Skechers vs TOMS Shoes

When it comes to comfortable, casual, and charitable shoes loved globally, long-time favorites Skechers and TOMS lead the way.

With so many slip-on sneaker styles and fabric choices spanning both accessible brands, deciding where to invest your comfort capital best feels overwhelming!

We compare Skechers vs TOMS across all key decision factors – from costs and silhouette varieties to featuring charitable impacts. Read on to determine which feel-good shoe champion shoes rule your comfort contest!

Skechers vs TOMS

The main difference between Skechers and TOMS is that Skechers focuses on comfort, support and style in their lifestyle athletic and casual footwear collections for all ages and uses, whereas TOMS is known for their alpargata slip-on shoes based on Argentine peasant style footwear and the One for One charitable business model.

While Skechers incorporates memory foam insoles and technical features into sneakers, athletic shoes, boots and sandals, TOMS keeps to more basic styling and materials like canvas and suede. Skechers also offers safety and work styles while TOMS does not.

Skechers caters to active lifestyles in every price range, while TOMS customers buy their iconic, lightweight slip-ons for casual wear with the added feel-good appeal of giving back.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers vs TOMS Shoes:

Type of ShoesAthletic, casual, dress, workCasual, slip-ons
Key TechnologiesAir Cooled Memory Foam, Goga Mat insoleCanvas, suede, textile uppers
Width SizingMedium, wide, extra wideMedium
Size RangeWomen: 5-12, Men: 7-15Women: 5-12, Men: 7-13
PurposeVersatility – lifestyle to athleticCasual fashion and charity
Price Point$$$
Common Foot Concerns AddressedPlantar fasciitis, pronation, fatigueStyle over support
AvailabilityMajor retailers, company websiteTOMS stores, website
ReturnsStandard return policy30 days
Popular StylesGOwalk slip-ons, Max Cushioning, WorkAlpargata slip-ons, Paseos sneakers

In summary, Skechers offers more comfort technologies and foot support, while TOMS emphasizes casual fashionable slip-ons and donates shoes to charity. Skechers has more performance features with a focus on wearability across many use cases. TOMS spotlights its mission of giving back through sales of its stylish but simple shoes.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers

  • Affordable price point
  • Wide range of styles and designs
  • Comfortable and supportive cushioning
  • Good for casual everyday wear

Cons: Skechers

  • Quality can be inconsistent across different models
  • May not provide as much support and stability as other brands
  • Limited options for formal or dress shoes

Pros: TOMS

  • Socially conscious brand that donates a pair of shoes to those in need for every pair purchased
  • Comfortable and flexible canvas or knit uppers
  • Lightweight and versatile for casual wear

Cons: TOMS

  • Relatively higher price point compared to other casual shoe brands
  • Limited selection of styles and designs
  • May not offer as much arch support or durability as other shoe types

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running


  • Known for their lightweight, responsive cushioning systems like their Hyperburst midsole technology.
  • Models like the Skechers GoRun Ride 8 and Skechers GOrun MaxRoad 4 Hyper are highly rated for their comfort and performance in running.
  • Skechers running shoes generally provide a good balance of cushioning, stability, and flexibility for neutral runners.


  • TOMS does not have a strong reputation for high-performance running shoes.
  • Their shoes are generally not designed with the features and technology necessary for optimal running, such as robust cushioning, motion control, and durable outsoles.
  • TOMS would not be recommended for serious running workouts or races.

Shoes for Walking


  • Many Skechers models, like the Skechers GOwalk line, are well-suited for everyday walking.
  • They provide decent cushioning, flexibility, and traction for casual walks and light outdoor use.
  • The Skechers Arch Fit and Air-Cooled Goga Mat technologies can provide good support and comfort for all-day wear.


  • TOMS shoes, with their classic canvas or suede construction, can work well for light walking.
  • However, they lack the advanced comfort and support features found in dedicated walking shoes.
  • For extended walking or all-day wear, TOMS may not provide enough arch support and cushioning.

Shoes for Standing


  • Skechers offers numerous styles designed for standing and working on your feet all day, such as their Work and Safety Toe collections.
  • Features like memory foam insoles, air-cushioned midsoles, and slip-resistant outsoles provide comfort and support for prolonged standing.
  • Models like the Skechers Relaxed Fit: Cessnock SR and Skechers Work: Relaxed Fit Sendro Slip Resistant are well-suited for standing jobs.


