Skechers vs Red Tape – Pick Your Top Shoe Brand!

When it comes to comfortable and affordable footwear, two popular brands that often come up are Skechers and Red Tape.

But with so many shoe options to choose from, how do you decide which brand best fits your needs?

This in-depth guide will compare Skechers and Red Tape shoes across all the key factors – from style and comfort features to fit, quality, and pricing. So whether you’re looking for casual sneakers or formal leather shoes, read on to find your perfect sole mate!

Skechers vs Red Tape

The key difference between Skechers and Red Tape is that Skechers focuses on athletic and casual shoes while Red Tape offers a wider range of formal and dress shoes. Skechers uses more technology and innovation in its shoe designs while Red Tape prides itself on classic leather styles for business and events.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers vs Red Tape Shoes:

FeatureSkechersRed Tape
Country of OriginUnited StatesIndia
Year Founded19921998
Types of ShoesAthletic, casual, dress, work, kidsCasual, formal, sports, sandals
Popular Shoe LinesGo Walk, Go Run, Flex Appeal, Work, Relaxed FitMr. QT, Emerge
Typical Price Range$50 – $100₹1,000 – ₹3,000
Technologies UsedAir Cooled Memory Foam, FlexSole, Hyper BurstAir walk, Gel
Width Sizing AvailabilityMedium, wide, extra wideMedium, wide
Quality & DurabilityGood, with shock absorbing solesDecent with some consistency issues
Style VarietyVery high with athleisure and casual focusModerate focus on Indian taste
International AvailabilityAvailable globallyMainly available in India
Celebrity AssociationsDemi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Kristen BellHrithik Roshan

In summary, Skechers is a global American brand focused on comfortable and stylish casual/athletic shoes at moderate prices. Red Tape is an Indian brand focused providing a range of shoes catered to Indian tastes and sensibilities at reasonable prices but has faced some quality consistency issues.

Skechers likely edges out in technology, comfort and style choices whereas Red Tape has an upper hand in understanding local preferences.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers

  • Wide range of styles for different activities
  • Many models have memory foam insoles for comfort
  • Good arch support in some models
  • Durable construction
  • Well-known brand

Cons: Skechers

  • Limited options for formal and dress shoes
  • Sizing can be inconsistent across styles

Pros: Red Tape

  • Focus on formal and dress shoes
  • Variety of leather options
  • Affordable prices for leather shoes
  • Good traction on some models

Cons: Red Tape

  • Limited casual and athletic styles
  • Leather may not be as breathable
  • Less brand recognition

Which Shoes are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running


  • The Skechers GOrun series (e.g., GOrun Ride 9, GOrun Razor 4 Hyper) is designed specifically for running. These shoes feature responsive cushioning, breathable mesh uppers, and flexible soles to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • The Skechers Max Cushioning line (e.g., Max Cushioning Elite, Max Cushioning Premier) offers excellent shock absorption and cushioning for high-impact activities like running.

Red Tape

  • Red Tape doesn’t have a dedicated line of running shoes. However, some of their lightweight athletic shoes with good cushioning and support might be suitable for casual running or jogging.

Shoes for Walking


  • The Skechers GOwalk line (e.g., GOwalk Arch Fit, GOwalk Evolution Ultra) is designed for walking and features a lightweight, flexible construction with responsive cushioning and a supportive fit.
  • The Skechers D’Lites series (e.g., D’Lites Bright Sky, D’Lites Biggest Fan) offers a combination of cushioning and support, making them suitable for walking and everyday wear.

Red Tape

  • Red Tape’s casual and semi-casual shoes, such as their sneakers and walking shoes, can be suitable for walking and general everyday use. They often feature cushioned insoles and durable outsoles.

Shoes for Standing All Day


  • The Skechers Work line (e.g., Work Relaxed Fit, Work Cankton) is designed for people who spend long hours on their feet. These shoes offer excellent cushioning, support, and slip-resistant outsoles.
  • The Skechers Max Cushioning line (mentioned above) can also be a good choice for prolonged standing due to its exceptional cushioning and shock absorption.

Red Tape

  • Red Tape’s formal and semi-formal shoes, such as their oxfords and loafers, are often designed with cushioned insoles and sturdy construction, making them suitable for extended periods of standing.
  • However, it’s important to note that Red Tape doesn’t have a dedicated line of shoes specifically designed for prolonged standing like Skechers’ Work line.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers vs Red Tape Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Getting to Know the Brands

First, let’s get familiar with Skechers and Red Tape and what they’re best known for:

All About Skechers

Founded in 1992 in California, Skechers quickly earned a following with their comfortable and hip sneakers at affordable prices. Today, they offer over 3,000 shoe styles for men and women across categories like:

