Skechers Arch Fit vs Go Run Shoes

If you’re an active person shopping for comfortable athletic shoes that can keep up with your routine, Skechers has two great options worth considering – the Arch Fit and Go Run collections.

But with overlapping features and technologies, how do you decide which is right for your needs and preferences?

I’ve tested both shoe lines extensively to help break down the key differences and provide personalized recommendations based on factors like arch type, intended use, style preferences, and more.

Keep reading for a detailed comparison guide so you can make the most informed choice for your next pair!

Skechers Arch Fit vs Go Run

The main difference between Skechers Arch Fit and Go Run is in their design focus. Arch Fit emphasizes supportive insoles for enhanced comfort, while Go Run prioritizes a lightweight design and responsive cushioning, catering to different preferences in footwear functionality.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers Arch Fit vs Go Run Shoes:

FeatureSkechers Arch FitSkechers GOrun
CushioningUltra soft and responsive Max Cushioning foamHyper Burst midsole foam
Arch SupportDesigned for medium to high archesNeutral arch support
Heel-to-Toe Drop6mm drop4mm drop
Weight11oz for men’s, 9oz for women’s6.7-8.7oz
OutsoleDurable rubber outsoleGOimpulse sensors for flexibility
UpperSoft knit upperLightweight mesh upper
Use CasesWalking, casual wear, arch supportSpeed training, race day
Key TechnologiesArch Fit insole system, Hyper Pillar technologyHyper Burst midsole, GOimpulse sensors
ModelsArch Fit, Premier RoadGOrun Speed, GOmeb Speed

In summary, the Skechers Arch Fit provides maximum cushioning and arch support for casual daily wear.

The GOrun models are designed for speed and performance, with a lower profile and minimal yet responsive cushioning.

The GOrun has a nearly flat drop for a natural feel while the Arch Fit has more heel elevation. The Arch Fit focuses on comfort while the GOrun emphasizes speed.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers Arch Fit

  • Features enhanced arch support and footbed technology
  • Designed to provide increased comfort and stability for those with flat feet or arch issues
  • Generally more affordable price point compared to premium comfort/orthotic brands

Cons: Skechers Arch Fit

  • May not provide the same level of overall performance and durability as premium comfort/orthotic shoes
  • Limited color/style options compared to the wider variety available
  • Not specifically designed for high-impact activities like running

Pros: Skechers Go Run

  • Focused on providing responsive, high-performance features for running
  • Incorporates advanced cushioning and shock absorption technologies
  • Available in a variety of models and styles for different running needs

Cons: Skechers Go Run

  • Generally more expensive than the Skechers Arch Fit line
  • May not be as comfortable or suitable for casual everyday wear
  • Some models may have a more specialized, technical running-focused design

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers Arch Fit: As mentioned before, the Arch Fit line is not primarily designed for running. While the enhanced arch support features may provide some benefits, the shoes lack the specialized cushioning, stability, and motion control needed for serious running activities.
  • Skechers Go Run: The Go Run series is specifically engineered for running performance. These shoes feature advanced cushioning, responsiveness, and support features that make them well-suited for running, including longer distances and high-intensity workouts.

Shoes for Walking

  • Arch Fit: The shoes are a good option for walking, with their emphasis on arch support and overall comfort. The supportive features can make them suitable for casual, everyday walking.
  • Go Run: The models can also work well for walking, as they typically provide a good balance of cushioning and support. However, their design is more focused on running than pure walking comfort.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers Arch Fit: The Arch Fit shoes are a solid choice for standing all day. The enhanced arch support and cushioning features help reduce foot fatigue and provide lasting comfort.
  • Skechers Go Run: The Go Run shoes may not be the best option for prolonged standing, as their design is more geared towards dynamic activities like running. While they provide comfort, they may not offer the same level of all-day support as the Arch Fit.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers Arch Fit vs Go Run differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Intended Uses and Wearer Profile

While both shoes prioritize comfort, Arch Fit and Go Run models are tailored to different needs and wearers:

Skechers Arch Fit

Best For:

  • Runners and athletes looking to support high arches
  • Walkers needing enhanced stability
  • Anyone desiring maximum cushioning and shock absorption

Wearer Profile:

  • High arches
  • Underpronators
  • Neutral runners
  • Seeking relief from foot pain related to plantar fasciitis or arthritis

Skechers Go Run

Best For:

  • Runners prioritize responsiveness and flexibility
  • Gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts
  • Walkers and travelers want a comfortable yet nimble shoe

Wearer Profile:

  • Medium to low arches
  • Neutral runners or mild overpronators
  • Appreciate lightweight, flexible construction

So if supporting high arches is your top concern, Arch Fit has an edge.

