Skechers vs Onitsuka Tiger Shoes – Choose the Right Kick!

Finding the right pair of shoes involves balancing style, performance, and comfort.

Two popular footwear brands to evaluate are Skechers and Onitsuka Tiger.

But with so many choices across categories like running, fashion, and lifestyle, how do you decide which brand best fits your needs?

We compares Skechers vs Onitsuka Tiger shoes across several factors – construction, cushioning, traction, intended use, aesthetics, and pricing.

Skechers vs Onitsuka Tiger Shoes

The primary distinction between Skechers and Onitsuka Tiger shoes lies in their brand heritage: Skechers is a modern American lifestyle brand, while Onitsuka Tiger is a legendary Japanese brand steeped in decades of athletic tradition and retro style.

FeatureSkechersOnitsuka Tiger
Brand OriginUnited StatesJapan
Primary FocusLifestyle, PerformanceLifestyle, Fashion
Shoe TypesWalking, Running, Casual, LifestyleCasual, Lifestyle, Fashion
MaterialsSynthetic, Mesh, KnitLeather, Suede, Canvas
TechnologyCushioning (e.g., Hyperburst, Air-Cooled Memory Foam)Classic designs, retro styles
Price Range$50 – $150$70 – $200
CollaborationsLimitedFrequent collaborations with designers, artists
AvailabilityWidely availableMore limited availability
FitComfort-focused, wider optionsNarrow to average widths
StyleCasual, athleticRetro, vintage-inspired
Target AudienceBroad audienceFashion-conscious, streetwear enthusiasts

In summary, Skechers and Onitsuka Tiger cater to different audiences. Skechers is a comfort-focused brand offering a wide range of casual, athletic, and performance shoes, often featuring cushioning technologies and wider fit options. Onitsuka Tiger is a fashion-oriented brand known for its retro and vintage-inspired styles, collaborations with designers, and more limited availability. The choice between the two brands depends on the individual’s priorities, whether comfort and performance or fashion and style.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers

  • Affordable price point
  • Wide range of styles and designs
  • Known for comfort and cushioning
  • Suitable for everyday wear

Cons: Skechers

  • May not have the same level of quality and durability as premium brands
  • Less versatile style options compared to some competitors

Pros: Onitsuka Tiger

  • Iconic and recognizable brand
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Excellent for athletic and casual use
  • Strong brand reputation

Cons: Onitsuka Tiger

  • Generally more expensive than Skechers
  • Limited selection compared to larger brands
  • May not provide as much cushioning and support for everyday use

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers: Skechers offers a diverse range of running shoes that cater to various running styles and needs. Many Skechers running shoes feature technologies like responsive cushioning, lightweight materials, and stabilizing features to provide a comfortable and supportive running experience.
  • Onitsuka Tiger: Onitsuka Tiger, a subsidiary of ASICS, is known for its performance-oriented running shoes. Onitsuka Tiger running shoes often prioritize features like high-quality materials, innovative cushioning systems, and responsive midsoles to deliver a dynamic and efficient running experience.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers: Skechers is renowned for its comfort-focused shoes, including many models designed for walking. Skechers walking shoes typically feature lightweight constructions, generous cushioning, and supportive elements to promote comfort and reduce fatigue during extended periods of walking.
  • Onitsuka Tiger: While Onitsuka Tiger is primarily known for its running shoes, the brand does offer some walking-specific models. These shoes may focus on comfort-enhancing features like cushioned midsoles, breathable uppers, and durable outsoles to provide a pleasant walking experience.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers: Skechers is a popular choice for shoes designed for prolonged standing, with features like memory foam insoles, arch support, and shock-absorbing midsoles that can help alleviate foot, leg, and back pain during extended periods of standing.
  • Onitsuka Tiger: Onitsuka Tiger shoes are generally not as well-known for their standing-focused features, as the brand’s primary focus is on athletic and performance-oriented footwear. However, some Onitsuka Tiger models may offer comfort-enhancing elements that can benefit those who need to stand for long hours.

Now that you have an overview of the Skechers vs Onitsuka Tiger differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Shoe Construction Comparison

How athletic shoes are made impacts flexibility, durability, and breathability.

