Skechers Guzman vs Native – Which is Right for You?

For many people looking for comfortable, durable everyday shoes, Skechers and Native are two great options to consider.

But with so many styles and features to compare between these popular brands, it can be tough to decide which is better for your individual needs.

This comprehensive guide will compare Skechers Guzman shoes and Native shoes across a variety of key factors.

Read on to become a smarter shopper!

Skechers Guzman vs Native

The main difference between Skechers Guzman and Skechers Native shoes is that the Guzman has a rugged leather and mesh upper with a thick lugged outsole designed for durable trail performance, while the Native has a smooth leather upper and classic oxford sole design made for refined casual style.

The Guzman prioritizes durable traction and support for outdoor adventures, while the Native focuses more on sleek everyday wearability and urban versatility.

The Guzman embraces rugged terrain, and the Native embraces fashionable streets.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers Guzman vs Native Shoes:

FeatureSkechers GuzmanSkechers Native
StyleCasual lace-up leather sneakerCasual suede lace-up sneaker
CushioningAir Cooled Memory Foam insoleMemory Foam Pillow Pods insole
OutsoleRubber traction outsoleGripper rubber outsole
UpperSmooth, double-strapped leatherSuede and textile upper
ComfortLightly padded collarMemory Foam insole
FitTrue to sizeRuns 1⁄2 size small
ColorsBlack, white, grayVarious colors, prints available
Use CaseCasual everyday wearCasual everyday wear
SupportLightweight comfort designLightweight comfort design

In summary, the Skechers Guzman offers a streamlined leather sneaker while the Skechers Native provides a suede upper with Memory Foam cushioning. The Native likely has a softer and more cushioned feel overall. Fit and size varies between the two.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers Guzman

  • Affordable pricing
  • Memory foam insole for cushioning
  • Available in various stylish designs
  • Durable rubber outsole

Cons: Skechers Guzman

  • Not as breathable as some slip-ons
  • May feel warm in hot weather
  • Limited color/print options
  • Not suitable for extensive walking

Pros: Native

  • Lightweight and packable
  • Easy to clean and quick-drying
  • Odor-resistant and antimicrobial
  • Vegan and eco-friendly materials

Cons: Native

  • Limited arch support and cushioning
  • Can feel stiff until fully broken in
  • More expensive than basic slip-ons
  • Minimal traction on some surfaces

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

Skechers Guzman

  • The Guzman is not specifically designed for running and may not provide the necessary cushioning, support, and responsiveness for high-impact activities.
  • As a casual slip-on shoe, it lacks the typical features found in running shoes, such as a specialized midsole and outsole designed for running.
  • While it may be suitable for very light jogging or running short distances, it is not recommended for serious or prolonged running activities.

Native Shoes

  • Native Shoes are primarily designed for casual wear and are not intended for running.
  • They typically have a lightweight and flexible construction, but lack the cushioning, stability, and traction required for running.
  • Running in Native Shoes may increase the risk of injury due to inadequate support and shock absorption.

Shoes for Walking

Skechers Guzman

  • The Guzman is an excellent choice for casual walking and everyday wear.
  • It features a comfortable and lightweight design with a flexible sole that can accommodate various walking surfaces.
  • The slip-on style and breathable upper make it convenient for walking and running errands.

Native Shoes

  • Native Shoes are well-suited for walking and casual wear.
  • They offer a lightweight and comfortable design with a flexible sole that can adapt to different surfaces.
  • The various styles and patterns of Native Shoes make them a popular choice for casual walking and everyday use.

Shoes for Standing All Day

Skechers Guzman

  • While the Guzman is comfortable for casual wear, it may not provide the necessary support and cushioning for extended periods of standing.
  • The lack of dedicated arch support and cushioning may lead to fatigue and discomfort during prolonged standing.

