Skechers vs Frankie4 – Style and Comfort Encounter!

Finding the perfect fitting and comfortable pair of shoes can make all the difference when you’re on your feet all day or exercising.

Getting the right support and fit tailored to your foot shape and needs is key.

Two popular footwear brands that offer quality shoes for work and play are Skechers and Frankie4.

But they differ quite a bit in styling, sizing, materials, and overall fit.

Skechers vs Frankie4

This in-depth comparison of Skechers vs Frankie4 covers all the details you need to determine which shoe brand is the best choice for your particular needs and preferences.

We’ll explore the Pros and Cons of both brands, do a deep dive into sizing and fit comparisons, shoe construction materials, and how to match different Skechers and Frankie4 shoes to various use cases and foot shapes.

Compare: Skechers vs Frankie4

Founding Year19922013
FoundersRobert GreenbergMarlon Dumas & Matt Casserly
HeadquartersManhattan Beach, CaliforniaLos Angeles, California
Target AudienceCasual wearers, athletesFashion-conscious individuals
Price Range$50-$150$100-$200
AffordabilityMore affordableLess affordable
Value for MoneyGood value for priceHigher price for unique designs and quality materials
Shoe TypesRunning shoes, walking shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots, dress shoesSneakers, boots, loafers
VarietyWider variety of shoe typesMore limited selection, but focus on trendy styles
PerformanceOffers some high-performance running and walking shoesLess focus on performance, more on style and comfort
StrengthsComfort, affordability, variety, innovation (e.g. Skechers D’Lites series)Style, unique designs, high-quality materials, celebrity collaborations
WeaknessesDurability (especially for budget-friendly options), arch support can be lacking, limited selection of high-performance shoesLimited availability (mostly online and select retailers), higher price point, less focus on performance technology

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers

  • Affordable price point
  • Wide range of styles and designs
  • Comfortable and cushioned footbed
  • Memory foam and Goga Mat options available

Cons: Skechers

  • May not offer as much specialized support and stability as some other brands
  • Quality can be inconsistent across different models
  • Some styles may not be suitable for intense physical activity

Pros: Frankie4

  • Podiatrist-designed for optimal foot health and alignment
  • High-quality, durable materials and construction
  • Innovative anatomical support and comfort features
  • Suitable for a variety of foot types and conditions

Cons: Frankie4

  • Podiatrist designed for optimal foot health and alignment
  • High-quality, durable materials and construction
  • Innovative anatomical support and comfort features
  • Suitable for a variety of foot types and conditions

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers: Skechers’ GO Run line is focused on providing a responsive, lightweight ride for neutral runners. Models like the GO Run Ride feature cushioned yet energetic midsoles that are well-suited for running.
  • Frankie4: While Frankie4 isn’t as well-known for their running shoes, they do offer some options designed for runners, like the Lulu. These feature supportive yet flexible constructions aimed at providing comfort and stability.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers: Skechers shoes, even their running models, are generally comfortable and supportive for walking. The cushioned midsoles and flexible designs work well for everyday walking.
  • Frankie4: Frankie4 is known for producing shoes with excellent arch support and comfort, making them a great choice for extended walking. Their orthotics-friendly designs help reduce foot fatigue.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers: Skechers’ cushioned midsoles and lightweight uppers make their shoes a solid choice for all-day wear. The breathable materials also help keep feet comfortable.
  • Frankie4: Frankie4’s focus on podiatric-approved support and stability makes their shoes a top pick for those who need to be on their feet all day. The brand’s orthotic-friendly insoles provide excellent underfoot comfort.

Now that you have an overview of the Skechers vs Frankie4 differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Skechers – Legendary Comfort Meets Affordability

Chances are you’ve seen Skechers footwear around before. Known best for road and casual shoes engineered with comfortable cushioning, Skechers first launched in 1992 and has expanded to become one of the most recognized footwear brands on the market today.