  • While TOMS shoes can be worn for short periods of standing, they are generally not optimized for all-day standing and work environments.
  • The relatively flat and minimalist construction of TOMS shoes does not provide the level of arch support, cushioning, and durability needed for prolonged standing.
  • For occupations that require extended periods of standing, TOMS would not be the most recommended choice compared to shoes designed specifically for that purpose.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers vs TOMS Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Getting to Know Skechers and TOMS Backstories

Before digging into the nitty comparisons, let’s recap brand histories highlighting the positive impacts each continues leaving behind in the world:

The Skechers Legacy

Founded in California in 1992 by Robert Greenberg, Skecher’s ethos centered around making comfortable sneakers more wallet-friendly keeping prices reasonable without sacrificing style.

Along the way, sustainable practices evolved using recycled materials in over 120+ lifestyle and performance styles neutralizing environmental harms.

With donations supporting seriously ill children and disaster relief, the Skechers global family continues making “gear for the next generation”.

Introducing TOMS

Founded in 2006 after Blackstone owner Blake Mycoskie volunteered in Argentina, TOMS built its brand around donating a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold funding over 100 million pairs distributed globally combating soil-transmitted diseases.

While expanding across masks, coffee, bags, and more, nearly 80 million pairs of TOMS trademark slip-one shoes sell yearly crafted consciously utilizing vegan and recycled materials minimizing more waste harming the planet.

Now that you know the inspiring backgrounds benefiting people and the planet, let’s compare Skechers and TOMS values-driven brands across factors influencing daily wearing decisions.

Skechers vs TOMS Detailed Comparison

Digging into how Skechers and TOMS shoes are designed, priced, and sized aids in finding your ethical comfort match:

Target Consumers and Ethical Shopper Motivations

Skechers Buyers Want:

  • Comfort technology advancement
  • Sporty athleisure style
  • Slip-on ease accessorizing

TOMS Wearers Care About:

  • Conscious charitable connections
  • Vegan and earth-friendly materials
  • Understated universal looks

United by feel-good values uplifting communities in need, Skechers and TOMS attract slightly different yet equally thoughtful mindsets valuing ethics, accessibility, and convenience combating pressing global challenges sustainably. Unite your values through shoe selections sensibly!

EthosInnovating sporty style tailored responsiblyUnderstated classics consciously crafted to make an impact
Key MotivationsAffordability balanced with premium tech and sustainabilityCharitable contributions, vegan eco materials
LoyaltiesAppreciating comfort innovations accessibilityConnecting through shared stories and change-making
Price SensitivityCost per wear measured against trendsInvesting in ethics durably

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Shoe Silhouette Variety and Selections

In terms of style scope, Skechers collection defeats TOMS edited everyday essentials:

The extensive Skechers catalog showcases 1000+ shoe options spanning sandals, clogs, Mary Janes, sneakers, and performance styles suiting men, women, and kids rendered responsibly in materials like recycled polyester and sugar cane EVA compounds.

By contrast TOMS sticks to a tightly edited collection concentrating solely on their iconic slip-on Alpargata silhouette offered across around 100+ prints and fabric patterns annually including classics like solids, florals, and plaids optimizing vegan materials ranging from recycled bottles to plant-based leather alternatives kinder combatting waste.

For variety suiting unique style sensibilities, Skecher’s selection can’t compete. But TOMS owns mastering thoughtful slip-ons wearing well socially everything from jeans to dresses responsibly.

Verdict: Skechers breadth across categories. TOMS distinctly conscious classics.

Total Selection RangeOver 1000+ spanning sandals, sneakers, Mary Janes, clogs, athleisure, performance and occupational categoriesConcentrated selection of consciously slip-on Alpargata sneakers universally flattering
Category VarietyLifestyle, dress, casual, athletic, kids and occupationalThe single iconic silhouette made kinder through sustainable materials
Design DetailsSeasonal color stories, material mixes, construction innovationsResponsible fabrications like plant-based or recycled, printed patterns
Newness RhythmFrequent drops 4-6 times yearlyLimited capsules 2-3x annually

Integrated Comfort Features and Construction

Analyzing shoe makeups including materials and midsoles aids realistic longevity projections:

Skechers Comfort Tech:

  • Air Cooled Memory Foam
  • Jersey knit linings
  • Recycled polyester blends
  • Vegan sugar cane foam options

TOMS Production:

  • Removable antimicrobial sock liners
  • Natural canvas and hemp blends
  • Vulcanized rubber outsoles
  • Vegan wild rubber and sugar mixes

Uniting ethics and coziness, both brands engineer feel-good shoes kinder to people and the planet through recycled polyester knits, vegan foam compounds, and antimicrobial linings that prevent odors naturally.