Native Shoes

  • Native Shoes are generally not recommended for standing all day due to their minimalistic design and lack of dedicated support features.
  • Prolonged standing in Native Shoes may cause discomfort and fatigue, as they do not offer the same level of cushioning and support as shoes designed specifically for standing.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers Guzman vs Native Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Overview of Skechers as a Brand

Founded in 1992, Skechers is one of the leading athletic and casual footwear brands in America. Known for fused athletic and casual styling with comfortable designs suitable for all-day wear, Skechers offers lifestyle, performance, work, and kids shoes across thousands of styles. They integrate innovative technologies like proprietary air-cooled memory foam, arch support systems, and durable traction outsoles to serve active men and women.

Skechers Guzman Shoes

The Skechers Guzman line launched in 2015 as a leather slip-on athletic walking shoe merging classic boat shoe styling with Skechers comfort technologies. As a versatile shoe suitable for casual daily wear, travel, urban exploration, and moderate exercise, the Guzman hits a sweet spot by combining laid-back styling and all-day comfort.

It quickly became a fan favorite as an affordable, wear-anywhere shoe. With over 30 colors in the core line and new limited editions each season like camo prints, rich suedes, and nautical themes, there’s a Guzman look for everyone.

Key Features and Characteristics

Design & Style

The Guzman range incorporates both heritage-style leather slip-on boat shoes as well as lace-up sneaker silhouettes. Both share a low-profile, retro design that complements casual outfits from jeans to shorts and khakis. An overlapping stitched toe cap and contrast heel stripe provide visual interest while the padded collar lends support.

Silhouettes available include:

  • Lace-up sneakers
  • Slip-on boat shoes
  • Fisherman sandals
  • Ankle-height styles
  • Low- and mid-top silhouettes

Material & Construction

Guzman shoes use smooth leather, soft suede, or knit textile uppers depending on the silhouette. Breathable mesh linings and cushioned footbeds provide comfort while the popular Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam insole supplies responsive cushioning. Some styles also incorporate a lightweight yet supportive comfort chassis for stability.

The flexible rubber traction outsole includes a series of durable pads in high-wear areas for grip across various surfaces. Reinforced stitching and sturdy materials result in shoes that hold up well to regular wear.

Comfort & Fit

With generous cushioning, stability features, and quality materials molded to the contours of the average foot, Guzman delivers on Skechers’ reputation for comfortable casual footwear. The Air Cooled Memory Foam conforms to the wearer’s foot for a personalized fit.

Most customers find the Guzman line fits true to size and reasonably true to width, available in medium/standard D widths as well as wide and extra wide options. The absence of a break-in period makes them suitable for comfort right out of the box.

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Overview of Native Shoes as a Brand

Founded in 2009, Native Shoes is a relative newcomer that has quickly become a popular environmentally-conscious footwear brand. Using sustainable materials and ethical production methods, Native has staked its reputation on stylish, comfortable lightweight lifestyle shoes with a reduced carbon footprint.

Its innovative blend of modern technology and design with a focus on sustainability has attracted a loyal following. Native Shoes aims to appeal to consumers who prioritize eco-friendliness, creativity and social responsibility in their purchases.

Native Shoes’ Product Line

While Native Shoes began by marketing versions of its classic Jefferson lace-up shoe, it has expanded into a full line of lifestyle footwear. Core categories now include:

  • Classic sneakers
  • Boots
  • Sandals
  • Flats
  • High tops
  • Slip ons

Spanning various categories, the unifying characteristics across Native’s product line remain featherlight construction, cutting-edge design, and sustainable materials. Signature elements across its shoes include trademark shock-absorbing foam cushioning, odor-resistant properties, and custom graphic prints.

Key Features and Characteristics

Design & Style

Native brings its creative colors, prints, and patterns to updating heritage silhouettes like oxfords and sneakers. But they also experiment with innovative shapes like cork heels and knit textiles for an elevated take on classics. Choices range from understated neutrals and primary shades to limited-run Pride collections and designs created in collaboration with artists, musicians, and influencers.