The Manhattan Beach-based company emphasizes wearability, comfort, and affordability across its wide-ranging lineup encompassing everything from versatile sneakers, slip-resistant work shoes and boots, flip flops and sandals, casual cleats, and more.

Skechers vs Frankie4

Frankie4 – Secure Stability Meets Dressy Comfort

If you want classic styling melded with innovative comfort features specially designed to provide stability, Frankie4 is a shoe brand worth exploring.

Frankie4 launched in 2019 with a mission of fusing functional science and purposeful design to create footwear “built for the long run”.

The young company employs a patented S.P.A. outsole design crafted to mimic barefoot walking, adding natural flexibility right where feet bend.

The custom cork footbed and memory foam insole amp up shock absorption and moisture-wicking comfort, while the snug heel and midfoot aim to give that “locked-in” stable feel with every step.

While Frankie4 may fly a bit under the radar still as an emerging brand, their lineup of sleek sneakers, sandals, boots, oxfords, and derby shoes targets active men and women looking for upscale construction with scientifically backed support.

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The benefits of Frankie4 shoes encompass the:

  • Snug, secure heel, and midfoot construction deliberately tapers from opening to the toe box for stability while allowing toe splay
  • Patented S.P.A outsole design built to mimic barefoot walking with enhanced flexibility
  • Moisture wicking lining and quick dry open air mesh uppers
  • Cork footbed molds gently to feet and provides cushion
  • Memory foam insole adapts to the individual foot shape
  • Range of both dressy and casual styles suitable for work or weekends
  • High-quality leather, suede, knit materials
  • Minimal break-in period with components working synergistically

Considering the precisely contoured fit, moisture-wicking properties, and ample cushioning, Frankie4 footwear excels at:

  • Providing a custom, glove-like fit tailored to foot anatomy
  • Adapting seamlessly to individual foot proportions
  • Delivering lightweight stability for walking and training
  • Refreshing moisture regulation crucial for long-term wear
  • Suiting professionals wanting dress options merging custom orthopedic support with boardroom-ready polish

The tapered shaping through the mid and forefoot cater less to wide feet requiring ample room through toes and ball of foot.

However, prices also run higher than Skecher averages since materials and patented designs are more specialized. Key things to note with Frankie4:

  • Less ideal for wide feet
  • Limited size availability focused on standard B and D widths
  • Higher price points than Skechers basics
Skechers vs Frankie4

Fit and Sizing Comparison

After getting to know the Skechers and Frankie4 brands more fully, let’s explore one of the most important considerations that makes or breaks any shoe choice: fit and sizing.

One of the biggest differences comes down to variation in fit and sizing consistency between Skechers and Frankie4. See the comparison chart below:

Overall Fit FeelRoomy from opening to toe boxSnug from opening and tapered through midfoot then toe box
Toe BoxSquare shape with wide toe roomAlmond shape tapering smaller
Heel CupAverage width and heel gripAnatomical, secure heel grip
Size OptionsRange from narrow to 4E extra wideMainly standard B and D widths
Size RunsTends to run slightly largeRuns true to size

While the above covers some of the major points, getting precise with matching individual foot proportions requires going deeper than generic size charts.

Feel confident determining the best fit through understanding key foot dimensions and some terminology that comes up across size guides.

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Key terms to know Comparison

Foot Length – Measured from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe in millimeters; match to shoe size numbers

Ball Girth – Circumference of the ball of the foot, varies if you have wide or narrow feet

Instep Height – Height from bottom of foot up to top center; higher instep needs attention for fit

Armed with those definitions, consider grabbing measurements of your feet to dial in not only the best full shoe size but the optimum fit based on where your unique foot proportions require a bit more room or taper.

Analyzing your personal foot specifics alongside the Skechers vs Frankie4 fits will lead you to the best size and style match.

Those who fall in the average range will likely find Frankie4 true to size, and size up a half or full size if choosing Skechers. Wide footer shoppers get more options with Skecher’s extended widths.