  • Casual sneakers – Chunky walking shoes, slip-on platform sneakers
  • Athletic – Running, training, golf, hiking and walking shoes
  • Work shoes – Slip-resistant clogs and footwear for healthcare, hospitality, construction, etc.
  • Kids – Sneakers, light-up styles, and school shoes

Key Skechers Features: Trendy sport-inspired looks, Air Cooled Memory Foam insoles, affordable pricing

Introducing Red Tape

Launched in India in the 1990s as an affordable leather footwear brand for men, Red Tape has grown into a popular name both in India and abroad. Their collection includes:

  • Formal shoes – Oxfords, derbies, brogues, loafers, monk straps
  • Casuals – Sneakers, boat shoes, moccasins, espadrilles
  • Sandals – Slides, flip flops and more
  • Boots – Chukkas, combat boots, Chelsea boots

Key Red Tape Features: Genuine leather, stylish silhouettes, value pricing

Now that you know a bit about each brand’s background and focus, let’s compare them across the key decision factors:

Detailed Comparison

Digging deeper across categories reveals how Skechers and Red Tape stack up, helping you determine your best match.

Target Audience and Use Cases

First, Skechers and Red Tape appeal to slightly different target users:

Skechers offers sporty styles catering well to:

  • Young men and women
  • Teens and school kids
  • Budget shoppers
  • Casual everyday wear
  • Jobs needing comfort and safety

Red Tape targets:

  • Professional men
  • Modern gentlemen
  • Premium leather lovers
  • Office and smart casual wear

Winner: Depends if you need versatile sporty styles from Skechers or sleek leather looks from Red Tape.

 FeatureSkechersRed Tape
Key AudienceWomen, kids, teens, laborersStylish professional men, modern gentlemen
Main Use CasesCasual, school, work, walkingOffice, parties, hangouts, smart casual occasions
Lifestyle FitSporty comfortClassy leather style

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Variety and Selection

In terms of overall variety, Skechers takes the lead:

Skechers offers over 3,000 options covering just about every category – sneakers, sandals, boots, clogs, athletic shoes, and more for men, women, and kids. On-trend comfort is their specialty.

Comparatively, Red Tape’s range is focused on smart leather styles for men including oxfords, loafers, flip-flops, chukkas, and sneakers. The edited selection spotlights fine craftsmanship over quantity.

Winner: Skechers for nearly endless sporty comfort options. Red Tape if you just need versatile men’s leather essentials.

 FeatureSkechersRed Tape
Total Selection3,000+ styles covering lifestyle, occupational, athletic, kids, and performance categoriesCurated everyday and dress shoes focused only on men’s categories
Category ExamplesSneakers, sandals, clogs, boots, nursing shoes, golf shoes, kids light-ups, etc.Oxfords, loafers, boots, flip-flops, sneakers
New Styles FocusOn-trend comfort and sport-inspired fashionTimeless leather style rather than seasonal fashion

Comfort and Cushioning

If your top priority is instant step-in comfort, Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioning provides unbeatable pillowy comfort right out of the box. But Red Tape matches stride for stride with leather padded insoles and lightweight soles.

Skechers Comfort Tech:

  • Air Cooled Memory Foam insoles mold to your feet
  • Cushioned midsoles absorb shock
  • Mesh fabric linings and stretchy knits

Red Tape Comfort Features:

  • Leather-lined insoles conform over time
  • Padded collars and tongue
  • Lightweight flexible rubber outsoles
  • Shock-absorbing heel pads

For instant softness, Skechers Air Technology comforts immediately. But well-crafted Red Tape leathers develop custom molding mile after mile. Both deliver ample cushioning and shock absorption for hours spent on your feet.

Winner: SkechersMemory Foam for instant step-in bliss. Red Tape matches on padded comfort after a break-in.

 FeatureSkechersRed Tape
Cushioning MaterialAir Cooled Memory FoamLeather-lined padded insoles
Break-In TimeNone – instantly comfortableSofter materials develop to feet over 5-10 wears
Ideal Use CasesStanding professions, walking, travel, low-impact activitiesOffice environments, parties, casual uses
Insole SupportRemovable to accommodate orthoticsFixed insoles, consider adding gel inserts if needed

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Fit and Sizing

Understanding Skechers and Red Tape fit approaches also guides you to an ideal pair:

Skechers are intentionally designed with wider, more spacious toe boxes and flexible soles to allow feet to expand naturally when active. The extra wiggle room prevents pinching while bunions and hammertoes relax.

Red Tape footwear fits snugger through the heels and instep with accurately contoured shapes to complement flat, neutral, and high arches out of the box. Quality leather construction custom molds gradually. Stretch options add adjustability.

Winner: Skechers for instantly forgiving fits. Red Tape for tailored instep shaping.

