Skechers Equalizer vs Go Walk Shoes

As an avid Skechers fan looking for your next pair of walking shoes, you may be debating between their popular Equalizer and Go Walk styles.

Both offer all-day comfort and athletic performance for everyday wear.

But with differences in cushioning, weight, look, and more, which is best for your needs?

We’ll compare Skechers Equalizer vs Go Walk models head-to-head so you can decide the right fit.

Skechers Equalizer vs Go Walk

The main difference between Skechers Equalizer and Skechers Go Walk shoes is that the Equalizer has a chunkier athletic profile designed for sport style and performance, while the Go Walk has an ultra-lightweight flexible design focused purely on walking comfort.

The Equalizer has a thicker midsole and uses Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam for responsive cushioning during activity.

In contrast, the Go Walk has a flexible Resalyte midsole and uses a soft Memory Foam insole for maximum underfoot comfort designed for all day wear rather than sports.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers Equalizer vs Go Walk Shoes:

FeatureSkechers EqualizerSkechers Go Walk
StyleAthletic training shoeLifestyle athletic walking shoe
Use CaseGym workouts, HIIT, trainingWalking, travel, casual wear
CushioningUltra Flight cushioned midsoleUltra Go cushioned midsole
InsoleAir Cooled Memory FoamGoga Max high rebound insole
OutsoleFlexible traction outsolePillars sole for flexibility
UpperLightweight mesh, syntheticAir cooled bamboo lined knit mesh
Comfort FeaturesMemory foam insoleGoga Max energy return insole
Size/WidthRuns small, medium/wideTrue to size, medium/wide
DurabilityAverage durabilityExcellent durability
SupportNeutral supportExcellent arch support
Weight10.6 ounces5.5 ounces
Price$55 – $75$85 – $120

In summary, the Equalizer offers cushioning for training while the Go Walk excels in lightweight comfort and support for all day wear. The Go Walk is more versatile for lifestyle activities.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers Equalizer

  • Comfortable memory foam insole
  • Flexible and lightweight construction
  • Suitable for casual everyday wear
  • Affordable price point

Cons: Skechers Equalizer

  • May not provide as much arch support or stability as some other athletic shoes
  • Limited color and style options compared to Go Walk line

Pros; Skechers Go Walk

  • Ultra-lightweight and flexible design
  • Breathable mesh upper for comfort
  • Responsive 5GEN cushioning midsole
  • Excellent option for walking and light activities

Cons: Skechers Go Walk

  • Minimal support and structure, not ideal for high-impact activities
  • Durability may not be as long-lasting as more rugged athletic shoes
  • Limited color and style options compared to Equalizer

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers Equalizer: More suitable for running compared to the Go Walk. The Equalizer has a more structured, supportive sole and additional cushioning that provides better shock absorption and stability for running activities.
  • Skechers Go Walk: Not the best choice for running. The Go Walk is designed more for casual walking and everyday activities, lacking the specialized features needed for higher-impact running.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers Equalizer: A good option for walking. The Equalizer offers a comfortable, flexible design with decent underfoot cushioning that makes it suitable for regular walking.
  • Skechers Go Walk: Excels at walking. The Go Walk series is specifically engineered for walking, with features like responsive 5GEN cushioning and high-rebound Goga Max insoles that provide excellent comfort and support for extended walking.

Shoes for Standing all day

  • Skechers Equalizer: Adequate for standing all day. The Equalizer’s memory foam insole and flexible construction provide some comfort for prolonged standing, but may not be the optimal choice.
  • Skechers Go Walk: Better for standing all day. The Go Walk’s advanced cushioning and support features make it a more comfortable and durable option for those who need to stand for extended periods.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers Equalizer vs Go Walk Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

An Overview of Skechers Equalizer Shoes

The Skechers Equalizer line features air-cooled memory foam insoles, flexible athletic outsoles, and Mesh fabric uppers for breathability. They deliver cushioned comfort with a sporty edge.

Some key traits of Equalizer walking shoes include:

  • Medium cushioning – More than classic walking shoes but less than thicker athletic styles
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam – Cushioning conforms to your foot
  • Mesh fabric uppers – Provides ventilation as you walk
  • Flexible athletic outsoles – Natural range of motion when walking
  • Wide width options – Accommodate wider feet

The Equalizer offers responsive support ideal for active days on your feet whether working or exploring. There are options for both men and women.

What are Skechers Go Walk Shoes?

Designed with GOga Mat technology, Skechers Go Walk shoes offer high-rebound cushioning that “bounces back” with each step. They are ultra-lightweight with a breathable upper design.

Here are some notable Go Walk features:

  • Maximum cushioning – Most cushioned model from Skechers
  • Goga Mat insole – Resilient foam midsole cushioning
  • High-rebound – Takes less effort while walking
  • Athletic style – Sporty versatile look
  • Machine washable – Easy to clean
  • For men and women – Unisex sizing

The plush step-in-and-go comfort makes these a top choice for all-day wear.

Cushioning and Support Comparison

The Go Walk provides maximum cushioning while the Equalizer has more moderate cushioning best for active days. See the comparison:

Cushioning & SupportSkechers EqualizerSkechers Go Walk
Midsole CushioningMediumMaximum
Insole TypeAir Cooled Memory FoamGoga Mat (High rebound)
Overall ResponsivenessResponsive bounce-backHigh energy return

So if you want plush, pillowy softness choose Go Walk. But if you need less cushion for stability in motion, Equalizer models have your back.