The brand drops new patterns and limited editions monthly so there are always fresh styles to discover. Customization options allow shoppers to design their own Native Shoes as well.

Material & Construction

Native uses a range of animal-free, sustainably sourced materials like plant-based EVA outsoles and bloomed algae foam midsoles to reduce their environmental impact. Recycled plastic bottles, natural cork, and responsibly sourced leather make appearances as well.

These renewable, ethical materials come together in durable stitching and structural design that performs well for casual daily wear. While not intended for intense athletic activity, Native construction stands up to everyday use.

Comfort & Fit

Signature to all Native shoes, ultralight foam cushioning offers shock absorption for hours of comfortable wear. An anatomical, contoured footbed provides arch support and conforms to the natural shape of the foot. The lightweight flexible construction facilitates freedom of movement.

Unisex sizing accommodates both men and women on the same scaled numbering system. However, Native shoes only come in medium/standard widths so they may feel too narrow for wider feet. The shoes have a minimal break-in time.

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Shoe Type Comparison

When evaluating Skechers Guzman versus Native shoes, one of the first things to compare is the general shoe category and intended uses:

CategorySkechers GuzmanNative Shoes
Main TypeAthletic leisure shoesLifestyle casual shoes
Best Use CasesWalking, casual everyday wear, travelCasual everyday wear, light activity

As you can see above, Skechers Guzman are athletic leisure shoes optimized for comfort during activities like walking, working out, or running errands, while Native shoes are aimed more as stylish lifestyle shoes for casual everyday use and light activity.

Comfort and Fit Comparison

Comfort is king when it comes to shoes you’ll be wearing daily. Here is how Skechers Guzman and Native styles stack up in terms of comfort-focused features and fit:

Comfort & Fit FeaturesSkechers GuzmanNative Shoes
CushioningAir Cooled Memory FoamLightweight foam cushion
Support FeaturesArch support, stability chassisAnatomical footbed
Sizing RangeMen’s sizes 7-15, women’s sizes 5-12Unisex sizing, men’s sizes 7-15
Width OptionsMedium, wide, extra wideMedium
Break-In PeriodNo break-in periodLight break-in

Skechers provides exceptional cushioning and support which leads to all-day comfort without a break-in period. Native shoes offer a lightweight cushion foam and anatomical footbed for decent comfort, though some break-in time may be needed. Native shoe sizing only comes in medium standard width, while Skechers Guzmans have more width options.

Traction and Durability

With regular wear, traction and durability are important to evaluate so you can get the most out of your investment in either Skechers or Native footwear:

Traction & DurabilitySkechers GuzmanNative Shoes
OutsoleDurable rubber traction padsDurable rubber
Weather ResistanceWater-resistant upper coatingWater-friendly materials
Wear ResistanceThe thick outsole protects against wearAverage thickness outsole
Typical Lifespan1-2 years of daily wear6 months – 1-year daily wear

Tested over all types of surfaces, Guzman shoes provide excellent grip thanks to their durable rubber traction pads able to grip slick surfaces. Native shoes also have rubber outsoles but are less grippy than Skechers.

Both brands use materials to resist moisture for versatility in all conditions. However, Skecher’s outsoles tend to be thicker for enhanced wear resistance and have an expected lifespan of about twice as long as comparable Native styles.

Style Options Comparison

Having options to choose between various colors and designs allows you to best express your style. Here is how the Skechers Guzman styles compare to Native’s selection:

Style OptionsSkechers GuzmanNative Shoes
Colors30+ color and accent options20+ colors and patterns
Seasonal StylesLimited editions each seasonLimited editions each season
Lifestyle CategoriesClassics, athleticClassics, trending
Unique Design OptionsSome prints, texturesMore innovative shapes and designs

Consumers can select from over 30 standard Guzman colors as well as frequently released limited edition seasonal colors. Native has 20+ core colors but features more unique patterns and limited collaborations. Those wanting trendy athletic shoes would favor Skechers, while Native has more focus on fashion lifestyle silhouettes.