Here is an overview of how Skechers and Onitsuka Tiger differ:

FeatureSkechersOnitsuka Tiger
Main MaterialsMesh fabric, synthetic leatherLeather, suede, breathable textile
Production MethodFused, injection-moldedStitched panels
Midsole CushioningAir-cooled memory foamEVA foam
OutsoleDurable rubberSolid rubber with flex grooves

Skechers utilizes breathable mesh fabric reinforced with synthetic leather overlays then directly injects and molds the compressed midsole for a seamless feel.

Onitsuka Tiger hand stitches together leather or suede uppers then cements an EVA foam midsole within a textile lining to a hardy rubber sole.

So Skechers focuses on innovation ton through technology while Onitsuka Tiger employs time tested time-tested techniques.

Both deliver lasting athletic performance with ample underfoot cushioning too.

Traction & Durability Comparison

The type of rubber, tread patterns, and flexibility also impact shoe grip and mileage capacity on various surfaces.

Here’s how the two brands compare:

Traction and Durability Features

FeatureSkechersOnitsuka Tiger
Outsole RubberFlexible DuraGripSolid Rubber
Tread PatternMulti-directionalTraction grips & flex grooves
Ideal SurfacesRoads, treadmills, paved trailsMixed-use trails, roads, gyms
Mileage300-500 miles average500+ miles

Skechers lightweight DuraGrip rubber utilizes multi-directional lugs for traction across gym floors, roads, and many pavements.

Meanwhile, Onitsuka Tiger solid rubber with deeper flex grooves suits roads along with loose dirt trails.

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The stiffer Onitsuka Tiger sole holds up better over 500+ miles. Skechers averages 300-500 miles before cushioning performance noticeably decreases.

So Skechers excels on smoother modern routes as urban daily trainers while Onitsuka Tiger provides a touch more aggressive and long-lasting long-lasting widely mixed environments – ideal for active lifestyle wear.

Fit & Sizing Comparison

Finding the right athletic shoe often comes down to fit – whether the shape and dimensions properly support your foot anatomy and running gait.

Here how Skechers and Onitsuka Tiger compare:

Fit & Sizing

FeatureSkechersOnitsuka Tiger
Toe Box ShapeRoundedNarrow through the midfoot, wider toe box
SizingRuns small, order 1/2 largerTrue to size
Width OptionsRegular, wideMedium width standard

Skechers utilize a rounded evenly proportioned toe box providing space for natural toe splay.

Meanwhile, Onitsuka Tiger designs involve a taper through the midfoot and then expanding the toe box allowing toes to relax during push off.

Fipush-offSkechers generally runs small prompting sizing up roughly a half size.

But Onitsuka Tiger Asian sizing correlates well with US true sizes.

Width fits can pose challenges for some though with Onitsuka Tiger keeping things standard at a medium width while Skechers better accommodates accommodate

So consider your foot shape and swelling factors when deciding.

Rounded even roominess suits Skechers while a narrow heel then wider forefoot characterizecharacterizeger fits.

Cushioning & Responsiveness Comparison

A shoe’s ability to absorb shock then return and energy relates directly to running efficiency and joint protection.

Here is how the brands compare:

Cushioning & Responsiveness

FeatureSkechersOnitsuka Tiger
MidsoleAir-cooled memory foamMolded EVA foam
Heel CushioningGel padsEVA cushioning system
FlexibilityFlexible through forefootStiff heel, flexible toe spring
Use CaseTempo runs, races, speed workLonger daily mileage at moderate paces

Skechers utilize air-cooled mair-cooled for a personalized fit that adapts cushioning by weight and foot strike pattern. Strategic gel pads provide additional heel padding.

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The molded design allows forefoot flexibility benefiting tempo sessions.

Onitsuka Tiger EVA foam brings lightweight, resilient cushioning better for logging daily miles at a moderate steady pace rather than faster turnover.

An anatomical heel promotes smooth transitions while a grooved forefoot provides needed flexibility.

So Skechers works best for varied pace varied-paceile Onitsuka Tiger favors consistent mileage. Choose the right kick for your running needs.

Aesthetic Styles Comparison

While technical components matter most for athletic performance, aesthetic variety and looks contribute to lifestyle wear versatility.

