Skechers Go Walk 4 vs 6 Shoes

As an athletic shoe specialist frequently recommend comfort lifestyle options versatile for everyday needs.

Skechers Go Walk continues gaining immense popularity over the years.

With consistently smooth step-in wearability and cloud-like cushioning from Memory Foam or proprietary midsole foams.

Fans ask my opinion deciding between various Go Walk generations all the time as new editions launch!

And two models often compared head-to-head involve the well-loved Skechers Go Walk 4 released initially in 2019 versus the latest Skechers Go Walk 6 series arriving in the summer of 2022.

Both integrate advanced technologies for foot pampering support stride after stride.

But does the tried-and-true Go Walk 4 still have what you want for all-day adventures? Or do the new Skechers Go Walk 6 models now outshine for superior comfort and performance technologies?

Let’s dig in and contrast the Skechers Go Walk 4 vs 6 by directly comparing cushioning, sizing consistency, style availability, pricing, and overall ideal usage scenarios.

Skechers Go Walk 4 vs 6

The main difference between the Skechers Go Walk 4 and Skechers Go Walk 6 is that the Go Walk 6 has a more cushioned and responsive midsole. The Go Walk 6 provides a softer underfoot feel and has an articulated, flexible design to promote a more natural walking gait.

Both shoes are lightweight and feature breathable mesh uppers, but the Go Walk 6 has improved shock absorption and rebound.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers Go Walk 4 vs 6 Shoes:

FeatureSkechers Go Walk 4Skechers Go Walk 6
WeightLightweight mesh and fabric upperLightweight mesh upper
CushioningGoga Max insole for high-rebound cushioningUltra Go cushioning for “cloud-like” comfort
OutsoleFlexible rubber traction soleRubber traction sole with grip
FitRoomy toe box, lace up closureRoomy toe box, lace up closure
TechnologyV-Stride technology for stabilityHyper Bounce cushioning for comfort
DurabilityDurable rubber soleDurable rubber sole
TractionMulti-directional traction patternTraction may not be as robust as Go Walk 4
Arch SupportDesigned with arch contouringArch is slightly less contoured than Go Walk 4
Ideal UseWalking, travel, fitnessWalking, travel
SizingRuns small, order 1/2 size upTrue to size
ColorsFewer color optionsWide range of color options

In summary, the Skechers Go Walk 4 has a very lightweight feel with excellent responsive cushioning in a contoured arch design ideal for walking and fitness.

The Go Walk 6 prioritizes plush cushioning comfort in more lifestyle-oriented model with a higher price tag.

The Go Walk 4 likely edges out the 6 on traction and arch support making it the better choice for extended walks while the 6 excels as a comfortable lifestyle shoe.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers Go Walk 4

  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • Responsive 5GEN cushioning
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Affordable price point

Cons: Skechers Go Walk 4

  • May not provide as much cushioning as the newer Go Walk 6
  • Treads may wear down faster than the updated model
  • Limited color/style options compared to newer releases

Pros: Skechers Go Walk 6

  • Enhanced responsive cushioning system
  • Improved traction and stability features
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Versatile for daily wear and light activities

Cons: Skechers Go Walk 6

  • Slightly heavier and less flexible than the Go Walk 4
  • May feel a bit more “structured” compared to the softer 4
  • Typically costs a bit more than the previous generation

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers Go Walk 4 is not recommended for running. It is designed as a walking and everyday shoe, without the stability and shock absorption features needed for high-impact activities like running.
  • Skechers Go Walk 6 is also not suitable for running. While it has some improvements over the Go Walk 4, it is still primarily a walking shoe and lacks the motion control and cushioning required for serious running.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers Go Walk 4 is an excellent walking shoe. It features Skechers’ comfortable 5GEN midsole cushioning and a flexible, responsive sole that promotes a natural stride.
  • Skechers Go Walk 6 is an even better walking shoe. It builds upon the success of the Go Walk 4 with enhanced cushioning, a more breathable upper, and improved traction on the sole. The walking comfort and support are top-notch.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers Go Walk 4 is a great option for all-day standing and light work activities. The cushioned insole and flexible sole help reduce foot fatigue when standing for extended periods.
  • Skechers Go Walk 6 is an even better choice for standing all day. The midsole cushioning has been further improved, providing superior comfort and support for the feet when standing for long hours.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers Go Walk 4 vs 6 differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Brief History of Skechers Go Walk Evolution

First, let’s briefly revisit Skechers Go Walk background for those less familiar with this best-selling athletic walking shoe franchise…

The inaugural Skechers Go Walk collection initially launched around 2011 and delivered award-winning lightweight comfort almost immediately.