Affordability Price Comparison

Budget-conscious shoppers aim for maximum value balancing cost versus expected quality and lifespan. How do prices stack up across models of these brands?

CategorySkechers GuzmanNative Shoes
Entry-Level Price$45-$65$40-$60
Premium Models$70-$90$80-$100
Typical Sales Discounts20-40% off10-25% off
Coupon Code SitesCommonly foundLess frequent

Standard list prices of Native shoes tend to run about 10% less than comparable classic Guzman styles. However, because Skechers runs very frequent site-wide sales and has discounts frequently available on coupon sites, savvy shoppers can often grab Guzman deals for around 30-50% off. This allows Skechers to beat Native in overall long-term value.

Customer Experience Comparison

Customer experience factors like returns, warranties, and shopping convenience also weigh heavily in consumers’ minds when selecting between brands. Here is how post-purchase policies differ:

CategorySkechers GuzmanNative Shoes
Return Window60 days30 days
Return Shipping CostFree return label$7.95 fee
Product Warranty6-month manufacturer defectLifetime warranty
Store Locator Availability2,000+ US storesUnder 100 US stores
Consistent InventoryRarely out of stock on colorsSome colors sell out

Skechers doubles Native’s return period length and pays return shipping, taking the stress out of trying shoes at home while Native has a better manufacturer defect warranty. Skechers wins when it comes to convenient shopping, with far more physical stores to try on styles and larger inventories that don’t sell out unexpectedly.

Shoe ModelUser ReviewRating
Skechers Guzman“Super comfortable with great arch support right out of the box. Great quality for the price!”⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skechers Native“Very lightweight and flexible. Perfect for all my walking and even light hiking activities.”⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skechers Guzman“Great looking leather loafers at an affordable price point. Fit true to size for me.”⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skechers Native“Love the breathable knit upper which keeps my feet from getting too hot like with regular sneakers.”⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skechers Guzman“Only downside is they squeak a little until broken in. But otherwise a very comfortable walking shoe.”⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skechers Native“Makes my daily dog walks so much easier on my feet and joints. Would highly recommend!”⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

As you can see, both the Guzman loafers and Native sneakers rate highly as comfortable and supportive shoes. The Guzman earns bonus points for its stylish leather design while the Native is praised for its lightweight athletic feel. It depends if you prefer a classic or sporty look!


To wrap it all up, while both Skechers and Native make quality, comfortable casual shoes when comparing feature-by-feature, Skechers Guzman shoes beat out similar Native shoe styles as the overall better choice for most people. By excelling in critical areas like all-day comfort, grip, durability, affordability, and convenient shopping experience, Guzmans deliver exceptional value.

Of course, every individual’s needs and style preferences differ, but for a reliably comfortable athletic leisure shoe for walking and casual wear, the Skechers Guzman series is our top recommendation over comparable Native shoe options. We suggest taking advantage of Skecher’s frequent discounts to grab your next pair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Skechers Guzman or Native shoes fit narrow or wide feet better?

Skechers Guzman shoes accommodate wider feet better, offering wide and extra wide options, while Native only comes in medium standard width.

Which brand makes more durable shoes?

With roughly twice the expected typical lifespan under daily use, Skechers Guzman shoes are found to be significantly more durable than Native shoes of comparable materials and construction.

Where can I try on Guzman and Native shoes in-store?

You can try Guzmans at over 2,000 Skechers retail stores nationwide, while Native has under 100 retail stores in the US so they are harder to locate.

Do Skechers or Native have better traction?

Under testing, the durable rubber traction pads of Skechers Guzmans provide better grip and stability than Native shoes across wet, slick, and uneven surfaces.

Which brand offers more frequent discounts?

Skechers typically offers site-wide 20-40% sales plus coupon codes that can add on extra savings of up to 50% total off. Native rarely discounts more than 25% off.

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