Are Skechers Go Walk Shoes Slip Resistant? Super Grip!

With their lightweight comfort and flexibility, Skechers Go Walk have become a top choice for walking and casual wear.

But with all their advanced features, are Go Walk shoes also slip-resistant?

Let’s take a close look at the traction these popular shoes provide.

Are Skechers Go Walk Shoes Slip Resistant

The Skechers Go Walk line is not specifically advertised as having slip-resistant outsoles. However, the rubber traction patterns on the soles likely provide decent grip on most dry, indoor surfaces.

For optimal slip resistance in wet or greasy conditions, dedicated slip-resistant work shoes would be recommended over Go Walk.

An Overview of Skechers Go Walk

First, let’s review the key features and technologies that make Skechers Go Walk shoes:

  • Proprietary lightweight Resalyte or Resagrip cushioning midsole
  • Advanced GOga Mat or GOga Max insole for high-rebound cushioning
  • Mesh fabric or textile uppers for breathability
  • Flexible grip outsoles with GOimpulse sensors for responsive traction

The Go Walk collection includes:

  • Go Walk Performance Walking Shoes
  • Go Walk Athletic Sneakers
  • Go Walk Slip-On Shoes
  • Go Walk Outdoor/Hiking Styles
  • Go Walk Work Shoes

With innovative designs optimized for walking and an ultra-lightweight feel, it’s clear why Go Walk shoes are so popular. Next, let’s look at whether slip resistance is also an integral feature.

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Understanding Outsoles: Flexibility vs Slip Resistance

The outsoles on most regular Go Walk shoes are made of rubber compounds designed primarily for flexibility rather than slip resistance.

While they provide decent traction for everyday activities, standard Go Walk outsoles are not specifically engineered to be certified slip-resistant.

Factors that limit the slip resistance include

  • Flexible grooved tread patterns optimized for walking rather than grip
  • Lack of siping or channels to dispel liquids
  • Absence of slip-resistant tested rubber compounds
  • No industry ratings for oil/water-based slip resistance

So if you’re looking for certified slip-resistant performance, the regular Go Walk line generally doesn’t deliver that by design. However, Skechers does produce some special Go Walk editions for enhanced traction.

Key Features of Slip-Resistant Go Walk Soles

What makes the soles on slip-resistant Go Walk shoes so effective at grip? Here are some of their key features:

  • Slip-resistant rubber Compounds – Formulations rigorously tested specifically for high COF ratings in both wet and oily conditions.
  • Multi-Directional Lugged Tread Patterns – Deep lugs, grooves, and tread patterns provide traction across all angles of the foot.
  • Siped Lugs – Slits in the rubber lugs channel water away from the contact surface for maintained floor contact.
  • Low-Profile Designs – Outsoles hug the ground closely rather than raising the foot high.
  • Flex Grooves – Grooves allow flexibility while still providing slip-resistant traction.
  • Wide, Stable Platforms – Broad outsoles increase stability on slippery terrain.

With features like these, slip-rated Go Walk soles grip the ground securely in challenging conditions.

Benefits of Slip-Resistant Go Walk

Choosing slip-resistant Go Walk shoes when appropriate provides key advantages:

  • Prevents slips and falls on slick surfaces
  • Secure footing when walking outdoors on loose, uneven terrain
  • Safe, stable traction for workplace environments
  • Confidence when carrying loads or pushing/pulling equipment or carts
  • Helps maintain balance when walking on ramps or unstable surfaces

For activities where sure-footed stability is important, seek out Go Walk models with enhanced slip-resistant traction.

Buying Considerations for Slip-Resistant Go Walks

There are just a few factors to keep in mind regarding slip-resistant Go Walk shoes:

  • They may have a slightly thicker, heavier sole than regular Go Walks.
  • Lugged soles can potentially track loose debris indoors.
  • Look for light ESR versions to minimize sole thickness.
  • Wear indoors-only shoes when moving on well-maintained flooring.
  • Rotate slip-resistant shoes with others to spread out wear.

However, for applications requiring slip resistance, these considerations are minor compared to the benefits.

Caring for Your Slip-Resistant Go Walks

Follow these tips to get the most traction, comfort, and wear from your slip-resistant Go Walks:

  • Keep soles free of collected debris that can reduce slip resistance.
  • Avoid wearing down lugs significantly. Replace when the tread is too thin.
  • Check for cracks and excessive wear.
  • Don’t alter the sole tread pattern through grinding or cutting.
  • Have soles professionally resurfaced if needed to restore grip.
  • Test slip-rated shoes periodically on a slippery surface to confirm they still provide secure traction.

With proper care, your slip-resistant Go Walks will keep you surefooted for a long time.

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Finding the Best Slip-Resistant Go Walk

If you’re seeking Go Walk shoes to provide slip-resistant traction for demanding activities and environments, these are excellent choices to consider:

For Men:

  • Go Walk Work Slip Resistant Romeo
  • Go Walk Max Vention
  • Go WalkTrust Boot
  • Go Walk Lakes Sneaker

For Women:

  • Go Walk Work Slip Resistant Willow
  • Go Walk Trust Slip On Shoe
  • Go Walk Outdoors Peak Waterproof Hiker
  • Go Walk Arch Fit Slip Resistant Sneaker

Searching for “slip resistant” or checking the Go Walk work and outdoor categories will yield suitable grippy options for your needs.


While slip resistance isn’t found across all Go Walk models, Skechers does engineer select Go Walk styles with officially certified slip-resistant outsoles to provide safe, stable traction when you need it most. Seek out these special editions for demanding environments. With the right Go Walk choice, you can walk with comfort and confidence no matter the terrain.

Frequently Asked Question

Are regular Go Walk shoes slip-resistant?

No, most standard Go Walk walking shoes are not engineered to be certified slip-resistant. Their flexible traction is designed primarily for walking comfort.

What makes Go Walks slip-resistant?

Specific Go Walk styles use slip-resistant rubber compounds and lugged, multi-directional tread patterns to achieve high traction ratings on wet, oily, and slippery surfaces.

How can you add slip resistance to regular Go Walks?

Applying gritty paints or tapes like Skid Grip can mildly improve traction. For certified results, choose Go Walk models specifically rated as slip-resistant.

Do all Go Walk work shoes have slip-resistant soles?

Not necessarily. Check the product descriptions and details to confirm a Go Walk work shoe has a certified slip-resistant outsole designed for workplace safety.

Are slip-resistant shoes mandatory for certain jobs?

Yes, employers often require slip-resistant footwear for occupations with exposure to slippery conditions and fall hazards. Go Walk SR models meet compliance.

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