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But if you desire an extra nimble shoe for speed training or all-day wear, Go Run likely better fits the bill.

Cushioning & Comfort Comparison

Comfort is a highlight of both Skecher lines. But they achieve it through some distinct cushioning technologies:

FeatureArch FitGo Run
Midsole CushioningUltra Go cushioning system for maximum shock absorptionFlight Gen midsole for springy responsiveness
OutsoleDurable rubber high traction gripFlexible Goimpulse sensor for feedback and control
Overall Ride FeelSoft, supportive, stableLight, springy, flexible

So the extra foam cushioning of the Arch Fit makes it the cushier option for all-day wear, standing, and walking.

But Go Run offers a springier ride perfect for runners seeking energy return.

Some other comfort elements that set Arch Fit apart include:

  • Memory foam insoles mold perfectly to your feet
  • Plush tongue and padding for step-in comfort
  • Moisture-wicking linings keep feet cool and dry

And key extras that make Go Run uniquely comfortable:

  • Breathable knit uppers allow extra airflow
  • Smooth interior linings prevent hotspots or blisters
  • Some styles have a sock-like FitKnit upper for a “slipper” feel

So when weighing cushioning and comfort needs, consider your arch type, what part of the foot needs cushioning, and your intended activities.

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Support & Stability Comparison

Proper support in athletic shoes ensures excellent shock absorption, reduces injury risk, and keeps you powered through any activity.

Here’s an overview of how Arch Fit and Go Run shoes approach stability differently:

FeatureArch FitGo Run
Medial SupportArch Fit 3D upper bonds to the midsole for stabilitySome models have printed medical support
Heel DesignThe deep heel cup cradles and stabilizesStandard heel cup
Shape/StructureStraight last rounder shape for balanceCurved last for a natural stride

The Arch Fit midsole extending up the sides, deep heel cupping, and rounder shape offer noticeably more stability to reduce excess foot motion.

This makes them an excellent choice for overpronators or anyone needing extra medical support built in.

Go Run models offer a touch of stability only through some printed overlays on select styles.

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Otherwise, they let your foot move more naturally without control features getting in the way. This works well for neutral runners not requiring extra motion support.

So weigh your arch height and pronation tendencies when deciding which stability approach suits you best.

Traction & Durability Comparison

No matter your planned activities, you want an outsole that grips surfaces properly and lasts for many miles.

Here’s how Arch Fit and Go Run outsoles stack up:

FeatureArch FitGo Run
Outsole RubberDurable high traction rubber in heel through toeLightweight layered rubber in high-wear areas
Outsole DesignSolid slab built for stabilitySegmented GOimpulse pods for flexibility
DurabilityExcellent lasting 500+ milesGood lasting 300+ miles

The rugged full coverage rubber on Arch Fit shoes offers superior traction and longevity perfect for heavy walkers or those hard on their shoes.

Segmented Go Run outsoles sacrifice a bit of durability for enhanced flexibility – but still hold up better than most lightweight trainers.

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So opt for Arch Fit if getting maximum mileage is most important to you.

Or choose to Go Run for racing, speedwork, gym sessions, and other less pounding activities where flexibility is helpful.

Style Selection & Color Comparison

When shopping for shoes, having options you’re excited to wear certainly matters!

Here is an overview of styles and colors available in Arch Fit and Go Run lines:

ModelStyle SelectionColor Choices
Arch Fit4 (Venture, Regent Court, Canyon View, Slopes)8-10 muted tones per style
Go Run10+ (Fast, Ride, Mojo, Razor, Speed)10+ brights, neons, and jewel tones

So if you like classic athletic silhouettes done in versatile neutrals, Arch Fit has fantastic options.

For more trend-forward shapes and youthful color pops, explore the diverse Go Run offerings.

Those wanting dressier or casual options also have more variants to consider in Go Run.

