Skechers vs Oofos Sandals – Which is Right for You?

Nothing beats slipping into a comfortable pair of sandals for strolls, adventures, or just casual hanging out.

Skechers and Oofos both cater to this laidback lifestyle with recovery-focused footwear.

But between adjustable straps, contoured footbeds, and proprietary cushioning materials, how do you choose what’s best for happy feet all day?

This comprehensive guide compares Skechers and Oofos sandal constructions, arch support, foot conditions treated, and even style selections. Read on to determine whether Skechers or Oofos deliver the best fit and pain-free comfort for your summer needs.

Skechers vs Oofos Sandals

The primary difference between Skechers and Oofos is that Skechers focuses on versatile athletic and casual sandals while Oofos specializes in recovery footwear. Skechers uses innovative materials in stylish designs for active lifestyles, while Oofos incorporates proprietary foam and footbeds specifically to relieve stress on feet, joints, and muscles after exercise.

Ultimately, Skechers prioritizes fashion and functionality whereas Oofos targets health benefits in its recovery-centered sandals.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers vs Oofos Sandals Shoes:

Country of OriginUnited StatesUnited States
Year Founded19922015
Sandal TypesFlip flops, slide, sportRecovery, slide, strap
Popular Sandal LinesBobs, MeditationOoahh, Oolala
Typical Price Range$15 – $50$50 – $100
Technologies UsedMemory Foam, Arch FitProprietary foam, footbed design
Width Sizing AvailabilityMedium, wideMedium, wide
Quality & DurabilityGoodExcellent
Style VarietyHigh with prints and patternsSimple, limited colors
Recovery Footwear FocusLowSpecialized for recovery and pain relief
Odor ControlSome optionsAnti-microbial treatment
International AvailabilityGlobalMainly US and Australia

In summary, Skechers offers affordable and stylish casual sandals for the masses while Oofos caters to a niche audience focused on recovery and foot pain relief with premium materials but limited style options. Skechers takes price and style while Oofos prioritizes comfort and support technologies.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers

  • Wide range of styles for different activities
  • Many models have memory foam insoles for comfort
  • Good arch support in some models
  • Durable construction
  • Well-known brand

Cons: Skechers

  • Limited options for recovery and therapeutic footwear
  • Not primarily designed for foot pain relief

Pros: Oofos

  • Designed for recovery and relief from foot pain
  • Proprietary OOfoam technology for cushioning
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Moisture-resistant and machine washable
  • Lightweight and versatile

Cons: Oofos

  • Limited styles (primarily sandals and slides)
  • Not suitable for intense physical activities
  • Less brand recognition

Which Shoes are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running


  • Skechers has dedicated running shoe lines like GOrun and Max Road, which are designed with responsive cushioning, breathable mesh uppers, and flexible soles for a smooth and comfortable ride during runs.


  • Oofos does not offer running shoes. Their focus is on recovery footwear meant to be worn after workouts or activities to help reduce stress on the feet and joints.

Shoes for Walking


  • The Skechers GOwalk line is designed specifically for walking, featuring lightweight, flexible construction with responsive cushioning and a supportive fit.
  • Other casual and walking shoe lines like D’Lites and Skechers Street also offer good cushioning and support for walking and everyday wear.


  • Oofos offers sandals and slides that can be worn for casual walking or recovery after activities. Their footwear features a unique OOfoam technology that absorbs impact and cradles the foot for comfort.
  • However, Oofos sandals may not provide the same level of support and stability as dedicated walking shoes for extended periods of walking or hiking.

Standing All Day


  • The Skechers Work line is engineered for people who spend long hours on their feet. These shoes offer excellent cushioning, support, and slip-resistant outsoles, making them ideal for prolonged standing.
  • The Max Cushioning line from Skechers is also a good choice for extended standing due to its exceptional cushioning and shock absorption.


  • Oofos sandals and clogs are not designed specifically for prolonged standing or work environments. While they offer cushioning and impact absorption, they may lack the support and stability needed for standing all day.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers vs Oofos Sandals Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Sandal Construction

Supportive comfort starts from the ground up with how sandals are made. Here’s an overview of the materials and methods used:

Skechers and Oofos Sandal Constructions

Main MaterialsFabric or leather straps, EVA/memory foam footbedSynthetic upper, proprietary Oofoam recovery foam
OutsoleTextured rubberDurable OOfoam
Production MethodDirect mold injectionCompression molding
AdjustabilityMultiple strapsOofos OOmg: single strap/OOahh: slip-on

Skechers fuse fabrics or layers of leather onto contoured EVA and memory foam footbeds for cushioning comfort. Oofos compression molds a single piece of proprietary Oofoam similar to yoga mats to absorb shock.

On the bottom, Skechers employs textured rubber for a solid grip while Oofo’s durable foam itself provides traction. Adjustability enters through Skecher’s multiple straps versus Oofo’s single upper strap or completely slip-on silhouette.

So Skechers offers more versatility while Oofos sticks to a simple recovery-first design suited for pre and post-activity or wearing throughout daily tasks.

Arch & Heel Support

Proper arch support prevents overpronation and strain on surrounding muscles and joints. Here is how the sandal brands compare:

Arch & Heel Support Features

Arch ShapeContoured high archAnatomical arch
Heel StabilityReinforced heel strapFoot cradling midfoot ridge
Use CaseStanding, walkingRecovery after activity

Skechers contoured high arch gives active stabilization for lengthy wear whether strolling about or on your feet all day. Meanwhile, Oofo’s anatomical arch shape simply aims to let feet decompress without strain.

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For heels, Skechers builds structure into their rear straps to prevent slippage while moving. But Oofos carves a midfoot ridge into their single-piece foam footbeds for heel security at rest without rigidity during recovery slides.

