’s golf-specific traction integration.

Which brand runs wider for wide feet?

Skechers since wide and extra wide options are prevalent across the lineup to suit very wide feet. ECCO’s classic fit won’t accommodate feet wider than a standard wide width.

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