Weight Comparison

Go Walk shoes live up to their name being extra lightweight to keep you nimble on your feet. Equalizer models lean more middle-of-the-road in weight class.

WeightSkechers EqualizerSkechers Go Walk
Heel to Toe Drop8-12mm slope4-6mm slope
WeightMediumUltra lightweight

So if featherlight shoes are important go Go Walk, otherwise Equalizers won’t weigh you down.

Style Comparison

While both lines boast sporty street appeal, Equalizer shoes have more overlays and patterned detailing creating a busier look. Go Walks achieve versatility with a clean one-piece upper.

StyleSkechers EqualizerSkechers Go Walk
PatternsColored overlaysSolid colors
StructurePumped upUnderstated

So if you like show-stopping style Equalizers deliver eye-catching appeal, or choose Go Walks for low-profile versatility.

Performance and Durability Comparison

With ultra-responsive Goga Mat cushioning, Go Walk shoes excel in rebound and energy efficiency. Equalizers hold up well for athletic walking but traction lugs wear over time.

Performance & DurabilitySkechers EqualizerSkechers Go Walk
Cushion ResponsivenessModerate energy returnUltra-responsive
TractionOkay initially, lugs flatten over timeExcellent grip holds up
MileageDecent for athletic walkingBest-in-class efficiency

So for the highest and longest-lasting rebound and traction, Go Walk is your shoe. For respectable athletic performance choose Equalizer.

Which is Better – Equalizer or Go Walk?

With similarities of comfort and support, is one model better between Equalizers and Go Walks?

For pure performance, Go Walk shoes have the edge for their unmatched lightweight rebound. Plush Goga Mat technology keeps its spring 50+ miles longer than most cushioning foams.

However, the right choice comes down to personal priority:

  • If you crave maximum, uncompromising softness, choose Go Walk and its pillowy cushioning.
  • If you instead prioritize versatility – decent cushion plus stability for active days – then Equalizer models are for you.
  • Those wanting to make a style statement will also prefer the sporty-detailed aesthetic of Equalizers over Go Walk’s muted looks.

Both deliver Athleisure Walking ComfortTM. Your needs and preferences simply steer you toward one over the other.

User Reviews and Rating

Shoe StyleRatingProsCons
Skechers Equalizer⭐⭐⭐⭐✰
– Provides good arch support– Runs small, may need to size up
 – Breathable mesh fabric upper– Lacks stability for high-intensity activities
 – Trendy color options to choose from– Durability issues, cushioning compresses over time
Skechers Go Walk⭐⭐⭐⭐✰
– Ultra lightweight feel– Expensive compared to other walking shoes
 – Maximum cushioning for all-day comfort– Limited width sizing options
 – Bouncy, responsive ride– Style is very sporty/athletic

Price Comparison

Shoe LineAverage Price Range
Skechers Equalizer$45 – $60
Skechers Go Walk$55 – $100

The Equalizer line tends to be more affordable on average compared to Go Walk shoes. But there are models at varying price points across both lines.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Pair?

Hopefully, this breakdown gives clarity in deciding between Skechers Equalizer and Go Walk footwear.

Now that you know key performance factors, aesthetic differences, and comfort priorities, you can search available inventory knowing what’s best for YOU.

Whichever you choose brings signature Skechers quality to your daily walking comfort – it just depends on whether you want medium responsiveness or maximum high-rebound in your step. Both support active lifestyles with a sporty style built to last.

Browse online or visit your local retailer to try these fan favorites in person. Experience contoured comfort pushing you forward with every step!


When comparing Skechers Equalizer and Go Walk shoe lines, the Equalizer offers medium cushioning responsiveness suitable for athletic walking and all-day wear.

But for an unmatched weightless rebound, the Go Walk’s maximum Goga Mat cushioning creates an energized feel mile after mile.

Just decide if you prioritize versatility and style like the Equalizer, or unparalleled plush performance which the Go Walk perfects. Both boast quality and comfort – identifying your needs simply directs you to the right Skechers shoe.

Whichever you choose, you gain a breathable athletic style and the Skecher’s reputation for comfort. Find your fit and enjoy the blissful stride!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Equalizers or Go Walk better accommodate flat feet?

The Go Walk Max provides excellent arch support for flat feet while Equalizer models work for those with low arches seeking stability. Always try shoes on rather than guessing fit.

Which is better for standing all day – Equalizer or Go Walk?

The maximum cushioning of Go Walk shoes absorbs more shock when on your feet for long hours. But some may prefer the moderate responsiveness of Equalizers – test what feels best for all-day wear.

What is the weight difference between Skechers styles?

On average Go Walk shoes weigh 6.5-7.5 oz while Equalizers fall around 8.5-10 oz depending on the model. So roughly a difference of 1-3 oz.

Do Equalizers come wide like Go Walk?

Yes, select Equalizer athletic shoes come in wide widths to properly fit wider feet. Explore wide options for either line to find your ideal fit.

Which Skechers shoe works better for exercise walking?

The high-rebound Goga Mat cushioning of Go Walk makes them the ultimate athletic walking shoe from Skechers. But Equalizers also supply decent responses for active days.

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