Shoe Construction and Materials Faceoff Comparison

Moving beyond fit and sizing, assessing and understanding shoe construction gives you deeper insight into quality, durability, break-in, and wear performance across both brands.

Let’s explore key materials leveraged across Skechers and Frankie4 footwear:

Skechers Materials

  • Ultra Go / Hyper Burst Midsoles – High rebound cushioning for energy return, lightweight
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam – Heat and compression-resistant comfort
  • Flexible Rubber Outsoles – Grips surfaces while allowing natural movement
  • Mesh Fabric Uppers – Breathability for ventilation
  • Fused and Stitched Leather/Suede – Durable accent materials
  • Textile Fabric Linings – Wicks moisture from feet

Frankie4 Materials

  • Compression Molded EVA Midsoles – Lightweight cushioning retains shape
  • Patented S.P.A Outsoles – Naturally flexes like feet for stability
  • Cork + Memory Foam Footbed – Cushioning and moisture regulation
  • Knit Mesh Uppers – Contours to feet with flex
  • Calf Leather – Quality material develops character over time
  • Moisture Wicking Lining – Keeps feet cool and dry

While both brands craft shoes engineered to be lightweight and comfortable, Skechers relies more on airflow with mesh fabric accents and super cushiony foam midsoles allowing for flexible wear right out of the box.

Frankie4 counters with precise sculpting and patented sole innovation that guides feet through more natural movement.

The right performance elements come down to shoe end use case and material preferences.

Skechers vs Frankie4

Models and Styles Comparison

Now that we’ve broken down the Skechers and Frankie4 brands more fully, let’s get specific with side-by-side comparisons of shoe models and styles.

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Referencing the below overview can help you identify the best use case matches based on activity and aesthetic needs:

Everyday Sneakers

Skechers – Men’s Expected Avillo or Women’s BOBS Lovely Day

Ultra lightweight slip-on sneakers with mesh fabric uppers, memory foam insoles, and flexible groove traction outsoles. Roomy fit through toes.

Frankie4 – Newport Sneaker or Babe Derby

Low-profile lace-up sneakers or slip-on derbies. Contoured cork and memory foam footbed. Secure heel and leather quality.

Walking Shoes

Skechers – Men’s Expected Gomel or Women’s D’Lites

Thick comfortable midsole cushioning for shock absorption with textile upper. Relaxed through the forefoot.

Frankie4 – Breeze Sneaker or Starlet Oxford

Anatomically designed outsoles move naturally with feet. Moisture wicking and antimicrobial linings keep feet cool/dry.

Work Shoe

Skechers – Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe or Women’s Eldred SR Slip Resistant Shoe

Leather, slip-resistant outsoles, and removable cushioned insoles. Roomy toe box.

Frankie4 – Newport Derby or Babe Loafer

Full grain leather with traction outsoles. Moisture-wicking linings and antimicrobial treatment. Snug, tapered fit.

Athletic Running Shoes

Skechers – Men’s Expected GO Run Fast or Women’s GO RUN 600

Lightweight hyper burst cushioning midsoles with mesh fabric uppers for breathability. Wider toe box designed for natural foot spread while running.

Frankie4 – Trent Running Shoe or Signature Trainer

Anatomically angled outsole and snug heel counter designed for responsive training. Antimicrobial moisture-wicking linings. Lightweight stability.

Hiking Shoes

Skechers – Men’s Relment Peak Boot or Women’s Vasu Summit Hiking Boot

Leather, waterproof hiking boots with aggressively lugged outsoles for traction. Generous sizing through the toe box.

Frankie4 – No current hiking boot options

Frankie4 focuses more on low-profile sneakers rather than heavy hiking boots. Expanded styles are expected in the future.

Waterproof Shoe

Skechers – Men’s Relment Pelmo Waterproof Boot or Women’s Laina River Boat Shoe

Seam-sealed leather or textile uppers paired with cushioned insoles make these Skechers waterproof styles flexible and comfortable.

Frankie4 – has no waterproof shoes currently

With more lifestyle and business shoe focus, Frankie4 does not offer waterproofing yet.


