Skechers Wide Fit vs Relaxed Fit Optimal Comfort Explained!

You know Skechers makes some of the comfiest sneakers and walking shoes around.

But with choices like Skechers wide fit vs relaxed fit available, how do you choose which comfort-focused Skechers fit works best for your feet?

Understanding the key differences in roominess, intended wearing time, and supported foot conditions helps ensure all-day comfort mile after mile.

While wide and relaxed fit Skechers share extra spaciousness to accommodate swelling feet, the relaxed fit prioritizes even more generous roominess through the toe box suited to extreme widths and custom orthotics.

Read on to learn how to determine if wide or relaxed Skechers best comfort cramped feet all day!

Skechers Wide Fit Vs Relaxed Fit

The main difference between Skechers Wide Fit and Relaxed Fit is that Wide Fit shoes have a wider toe box to accommodate broader feet, while Relaxed Fit prioritizes an overall roomier fit with extra depth and a more relaxed feel.

FeatureSkechers Wide FitSkechers Relaxed Fit
Foot Width AccommodationDesigned for wider feetDesigned for average to slightly wider feet
Toe BoxExtra roomy and widerRoomy but not as wide as Wide Fit
Midfoot AreaWider and more spaciousModerate width
Heel AreaWider and more generousModerate width
Upper MaterialsStretchy knit or mesh fabricsVariety of materials like leather, mesh, etc.
SizingAvailable in wide and extra-wide sizesAvailable in medium and wide sizes
Recommended ForPeople with wide or extra-wide feetPeople with average to slightly wider feet
Comfort LevelMaximized comfort for wider feetRelaxed and comfortable fit
AvailabilityLimited to select stylesAvailable across various styles and collections
Price RangeComparable to regular sizesComparable to regular sizes

Summary, Skechers Wide Fit shoes are designed specifically for individuals with wider feet, providing extra room and width throughout the shoe. Skechers Relaxed Fit shoes offer a more generous and comfortable fit compared to regular shoes but are not as wide as the Wide Fit options. The choice between the two depends on the individual’s foot width, with Wide Fit being the better option for those with significantly wider feet, and Relaxed Fit being suitable for average to slightly wider feet.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Skechers Wide Fit:

  • Provides extra room in the toe box and forefoot area for those with wider feet or who need more wiggle room.
  • Can help alleviate discomfort and prevent rubbing/blisters for people with bunions or hammertoes.
  • Offers a more generous, roomy fit while still providing support and stability.
  • Suitable for those with edema or swollen feet that need extra width.

Cons of Skechers Wide Fit:

  • May feel too loose or sloppy for those with narrow or average-width feet.
  • Limited style options compared to regular/relaxed fit shoes.
  • Potentially less lateral stability and control during athletic activities.
  • Feet may slide around inside the shoe if it’s too wide.

Pros of Skechers Relaxed Fit:

  • Provides a roomier fit than regular shoes without being excessively wide.
  • Offers a balance between comfort and support for most foot types.
  • More stylish options and designs compared to wide fit models.
  • May be a better choice for casual wear or light activities.

Cons of Skechers Relaxed Fit:

  • May still feel too snug or constricting for those with very wide feet.
  • Not as much extra room in the toe box as wide fit models.
  • Potentially less breathability and air circulation than wide fit shoes.
  • May not be suitable for those with severe foot issues needing maximum width.

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  1. Running shoes are designed to provide cushioning and shock absorption for the high-impact nature of running.
  2. They typically have a flexible midsole, a durable outsole for traction, and a lightweight construction to reduce fatigue.
  3. Skechers offers several running shoe models, such as the Skechers GOrun Ride and Skechers GOrun Razor, which feature responsive cushioning and a lightweight design.

Shoes for Walking

  1. Walking shoes prioritize comfort and support for extended periods of low-impact activity.
  2. They often have a more flexible sole and a roomier toe box than running shoes.
  3. Skechers walking shoes, like the Skechers GOwalk and Skechers Arch Fit, offer cushioned insoles and supportive midsoles for all-day comfort.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  1. For prolonged standing, shoes need to provide excellent cushioning and support to reduce fatigue and discomfort.
  2. They should have a well-cushioned midsole, a sturdy outsole, and a supportive insole to promote proper foot alignment.
  3. Skechers shoes like the Skechers Work Relaxed Fit and Skechers Arch Fit are designed specifically for standing all day, with features like memory foam insoles and shock-absorbing midsoles.

Now that you have an overview of the Skechers Wide Fit Vs Relaxed Fit differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Is a Wide or Relaxed Fit Skechers Best For…?

Still, debating wide or relaxed Skechers comfort?

Analyzing your foot shape, intended wearing priorities, and fit accommodation needs determines which roomy fit works optimally.

Consider the following foot conditions and wearing factors when deciding between wide vs relaxed Skechers:

Severely Wide Feet

Feet excessively wide through the forefoot or with extreme swelling need to demand copious amounts of space.

Here, relaxed-fit shoes deliver with their oversized toe boxes leaving no chance for rubbing or pinching.

The exaggerated relaxed fit dimensions like in the Skechers Summits or Skechers Relaxed Living shoes supply plenty of wiggle room even for feet requiring the widest width on the Brannock scale.

Custom Orthotics

Those requiring additional arch support from custom orthotics need unobstructed interior space to insert an extra layer.

Relaxed fit Skechers maximize inside spaciousness by minimizing arch contouring and stable structures.

This allows orthotics to sit flush underfoot without squeezing while weight is distributed evenly across the base. Ample sizing around orthotics also prevents a locked-down feeling.

