Skechers GOga Mat vs GOga Plus – Choose the Best!

Are you in the market for a comfortable and supportive pair of sneakers?

Skechers GOga Mat and GOga Plus shoes are two great options to consider. But what’s the difference between the two? Which one is best for your needs?

We examines the key features of Skechers GOga Mat vs GOga Plus shoes.

We’ll compare and contrast specs like cushioning, stability, weight, price, and more.

Read on to find out which of these popular Skechers sneakers is the better choice for you.

Compare Goga Mat vs GOga Plus

Overview of how Skechers GOga Mat and GOga Plus stack up across some key metrics:

SpecificationGOga MatGOga Plus
CushioningMaximum plush feelVery good cushioning
StabilityDecentExcellent (wider base)
Weight8.8-11 oz.10-14 oz.
Ideal Use CasesCasual wear, travel, light fitnessAthletic wear, fitness walking, work shoes
Price Range$$ ($50-$90)$$$ ($70-$120+ USD)

As you can see, GOga Plus shoes edge out GOga Mat a bit when it comes to support.

But GOga Mat can’t be beat for lightweight, pillowy comfort.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Goga Mat

  • Provides a soft, cushioned footbed
  • Offers good impact absorption
  • Relatively affordable compared to some other premium footbed technologies

Cons: Goga Mat

  • May not offer as much advanced cushioning and support as Goga Plus
  • Some users may find the cushioning too soft or not sufficiently supportive

Pros: Goga Plus

  • Enhanced cushioning and support compared to Goga Mat
  • Designed for maximum comfort and reduced fatigue during extended wear
  • May provide better arch support and stability

Cons: Goga Plus

  • Slightly more expensive than the standard Goga Mat
  • May feel bulkier or heavier in the shoe compared to the standard Goga Mat

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Goga Mat: The Goga Mat features a shock-absorbing Goga Mat technology in the midsole, which provides excellent cushioning and energy return for a comfortable and responsive ride during running. The flexible and lightweight design also promotes a natural running motion.
  • Goga Plus: The Goga Plus is designed more for everyday wear and walking rather than high-impact activities like running. While it has some cushioning, it may not provide as much shock absorption and energy return as the Goga Mat.

Shoes for Walking

  • Goga Mat: The Goga Mat’s cushioning and flexibility make it a good choice for walking. The shock-absorbing midsole and lightweight construction help reduce fatigue during extended walking.
  • Goga Plus: The Goga Plus is well-suited for walking, with a Goga Plus technology midsole that provides comfort and support. The slightly more structured design may offer a bit more stability compared to the Goga Mat.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Goga Mat: The Goga Mat’s Goga Mat technology midsole and flexible design help to reduce foot fatigue and provide support for standing for extended periods. The lightweight construction also helps to minimize strain.
  • Goga Plus: The Goga Plus is an excellent choice for standing all day, with its Goga Plus technology midsole and more structured design offering enhanced comfort and support. The additional cushioning and stability can help alleviate discomfort from prolonged standing.

Now that you have an overview of the Goga Mat vs GOga Plus differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Overview of Skechers GOga Mat Shoes

Skechers debuted their GOga Mat technology in 2017. This cushioning system is designed to provide high energy return and unmatched comfort.

Here are some key characteristics of GOga Mat shoes:

CushioningThe hallmark of this line is its cushy yet responsive feel underfoot. The midsole offers pillow-like support without losing bounce-back.
StabilityFor being so plush, these shoes offer decent stability and aren’t wobbly. This makes them suitable for light workouts or all-day wear.
WeightThey have a lightweight, flexible feel at 8.8 to 11 ounces depending on the exact style.
Outsole TractionRubber traction pods help with multi-surface grip.
Price Range$50 to $90 retail depending on style.

The cushioned support of GOga Mat makes these shoes ideal for:

  • All-day wear
  • Travel
  • Light workouts
  • Standing for long periods

Popular GOga Mat styles include the Equalizer 4.0 and the Dynaforce sneakers. There are options suitable for walking, cross-training, and beyond.

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Now let’s see how GOga Plus compares.

Overview of Skechers GOga Plus Shoes

Skechers GOga Plus shoes launched in 2020. This line offers enhanced stability and support over standard GOga.

Here are the notable features of GOga Plus sneakers:

CushioningLike the Mat line, these maximize cushioning for ultimate shock absorption. There’s a little less “squish” factor but still plenty of comfort.
StabilityOne key upgrade is a wider base and reinforced heel for greater support during movement. This prevents rolling or twisting.
WeightWith the added stability features, GOga Max shoes are slightly heavier at 10 to 14 ounces depending on style.
TractionSturdy rubber outsoles with a unique saw blade-like pattern help grip a mix of surfaces.
Price Range$70 to $120+ at retail cost depending on the specific shoe.