So Skechers supports motion while Oofos cares most about relieved blood flow after workouts and long hours upright. Choose the right sandal for your activity or inactivity needs.

Cushioning Comfort

All-day sandal comfort requires proper shock absorption and rebound to reduce fatigue. Here’s how Oofos and Skechers cushion feet:

Cushioning Comfort Systems

MidsoleAir-cooled memory foamOofoam recovery foam
Heel CushioningGel padsAbsorbs 37% more impact than memory foam
Use CaseActivewearPost activity recovery

Skechers leverages air-cooled memory foam similar to mattresses for contouring comfort. Strategic gel pads provide additional heel cushioning. This makes their sandals suitable for all-day wear during various activities from travel to enjoyable walks.

Oofos on the other hand crafted their patented Oofoam specifically to absorb 37% more shock than memory foam. It then rebounds feet to refreshed comfort rather than retaining imprints. So Oofos focuses solely on recovery personality lacks compared to Skechers.

Those seeking relief after taxing their feet require Oofos while Skechers gives cushioned support during exertion. Identify when your feet need a cloud-like lift most.

Special Features

Beyond core cushioning components, Skechers and Oofos add specialty features to enhance comfort:

Skechers – Select walking sandal styles include a contoured yoga mat-inspired footbed for flexibility and high rebound. Meanwhile, the outdoor Reggae line employs drainage ports and water-friendly materials.

Oofos – The OOmg style includes vibration absorption technology in the midsole to reduce fatigue. Across all designs, antimicrobial treatment reduces odors while moisture-wicking linings keep feet cool and dry.

For those spending, all day on the move, Skechers drainage, and yoga comforts provide extra reinforcement so feet can go the distance. But Oofos antimicrobial and moisture control assist necessary health between wearing during downtime off your feet.

Style Variety

While focused on feel-good comfort, Oofos and Skechers sandals come in diverse styles:

Skechers & Oofos Style Varieties

Flip flopRelaxed Fit: Supreme GlideOOfoam original thong
SlideRelaxed Fit: Reggae lineOOahh & OOmg lines
SportRumblers: Wildcard, Heartbeatsn/a
HikingMeridian: Canyon Summitn/a
FashionBobs: Squad Gems & Glam Shinen/a

Casual staples like flip flops and slides come in relaxed fits or with yoga mat cushioning from Skechers while Oofos sticks to their recovery-focused OOfoam.

Sporty and hiking options only show up under Skechers extending versatility for active adventurers. Meanwhile, embellished Bohemian chic styles like Squad Gems characterize Skecher’s fashion flair absent with Oofos.

So while Oofos offers exceptional clinical-level comfort, Skechers gives more well-rounded options to suit leisurely Lifestyles or daring dirt trails alike when wanting happy painless feet.

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Pricing Differences

Affordability factors may determine choices between Skechers versus Oofos too:

Skechers vs Oofos Price Differences

BrandAverage Price

Budget shoppers find Skechers sandal prices quite friendly, typically ranging from $30-$60 whether for casual, sporty, or fashion designs.

Oofo’s therapeutic recovery focus does come at a premium, usually between $50 for their basic flip flop up to $140 for the advanced OOmg slide.

Yet devotees praise the customized comfort and foot rejuvenation felt after wearing Oofos as justifying costs. More economical Skechers still pleases for solid versatility though. Weigh priorities against expenditure comfort levels.

User Reviews

Arch Support⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Value for Money⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Key comparison points:

  • Both Skechers and Oofos are extremely comfortable sandals. Top marks for both.
  • Oofos provides superior arch support and foot-cradling comfort with its foam technology.
  • Oofos sandals are more durable and retain shape/cushioning longer.
  • Skechers sandals come in more stylish, fashionable designs.
  • Skechers offers better value for the price. Oofos is more premium-priced.

In summary, Oofos specializes in comfort and arch support while Skechers offers style and affordability. Depending on the customer’s needs, one can be better suited than the other.


Distilling similarities and differences between Skechers versus Oofos sandals simplifies selecting what’s best for your happy painless feet needs:

Skechers shines with athletic heritage and cushioning innovations catering from casual weekends to daring adventures alike. The fabric and leather straps secure feet while contoured memory foam footbeds provide ample shock absorption – all at friendly prices.

Oofos recreational and recovery-focused slides soothe sore arches and overworked feet after workouts or long hours through clinical-level OOfoam. Antimicrobial and moisture control assist further foot health between wearings. Just expect a therapeutic premium.

So weigh your intended uses – do you need security traversing uneven trails or the park all afternoon? Or is rejuvenation most needed after gym time and lengthy shifts? Align foot needs against technical specs and pricing factors.

Then choosing the foot-pampering best fit becomes clear – stroll in Skechers or slide into recovery with Oofos! Contouring support or rebounding cloud comfort awaits your happy feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Oofos help plantar fasciitis?

Yes, Oofos sandals provide firm arch support while cushioning heels to effectively alleviate plantar fasciitis pain by reducing strained tissue inflammation across the entire foot.

Can I machine wash Oofos?

No – while Oofos foam holds antimicrobial protection, hand washing maintains its integrity best. However, the footbeds are removable to assist cleaning.

Do Skechers have memory foam?

Yes, select Skechers designs like yoga mat sandals utilize Memory Foam Fresh Fit comfort footbeds for optimal shock absorption and shape retention.

Which is better: Oofos or Birkenstocks?

Oofos sandals deliver unparalleled recovery and cushioning for post-activity or foot pain needs. But Birkenstock contoured cork better accommodates orthotics for chronic conditions requiring custom correction.

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