Skechers – Men’s Expected Larsen Nerick or Women’s Rumblers Hot Shot

Traction outsoles and soft woven straps allow these slide sandals to transition seamlessly from casual wear to easy hiking. Roomy fit.

Frankie4 – Lucy Stripe Sandals or Babe Crisscross Sandals

Contoured footbeds with arch support. Soft leather straps lined with moisture-wicking material. Snug heel fit.

User Reviews & Ratings

See how customers rate these comfortable casual shoe brands:


SiteRatingWhat Customers Like⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Cushioning quality
Zappos⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Generous width sizing
Amazon⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Shock absorption

Reviewers praise Skechers’ comfort technologies like Air Cooled Memory Foam across categories like casual, walking, and athletic shoes.

Many specifically praise lightweight MAX Cushioning support.


SiteRatingWhat Customers Like⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐True-to-size fit
Zappos⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Removable footbeds
Amazon⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Waterproof options

Customers like Frankie4 for cute slip-on walking shoes with features accommodating problem feet like removable orthotic insoles.

Some do report quality inconsistencies and advise trying several pairs for fit.

Price Comparison

BrandAvg. PriceSale Price

Frankie4 shoes come at a small premium, costing ~$10-$25 more than comparable Skechers on average. But Skechers has greater sale price fluctuation, down to $40.

Both offer comfort, style, and support.

Conclusion and Final Takeaway

Given the detailed information covered comparing design and sizing particulars between Skechers and Frankie4 footwear, hopefully identifying your ideal match feels less daunting!

While both Frankie4 and Skechers shoes start with comfort, Skechers leans more into casual flexibility with budget-conscious pricing while Frankie4 emphasizes precise shaping and performance stability.

When making your buying decision between these two quality brands, focus on how the shoes need to perform for you.

Factors like fit, cushion, traction, style versatility, ideal use case, width requirements, and budget can all come into play.

Understanding your specific foot shape and reviewing sizing specifications are key as well before purchase.

But once clear on brand differences and the features that matter most for your intended wearing, both Skechers and Frankie4 become solid options for your regular rotation.

Just come prepared with the above intel when making that final brand selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

I still have some questions about deciding between Skechers vs Frankie4. Explore some common questions for deeper insight:

What shoes are the most comfortable between Skechers and Frankie4?

For pure cushioning comfort, styles like Skechers Ultra Go line featuring hyper burst midsoles excel in providing pillowy lightweight rebound. Those wanting a more custom molded fit feeling may prefer the cork and memory foam footbed of Frankie4 shoes along with the anatomical heel shaping.

Which brand runs smaller or larger – Skechers or Frankie4?

Skechers tend to run slightly large or roomy in size. Going down a half or full size can help achieve the right snugness if you fall in average width sizing. Frankie4 runs true to size with its precisely contoured fits, so order your typical shoe size.

Which shoes are best for walking and standing all day?

Skechers walking shoes and work sneakers make great options for all-day wear thanks to cushion technology like air-cooled memory foam and flexible groove outsoles. Frankie4 styles provide ample cushion too but are ideal if you prefer more tapered, heel gripping fits.

Which brand offers more width sizing choices?

Without question, Skechers provides more width sizing variety, with extended options spanning narrow to 4E extra wide. Frankie4 currently focuses on more standard D and B widths in keeping with the tailored fit.

Which shoes cater better to problem feet needing stability or orthotics?

Frankie4 excels when it comes to stability and even orthopedic support. The anatomical footbed, heel cupping, and sole flexibility work harmoniously to deliver security while gently supporting movement. Those requiring custom inserts should ensure Frankie4 shoes have removable footbeds/insoles.

Which brand costs more on average?

Frankie4 lands at a definitively higher average price point given the specialized materials like patented outsoles and full-grain leather. Skecher’s pricing stays more budget-friendly, especially for casual sneakers and basics. Sale prices can offer sweet deals for both though.

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