For instantly pillowy steps, Skechers Air Memory Foam cradles feet uniquely over basic generics.

But TOMS lightweight flexible vulcanized soles contour gradually improving longevity fitted responsibly.

Verdict: Skechers unmatched instant cushions. TOMS durable contours community connected.

Cushioning MaterialNext-gen Air Cooled Memory FoamRemovable generic foam insoles
Integrated SupportArch-fitted removable sock linersAntimicrobial properties fight odors and some arch contouring
Textile MakeupRecycled polyester mesh knitsOrganic cotton canvas, hemp, and plant-based leather alternatives
Outer Sole ConstructionFlexible one-piece molded solesDurable vulcanized rubber

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Ideal Environment Styling and Wearability

Skechers Shoes Suit:

  • Active weekends
  • School days
  • Traveling globally

TOMS Shoes Support:

  • Eco urban commutes
  • Casual Fridays
  • Festival friendly

Equipped for easygoing globe trotting or conscious city mobility, Skechers and TOMS both champion casual pursuits and lightweight adventures logistically.

The difference falls mainly in styling either sporty performance or understated universal.

Determine use cases and style win factors guiding your magical shoe match manifestation!

Verdict: Anywhere lifestyles and personal styling preferences point purchase power proactively!

EnvironmentsCity strolls, suburban parks, global airportsDowntown commutes, college campuses, flea market weekends
Usage ActivitiesSightseeing mileage, sporting weekly personal bestsArt walks, al fresco dining, meandering museums casually
Care NeedsMachine washable, air drySpot clean canvas gently
Styling RangeAthletic leisure including the latest techAn understated multi-occasion wardrobe staple

Shoe Sizing Scale Comparison

Trying locally ideal guaranteeing sizing security but understanding approaches steers online orders confidently:

Skechers Runs:

  • Universally true to size
  • Wide feet friendly
  • Half sizes readily available

TOMS tends:

  • Traditionally large
  • Limited stretch gives
  • Lean narrow universally

Skechers incorporates wiggle room welcoming variances sizing up surplus and wide conveniently.

TOMS slim silhouette expectations mean sizing down deliberating dimensions carefully avoiding disappointment tragically!

Try before buying where possible determining comfort capacities accurately. Your soles will thank you smiling more miles confidently!

Verdict: Analyze arches and proportions precisely then select sensibly smile after smile!

Overall Sizing TheoryTrue to size consistently with roominessTraditionally runs large so size down
Width AllowancesContains wide and extra wide sizes readilyLean narrow often running short and slim
Toe Box VolumeRoomy toe box welcomes natural spreadThe slim shape stays snug
Break-In NeedsVery minimal thanks to knitsUnder 5-10 wears for slight contouring stretch

Pricing Comparison

Reviewing MSRPs clarifies realistic budgets mentally mapping mile after mile in comfortable community championed kicks consciously.

Skechers Pricing Spans:

  • Canvas slip-on sneakers ~ $45
  • Classic sporty casuals ~ $60
  • Niche additions like steel toe ~ $90

TOMS Costs Cluster:

  • Alpargata basics from ~ $50
  • Prints, patterns, and collabs ~ $65
  • Earthwise fabrics ~ $75

Bridging values and budgets responsibly, Skecher’s standard styles slightly undercut TOMS’ conscious classics.

Define dollars towards walking the talk wearing socially sound sneakers made sustainably.

The charity starts stylishly at the soles smile after feeling a feel-good mile!

Verdict: Review spending determining fashion cause footwear sensibly!