This first generation utilized a proprietary Resalyte compound midsole with Memory Foam cushioned insoles plus a natural stability design.

This initial success was followed up with Skechers Go Walk 2 in 2013 and Go Walk 3 in 2016 integrating even more Memory Foam as well as an evolved supportive midsole.

The line continued enhancing areas like responsive cushioning, flexibility, and Goga Mat technologies through versions like the Go Walk 4 in 2019 up to the recent Go Walk 5 arriving in 2021.

Now in mid-2022, the Skechers Go Walk evolution marched on with the Go Walk 6 series aiming to perfect the balance of cloud-like comfort, secure fit, and versatility for wherever your daily steps may take you!

Let’s outline how the established Skechers Go Walk 4 compares now against the latest entry Go Walk 6 for key performance factors…

Cushioning Comfort Comparison

One of the biggest areas experts and consumers evaluate involves how the underfoot cushioning comfort stacks up regarding the ability to absorb shock yet react quickly enough to assist natural foot biomechanics.

Let’s contrast the Skechers Go Walk 4 vs Go Walk 6 cushioning technologies:

Cushioning TechGo Walk 4Go Walk 6
Key MidsoleULTRA GOHyper Burst
Secondary MidsoleStandard EVA foamEnergized Plus
Insole TypeStandard Ortholite anti-microbialAir Cooled Goga Mat
Overall ResponsivenessLight reboundHighly responsive bounce

While both utilize EVA-based midsoles and anti-microbial lined insoles for steady comfort, the Go Walk 6 takes breakthrough cushioning further integrating Skecher’s new Hyper Burst technology within the primary midsole.

This delivers livelier “pop” as feet transition heel to toe propelling your gait forward with dynamic energy return.

So for those needing athletic shoes promoting natural movement guiding progression speed for cardio fitness walking, the Go Walk 6 has that high rebound snap not present in earlier Go Walk models.

The 4 still rebound with each step thanks to quality EVA materials. But it focuses more on casual cushioned wearability around town versus extra push-off responsiveness better suited for lengthy neighborhood walks.

It comes down to cushioning priorities – the Goga 6 exceeds for athletic performance versatility but Go Walk 4 brings daily casual comfort almost anywhere at a fraction of the cost!

Sizing & Fit Comparison

In addition to cushioning components, dialing in the ideal size and contours securing your foot also determines all-day shoe comfort.

Let’s contrast key sizing and fit differences between the Skechers Go Walk 4 vs the latest Go Walk 6:

Size/Fit Dimensions

Sizing AspectGo Walk 4Go Walk 6
Runs True to Size?YesYes
Width OptionsMedium standardMedium standard/wide
Toe Box ShapeTapered toeRounded roomy toe
Arch DesignMedium archesMild stability high arches

The good news is both Skechers Go Walk 4 and new Go Walk 6 models run reliably TRUE to size once laced up and worn around initial testing. So fans can order your typical size with confidence.

However, Skechers does adapt interior proportions and contours aiming for ideal foot-hugging security.

The Go Walk 6 offers some wider options and fits higher arches with a rounded roomy toe box. Meanwhile, the 4 cradles have medium arches in a heel-to-toe tapered slope.

This means flat-flopped low arches NEED the tapered Go Walk 4 for a contouring fit. But those with higher arch shapes find freedom in the 6 thanks to generous forefoot space. Consider your arch & toe proportions accordingly!

Style Selections Comparison

In addition to performance tech considerations around cushioning and fit, customers also love Skechers Go Walk versatility allowing both to appear stylish yet supported for miles living life actively!

Let’s contrast style and color offerings between Go Walk generations:

Style AvailabilityGo Walk 4Go Walk 6
Num. Styles25+16 trendy core classics
Typesathletic sneakers/sandals/clogsathletic sneakers/slip-on
Ideal Use Casecasual daily wearathletic streetwear

The Skechers Go Walk 4 collection undoubtedly provides greater overall variety spanning 25+ unique options covering many niche fashion preferences across sandals, clogs, and lace-up sneakers.