Medium/High Arches

Those with defined arch shapes often require support through the midfoot – Whether from structural stability overlays securing the arch or contouring that follows the natural foot shape.

In this case, Skecher wide fit retains enough fit structure and arch conformity to prevent medium or high arches from sinking through a fully flatbed shape.

Additional forefoot room still accommodates swelling without compromising arch integrity.

Direct Comparison Between Wide & Relaxed Models

Still, debating between wide or relaxed Skechers comfort?

See how major Skechers models compare directly:

Skechers Summits vs Wide Options

FeatureSkechers Summits (relaxed)Skechers Summits Wide
Toe Box Height2 inches1.75 inches
Toe Box WidthVery wideWide
Midfoot Widthgeneroustrue wide width
Arch Supportnone – flatbed for orthoticslight contour
Ideal UserExtra wide feet, custom orthoticsWide feet with arch shape

The extra volume through the toe box defines the standard Summit’s relaxed fit and roominess.

But the Summits Wide still delivers noticeable width enhancement to stabilize medium arches without excessive space.

Skechers Arch Fit Wide vs Relaxed Fit

FeatureSkechers Arch Fit WideSkechers Arch Fit 3.0 Relaxed
Integrated Arch SupportDirected for pronationNone beyond standard insole
Forefoot WidthWideVery wide
Heel ShapeContouredStraight
Midfoot VolumeTrue wide widthRuns 1/2 size large

The Arch Fit Wide supplies width specifically where needed in the forefoot without compromising the contoured heel stabilizing the rear.

Meanwhile, relaxed Arch Fit models allow ample swelling room through a straightened last and oversized overall volume.

User Reviews Comparision

FeatureSkechers Wide Fit ShoesSkechers Relaxed Fit Shoes
Toe Box RoomRounder shape but fits most wide foot sizesMaximum spaciousness, highest volume models
Midfoot FeelThe noticeable arch shape helps support transitionsFlatter with ample space for orthotics
StabilityBetter control for medium/high archesFeels looser through strides for lower arches
Sizing AccuracyRuns true-to-size width markedWidth seems exaggerated (wider than marked)
Ideal UseMedium duration wear, athletic activityAll-day wear over 8+ hours

User Reviews & Ratings

See how customers rate the fit among these roomy Skechers styles:

Skechers Wide Fit

SiteRatingWhat Customers Like⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Extra width in toe area
Amazon⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Good for problem feet
Zappos⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Comfortable wide option

Reviewers love having spacious Skechers choices that accommodate swelling, bunions, and flat feet without rubbing. The generous forefoot room gets consistent praise.

Skechers Relaxed Fit

SiteRatingWhat Customers Like⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Roomy fit
Amazon⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Cushioned feel
Zappos⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Easy slip-on style

Customers give Relaxed Fit high marks for cushioning and support with a roomy casual slip-on design.

The comfort lasts all day whether standing or walking moderate distances, though some report heel slippage.

Price Comparison

ModelAvg. PriceSale Price
Skechers Wide Fit$60-$90$40-$70
Skechers Relaxed Fit$50-$80$30-$50

The Wide Fit shoes carry about a $10-$20 premium over comparable Relaxed Fit options.

But with sales, you can find either under $50. Relaxed Fit tends to incorporate more affordable technologies.

Key Takeaways – Deciding Between Wide & Relaxed Fits

Choosing between Skechers’ wide and relaxed shoe fits comes down to four key factors:

1. Required width accommodation level – Severely wide feet demand the relaxed fit’s maximum spaciousness.

2. Intended orthotic use – Those needing custom arch support require the relaxed flatbed shape.

3. Preferred midfoot structure – Wide fits retain more arch contouring for supported transitions.

4. Ideal wearing time per session – All-day wearers prioritize relaxed Skechers’ continuous comfort.

Considering roominess needs against foot shape and orthotic use clarifies if wide stability or relaxed flexibility accelerates comfortable miles.

So whether you choose wide or relaxed, Skechers’ customizable comfort remains paramount!


From wide support to relaxed flexibility, understanding Skechers’ comfort-focused shoe fits guides smart footwear decisions.

Seeking ample roominess helps wide feet stay pinch-free all day but retaining structural stability prevents excess motion.

Determining ideal style, duration, and foot priorities directs choices between wide and relaxed Skechers for personalized, slipper-like comfort in every step no matter your fit needs.

Why choose between health and happiness when the roomiest sneakers deliver both?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Skechers Wide Fit and Relaxed Fit?

Skechers Wide Fit shoes have a wider profile and more space in the toe box area to accommodate broader feet, while Relaxed Fit shoes have a roomier fit through the heel and midfoot for maximum comfort. 

Are Skechers Relaxed Fit good for wide feet?

Yes, Relaxed Fit provides a spacious fit for most feet, including slightly wider feet. However, those with very wide feet may find the Wide Fit offers more room in the toe area.

Why are some Skechers labeled Wide and some Relaxed? 

Shoes labeled as Wide have an overall wider profile to the base and upper pattern to fit a full range of wide foot dimensions. Relaxed Fit means extra room through the midfoot and heel areas while keeping a standard forefoot width.

Can you remove Skechers Relaxed Fit insoles?  

Yes, the insoles on most Skechers Relaxed Fit shoes are removable so you can insert your own orthotic or use a different insole if needed. Check your specific shoe info to confirm.  

Do Skechers Relaxed Fit run large?

Some Relaxed Fit styles do run slightly large or roomy. It’s best to reference Skechers’ size charts and customer reviews of the particular style you are considering to help determine your ideal fit. Going down a half or full size may work if they run large.

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