 FeatureSkechersRed Tape
Fit ApproachRoomy toe box, flexible stretch uppers, removable sock linersContoured instep for arches, fitted heels, and stretch styles available
Width SizingMultiple wide optionsMedium/standard width, order half to full size up for wider feet
Ideal Foot TypesBunions, hammertoes, swelling, custom orthoticsNeutral and higher arches, average width dimensions
Break-In PeriodVirtually None5-10 light wears as leather shapes

Common Construction and Materials

Diving into how Skechers and Red Tape shoes are made reveals key insights into durability expectations and longevity:

Skechers Construction:

  • Glued and stitched soles combining flexibility and security
  • Lightweight synthetic leather and knit blends enable affordability
  • Reinforcing stabilizer overlays, heel pads, and toe bumpers
  • Easy to clean

Red Tape Construction:

  • Handcrafted stitch and glue methods shaped lasted molds
  • Full grain genuine leather hand burnished for richness
  • Non-slip durable rubber outsoles
  • Premium waterproofing treatments are available

Overall, Red Tape leather workmanship excels in richness and longevity compared to Skecher’s budget-friendly fabric mixes and glued soles. Invest accordingly depending on desired mileage.

Winner: Red Tape quality leather artistry worth the spend for stylish longevity.

 FeatureSkechersRed Tape
Construction StyleCemented and stitched solesStitch and glue handcrafting
SolesFlexible non-slip rubberDurable rubber, some options for rubber and leather
UppersSynthetic leather/suede blends, meshFull grain genuine leather
WaterproofingSelect water-resistant optionsPremium treatments available for leather and suede styles
Ease of CareMachine washableLeather cleaners and conditioners

Pricing and Value Comparison

Affordability stands central to both Skechers and Red Tape footwear:

Skechers Pricing

  • Basic walking/athletic models start around $45 to $70
  • More support features hit the mid-$ $70 to $100 range
  • Premium leather or safety additions reach $100 to $130

Red Tape Pricing

  • Canvas and basic leather casuals $50 to $80
  • Smart oxfords and leather boots $80 to $120
  • Premium exotic grains and handcrafted $120+

Skechers cost less for synthetic blends while Red Tape leather quality commands 10-30% higher prices. But both deliver outstanding comfort and style value staying under top brands.

Winner: Both win for reasonable value pricing their markets comfortably.

 FeatureSkechersRed Tape
Average Price Range$45 to $130$50 to $120+
Category RatioMore affordability styles under $100Premium leathers command higher pricing
Value RatioExceptional budget pricing is given comfort technologies and featuresCompetitive for genuine leather quality from comfort to durability

User Reviews

CategorySkechersRed Tape
Value for Money⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Key points:

  • Skechers offers superior comfort with extra cushioning and memory foam insoles. More stars for exceptional comfort.
  • Skechers has better durability thanks to high quality materials and sturdy construction.
  • Both brands offer stylish, trendy designs. Similar ratings for style.
  • Red Tape provides greater value for money with very affordable prices without compromising too much on quality.
  • Skechers has a much wider variety and selection of shoe models and designs. More choice for customers.

In summary, Skechers excels in comfort, style and variety whereas Red Tape is extremely affordable. Depending on customer priorities regarding these features, one brand may be preferred over the other.

Key Takeaways

So which brand should you choose? Here are some key considerations:

Skechers Best For:

  • Sporty comfort on a budget
  • Active lifestyles and occupations
  • Roomy toe box fits
  • Instant feel-good cushions
  • Trendy leisure style

Red Tape Ideal For:

  • Quality leather dress shoes
  • Office and smart casual environments
  • Contoured arch support
  • Developed fit molding
  • Sophisticated charm

While Skechers leads in casual sporty styles and instantly cushy steps, Red Tape excels at refined men’s leather footwear. Define priorities around budget, use cases, and style to determine your winning pick.

And remember fit trumps all – be sure to understand sizing scale differences by trying shoes on in-store if possible. That guarantees comfortably stepping in the right direction!


Hopefully the detailed comparison above makes choosing between Skechers and Red Tape shoes far less complex. Keep comfort needs, budgets, and stylistic priorities in mind as you seek your sole mate! Confidently step into the vast options knowing exactly how they compare across critical dimensions. Your dream kicks await!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is more comfortable?

Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam insoles comfort immediately with no break-in required. But well-made Red Tape leathers develop soft custom molding over 5-10 wears.

Which shoes are more durable?

Red Tape leather construction utilizes finer materials and stitching methods that far outlast Skecher’s budget glued soles. Invest accordingly.

Where are they made?

While Skechers originated in the USA, today production is outsourced globally to Asia and South America based on product lines. Red Tape manufactures in India but sources leathers beyond.

What is each best known for?

Skechers are famous for ugly but comfortable chunky walking shoes in the 1990s to trendy casual styles today. Red Tape prides elegant leather dress styles for modern Indian gentlemen at affordable prices.

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