Average Price Range$45 – $90$50 – $75
Prime Spotlight$60$65
Cost InfluencersImport ratios dictate consumer tagsSustainable fabrics and integrated tech
Value AnalysisFantastic especially sub $80Premiums from earth-minded materials
Sales FrequencyCommon 40% off markdownsOccasional limited discounts

User Reviews and Rating

BrandShoe ModelRatingReview
SkechersFlex Appeal 3.0⭐⭐⭐⭐“I’m a nurse who is on my feet all day. These Skechers are like walking on air! The memory foam insole molds to my feet and they don’t rub or cause blisters.”
TOMSAlpargata⭐⭐“Cute looking TOMS flats but they have no cushion or support. My feet got sore after wearing them for a few hours while sightseeing on vacation.”
SkechersArch Fit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Finally a cute sandal that doesn’t leave my high arches aching! These Skechers Arch Fit slides have amazing arch support and shock absorption.”
TOMSPaseos⭐⭐⭐“These canvas sneakers look very cool and trendy. But the thin sole leaves my feet hurting if I do a lot of walking in them.”
SkechersGo Run Mojo⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I tried these Skechers running shoes on a whim and was blown away! The cushioning absorbs impact and the grip is perfect even on wet pavement.”
TOMSLeague Slip-Ons⭐⭐⭐⭐“Really nice leather slip-ons from TOMS. Broken in quickly and very comfortable for casual wear with some arch support.”

In summary, Skechers tends to offer more cushion, arch support and comfort technology versus the basic/minimalist TOMS shoe styles.

But TOMS has some decent options too for casual use.

Key Takeaways – Skechers and TOMS Differentiators

Hopefully contrasting sporty meets sustainability shoe favorites Skechers and TOMS crystallizes smart consumer takeaways so values-based comfort seekers smile more miles ahead:

Skechers Optimizer:

  • Next generation Air Cooled Memory Foam
  • Sporty variety across ages and uses
  • Responsibly recycled textiles

TOMS Ethos Centers On:

  • Conscious model citizen classics
  • Understated ethical style appeal
  • Vegan leathers protect the planet

Now that you know key differentiators regarding instant cushions and classic ethical aesthetics choosing between feel-good brands Skechers and TOMS becomes easy helping charities styling personalities purposefully.

Simply identify categories holding priority pointers personally – trendy variety versus consciously crafted thoughtfully – then confidently shop values visions vibrantly as toes tap treads lightly or motives make meaningful movement creatively community causes championed!

Either way, lucky feet lay the ground for new beginnings actively as fashion wallet and world win walking more wakefully and positively groundbreaking step by step together progressively!


Preparing a sneaker selection strategy certainly simplifies satisfying searches thoughtfully once aligned values motivate miles matching morals milestones magically!

But before departing decisions, try sizes determining fit fabulously fostering contours properly always! Consider commentary continuously cultivating happy feet:

Size In-Store Annually – Feet morph, measurements change. Trying yearly to keep comfort accurate and adjusted upgrading magic merchandise moves responsibly!

Analyze Arch Needs – Some soles require added orthotics personalizing gait optimization projects polarly pleasing period after period durability serving sufficiently smile after smile! Discuss differentiation needs openly.

Care Consciously – Wash infrequently, spot clean stains sustainably, and replace responsible lifetime responsibility respecting resources reuse reducing footprints progressively promenades forward together continent to continent selflessly as stewards shepherding generations uncompromisingly!

Size selections determine deal declarations sensibly! Then purpose propels possibility progressively durability milestones mattering appreciatively walk after walk leadership legaciesun subscribe unlocking value visions volunteerism valor and oneness awaken remarkably landmark after landmark unlimited smiling endlessly together!

Ready, set…Go joyfully and responsibly smile every awesome step ahead!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is each made?

While American-founded brands, over 95% of Skechers and TOMS shoes are imported overseas combining materials thoughtfully from regions spanning China to Africa. However limited editions utilize domestic or regional factories.

Which is the most eco-friendly brand?

TOMS concentrates its business model around earth-conscious vegan materials like wild rubber and donations empowering conscious connections wearing traditionally styled slip-ons classic marrying casually cool personalities promoting people and planet causes positively.

What shoes work best for nurses?

The Skechers nursing shoe collection wins high praise for comfort technologies easing long shifts walking working serving admirably site after site compassionately mile after mile progressively purposefully!

Who wears TOMS Shoes?

Conscientious fashionistas mix TOM iconic slip-ons wearing stylishly taking stands socially blending cuddly casualness wonderfully wardrobe after wardrobe versatile consciously having positive global impacts economically sustainably and responsibly landmark after landmark together fearlessly progressively!

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