Meanwhile, the Go Walk 6 series focuses on offering core silhouettes like knit sneakers, woven slip-ons, and a few open-heel slide sandals in versatile solids excelling for modern streetwear athleisure outfits.

So explore the Go Walk 4 range if you want max colors or category diversity. But the 6 offers ADVANCED technologies (cushioning, uppers) in must-have casual sporty looks built better than ever before. Sometimes less is more when done RIGHT!

Price & Budget Comparison

With thousands of validation wear test miles and cutting-edge midsole compounds integrated into the new Go Walk 6 collection, does this latest 2022 edition also cost significantly more than reliable older Go Walk 4 models?

Let’s contrast the latest price points:

CategoryGo Walk 4 PriceGo Walk 6 Price

As expected, recently launched Skechers Go Walk 6 editions range about $5-$15 higher for similar classifications given the upgraded technologies baked in.

However, BOTH series deliver quality and versatility staying under $100 for outstanding affordability!

During seasonal sales, I frequently spot Go Walk 4 models discounted in the $39-$45 range allowing budget seekers to stock up on past editions with proven technologies.

The 6 holds a modest price premium for current engineering. But either brings accessibility well below designer name-brand prices.

User Reviews and Rating

CategorySkechers Go Walk 4Skechers Go Walk 6
ReviewGood Goga Mat cushioning for comfortSuperior Hyper Pillar cushion for max bounce back
ReviewRuns small, order 1/2 size upTrue to size fit
ReviewVery lightweightExtremely lightweight feel
ReviewLimited colors for menFun colors & patterns available
ReviewOutsole wears down over timeHolds up well over miles
ReviewGreat price for featuresOutstanding comfort per dollar
ReviewReliable walking shoeIdeal for all day wear

Conclusion & Recommendations

Reviewing all detailed comparisons above spanning cushioning responsiveness, sizing/fit consistency, style priorities, and reasonable pricing – does the proven Skechers Go Walk 4 or newer Go Walk 6 come out the clear winner overall?

My professional take…

I recommend the Skechers Go Walk 6 for MOST wearers seeking an athletic shoe securing reliable weekday mileage with a traction style also suitable for casual weekend wear versatility!

But those requiring a tapered fit low profile hugging flat feet, or wanting maximum style/color options under $50 may still appreciate the well-balanced Skechers Go Walk 4 editions holding the line as a budget all-star.

At the end of the day, carefully consider IF your needs are met:

🔸 Narrow heel/toe box low arch fits

🔸 Color variety more important than upgraded performance

🔸 Budget preferred under $50

If ALL those points resonate, explore deals on Go Walk 4 classics still treating your feet fantastically stride after stride!

But for secure toe room growing into miles paired with livelier propulsive cushioned transitions, I strongly recommend the Skechers Go Walk 6 for amplified comfort celebrations underfoot. Never settle for average!” Let your soles “WOW” as technology keeps getting better than ever!

Let me know if any other sizing/style questions come up while finding your fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main updates from the Go Walk 4 to the 6?

The Go Walk 6 has an upgraded Hyper Pillar cushioning system for 25% more shock absorption and bounce back versus the previous Goga Mat technology. The upper is also more seamless and fitted.

Is the sizing difference still an issue between models?

The Skechers Go Walk 6 now runs true to size, whereas the Go Walk 4 was known to run small and customers had to order a 1/2 size larger than normal.

Which option is better for walking or standing all day?

The Skechers Go Walk 6 would likely be more comfortable for all day wear thanks to plush Hyper Pillar cushioning. But both have great support for long periods on your feet.

What is the weight difference between the two?

There is little weight variance, with the Go Walk 4 weighing 6.4 oz and the Go Walk 6 ranging from 7-7.7 oz based on the size. Both are extremely lightweight.

How do the prices compare between the 4 and 6?

On average, the MSRP for the Go Walk 4 was $50, while the Go Walk 6 retails around $65 across different color options. So about $15 more for the latest model.

Do they differ much in style and colors offered?

Yes, the Go Walk 6 comes in many more colors, patterns, prints and material variations while the 4 was quite limited in men’s options particularly.

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