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I’d recommend browsing both collections online to find styles and color combos you’re excited to wear both in and out of workouts!

Sizing & Fit Comparison

Getting the right size shoe ensures all-day comfort, proper support, and prevention of foot issues down the road.

Here is some general advice on sizing across Arch Fit and Go Run models:

ConsiderationArch FitGo Run
General SizingRuns small – order 1/2 to full size upTrue to size for most
Width OptionsMedium widths availableMedium and wider widths are available
Toe BoxThe round roomy toe boxThe almond snugger toe box

I’d take special care in sizing Arch Fit shoes, making sure to try them on in-store if possible given inconsistent size runs between styles.

Order your regular size in Go Run unless you have wide feet and need accommodation.

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User Reviews & Ratings

Hearing from other real users always helps evaluate whether a shoe stands up to claims and meets expectations.

Verified reviews for Arch Fit and Go Run models:

Skechers Arch Fit Canyon⭐⭐⭐⭐☆“So comfortable right out of the box! Cushioned my high arches perfectly on long dog walks.” – Molly R.$100
Skechers Arch Fit Regent Court⭐⭐⭐⭐☆“Needed to size up 1.5 sizes, but now they cause no foot pain even after hours of wear.” – Daniel T.$120
Skechers Go Run Fast⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Lightweight yet cushy – perfect for my tempo runs and HIIT classes!” – Taylor S.$140
Skechers Go Run Ride 8⭐⭐⭐⭐☆“Bouncy and breathable for miles of running – fit is a bit snug for my wide feet.” – Jordan P.$130

So sizing quirks aside, you can see most Arch Fit fans highlight stellar comfort and support.

And Go Run wearers love the lightweight flexibility which works well for running and training.

Browse more reviews to see common feedback.

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Key Takeaways – Which is Right for You?

To wrap up this comparison guide, I want to reiterate the main differences and provide specific recommendations based on foot type, intended use, and priority factors like style or budget:

Choose Arch Fit If You:

  • Have high arches needing lots of support
  • Walk often, have plantar fasciitis, or arthritis
  • Prioritize maximum stability and durability
  • Want classic styling in muted tones

Choose Go Run If You:

  • Are you a runner seeking lightweight flexibility
  • Do HIIT, cross-train, or head to the gym often
  • Prefer modern styling in neon or jewel tones
  • Need a budget-friendly responsive trainer

For those unsure if their feet and needs align more with Arch Fit or Go Run features, I suggest:

  • Trying both lines in-store to get a feel for cushioning and support differences
  • Taking a look at your current well-worn shoes to evaluate wear patterns
  • Considering activity levels and use cases – walking vs running needs often vary!
  • Checking professional running store reviews for more guidance

Hopefully, the detailed breakdown above gives clarity to navigate your decision between these two top Skechers trainers.

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Let me know if any other questions come up! I’m always happy to offer personalized recommendations.


When choosing between Skechers Arch Fit and Go Run shoes, your priority should be proper support and comfort for your needs.

For stability and pronation control, Arch Fit technology delivers contoured, podiatrist-certified insoles tuned to encourage neutral alignment.

This helps relieve discomfort from flat feet, high arches, and foot pain issues like plantar fasciitis. The structured cushioning gives a balanced training feel without being overly rigid.

Alternatively, if unlimited flexibility and free-flowing stride response matter most, Skechers Go Run impresses with hyper burst Goga Mat cushioning bouncing back energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

For quick guidance on some common questions that arise around Arch Fit and Go Run comparisons:

Which option is better for standing all day?

The ultra-cushioned Arch Fit line likely offers superior comfort for extended standing or walking due to maximum shock absorption.

Can either shoe accommodate custom orthotics?

Most Go Run and Arch Fit models should have sufficient removable insole space to accommodate orthotics. But do double-check depth if using thicker inserts.

Which is the warmer shoe in the summer months?

Go Run models made with highly breathable knit uppers allow better airflow and would likely be the cooler summer shoe choice.

Is one shoe line better quality than the other?

Both Arch Fit and Go Run shoes are well-made with quality materials and construction. Arch Fit has an edge for durability while Go Run excels at flexible performance.

Ask any other questions that come up! I’m always glad to share more insights from my in-depth testing of Skechers shoe offerings.

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