With the stability upgrades, GOga Max shoes excel at:

  • Light hiking/walking trails
  • Fitness walking
  • Gym/training sessions
  • Workplaces with long hours on your feet

Top picks in this category include the Flex Appeal 4.0 or Creston sneakers. There’s an emphasis on athletic-leisure crossover styles.

Which is Best For You?

So which of these Skechers technologies is the right pick?

Here are some key questions to ask to help decide if GOga Mat or GOga Plus fits your needs:

1. What will you use the shoes for primarily?

If you want sneakers mostly for casual everyday wear, travel, and the occasional light workout, GOga Mat is likely the best match.

The plush cushioning will keep you comfortable on long days on your feet without unnecessary bulk.

However, if you plan to use your shoes for regular gym sessions, training walks, hiking, or a demanding job, GOga Plus offers crucial extra support.

These shoes provide excellent stability for dynamic activities compared to GOga Mat.

2. Do you need more cushioning or more support?

It’s a tradeoff – GOga Mat prioritizes softness and bounce-back underfoot, while GOga Plus focuses more on a reinforced structure stabilized base.

So consider whether it’s more important for your shoes to feel like they mold perfectly to your feet (GOga Mat) or for them to provide a firm foundation as you walk or move (GOga Plus).

Those who are tough on shoes or need to minimize foot or muscle fatigue may benefit more from GOga Plus.

But if all-day comfort is your main goal, you can’t beat the pillowy factor of GOga Mat.

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3. Does weight matter in your shoe selection?

Thanks to the cushier midsole and lack of stability features, GOga Mat shoes are noticeably more lightweight and flexible overall than GOga Plus.

We’re talking a 2-3 ounce difference on average.

While not a huge gap, it can be meaningful for those looking for a barely-there feel from their sneakers.

GOga Plus reaches more athletic training-style weight. So if every ounce counts for you, lean towards GOga Mat.

4. What’s your budget for workout/everyday shoes?

As hinted in the pricing comparison earlier, you’ll typically pay a little more upfront for GOga Plus shoes over GOga Mat. The retail cost difference is often $20+ more.

However, GOga Plus may last longer before showing significant wear thanks to the reinforced construction.

This can balance out costs over the lifespan of the shoes. But if you need to stick to say $60 or under budget, GOga Mat has more options in that range.

On the higher end though, pricing overlaps more between the two lines overall.

You’ll just get enhanced structure and support from GOga Plus shoes if you have the budget to spend $100+.

User Reviews and Rating

Curious what real customers have to say about GOga Mat vs GOga Plus sneakers?

Here’s a sample of Skechers shoe reviews highlighting the different experiences with these two popular lines:

Mary S.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I’ve tried many Skechers over the years but these GOga Mat shoes are the most comfortable ever! It truly feels like walking on air all day long. They are perfect for travel and sightseeing.”
James R.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“The Dynaforce GOga Mat sneakers are amazingly lightweight and cushioned. I can walk for miles without foot pain. Much better than memory foam!”
Amanda J.⭐⭐⭐⭐“I’m tough on my shoes working retail 50+ hours a week. These GOga Max sneakers are the first I’ve owned that don’t break down quickly. Great support and traction.”
Ryan S.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Upgraded from standard GOga and am thrilled with the GOga Max Crestons. Feel so much more stable lifting weights and doing lateral moves.”

Now let’s wrap up with a final comparison.

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When comparing Skechers GOga Mat vs GOga Plus technologies, both provide exceptional comfort, responsiveness, and high energy return.

GOga Mat shines for lightweight, ultra-cushioned softness while GOga Plus takes the lead in supporting dynamic movement with its reinforced stable base.

Consider how much structure and stability you require, along with activity level and priorities around weight, to decide which of these impressive Skechers sneaker lines is the top choice for you.

With breakthrough cushioning advances like these, you get the best of both worlds – comfort, and performance in one shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which GOga shoes are more comfortable?

For pure softness and step-in comfort, GOga Mat gets the edge. The ultra-cushioned midsole feels like walking on air. But GOga Plus offers excellent comfort too along with reinforced stability some find comfortable for dynamic movement.

Who should buy GOga Mat shoes?

GOga Mat is ideal for casual everyday use, walking vacationers who want serious cushioning, and those with less intensive fitness needs. The plush feel can’t be beaten!

Who should buy GOga Plus shoes?

GOga Plus makes sense for athletic trainers, avid gym-goers, hikers, and those logging many miles a week. The wider base and structure provide support for more taxing activities than GOga Mat.

Is one GOga shoe technology better overall?

They both utilize outstanding cushioning systems. GOga Mat prioritizes “softness” while GOga Plus focuses more on “support”. The right option comes down to the activity and each individual’s needs and preferences.

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