Here is an overview of styles found across the brands:

Style Varieties

StyleSkechersOnitsuka Tiger
Retro SneakersRelaxed Fit: Skech Appeal 2.0Mexico 66, Tai Chi classics
MinimalistGO Run Razor ExcessGSM
Walking SneakersGO Walk Arch Fit seriesTiger Alliance Agility
Trail RunningGO Run Ride Trail UltraOnitsuka OC Runner
Fashion ForwardBobs, Twinkle ToesLimited collaborations

Skechers and Onitsuka Tiger share some retro runners drawing heritage appeal though Skechers leans more experimental with knit patterns and color pops.

For stripped dows, tripped-down Skechers GO Run Razor Excess makes a lightweight racing flat while Onitsuka Tiger GSM brings a Japanese-inspired essence.

Skechers GO Walk Arch Fit series sneaks stability and support into walking comfort.

A comparable everyday neutral option from Onitsuka Tiger is the cushioned Tiger Alliance Agility model.

Technical trail offerings skew towards Skechers lugged GO Run Ride Trail Ultra granting off-road grip over Onitsuka Tiger OC trail runner.

Fashion for fashion-forwards and embellished styles push style boundaries beyond athletic realms under fun Bobs and Twinkle Toes lines by Skechers unavailable from Onitsuka Tiger.

Pricing Comparison

Price point always factors when selecting between brands too.

Here is how Skechers and Onitsuka Tiger compare:

Skechers vs Onitsuka Tiger Price Differences

BrandAverage Price Range
Skechers$50 – $120
Onitsuka Tiger$80 – $150

Cost conscious-conscious appreciate Skechers wider price span – entry models around $50 then technical performance nearing up to $120 at most.

Onitsuka Tiger positions itself as a premium athletic lifestyle brand though, typically ranging from $80 to $150 across categories. Sale prices help offset costs.

Budget plays a role, but prioritize comfort, traction, and longevity, ty based on your wearing purposes first. Value stems from purpose matcpurpose-matched that lasts in the long run.

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User Reviews and Rating

UserBrandModel/StyleRating Reviews
ActiveWalkerSkechersGoWalk 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Comfortable for long walks. The cushioning is excellent, but the style is more focused on functionality.
SneakerFanOnitsuka TigerMexico 66⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Classic and stylish design. Great for casual wear. Quality materials and craftsmanship.
RunnerProSkechersGOrun Ride 9⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Lightweight and responsive. Suitable for both running and everyday use. Skechers continues to improve their performance shoe line.
RetroStyleOnitsuka TigerCorsair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Retro vibes with modern comfort. Durable construction and a good mix of fashion and function.
TrailBlazerSkechersMax Cushioning Trail⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Excellent grip on trails, comfortable cushioning. A good option for those who want a blend of comfort and rugged performance.
UrbanChicOnitsuka TigerSerrano⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Stylish for urban settings. Comfortable for daily wear. The color options are great for matching with various outfits.

Both Skechers and Onitsuka Tiger have a wide range of styles and models. It’s essential to check the latest models and reviews for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


When choosing between Skechers versus Onitsuka Tiger trainers, consider athletic performance needs along with aesthetic and financial preferences.

Skechers wins regarding technological cushioning innovations, traction diversity, and affordable, ability notably across running and walking categories. Experimental-style infusions also keep things fresh.

Onitsuka Tiger makes up ground through premium materials contributing to long-lasting long-lasting heritage styling refined across decades suited for those wanting a versatile lia festyle look and feel.

So determine the wearing purpose first – fast competitive miles or leisurely daily activity?

Running specific or athletic aesthetics for everyday living? Mix and match styles or proven looks through the decades? Then choose Skechers versus Onitsuka Tiger accordingly.

Either way, sketch it outstretched your tiger style groove on through miles logged in comfortable stride embracing footwear advancements or time telling time-telling

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, evaluating Skechers against Onitsuka Tiger trainers? These additional questions provide helpful perspectives:

Are Onitsuka Tiger shoes good quality?

Yes – decades of shoemaking refinement ensure Onitsuka Tigers meet premium quality standards through hand stitchehand-stitchedsuede uppers and durable rubber soles tested across miles, making them a sound investment.

Do Skechers shoes have memory foam?

Absolutely – Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioning adapts to the foot while cooling airflow prevents heat-trapping, keeping feet fresh during lengthy athletic activity or everyday wearing.

Do Skechers shoes have memory foam?

Skechers GO Walk footwear line adds more stability and structure through contoured arch support beneficial for overpronators compared to neutral Asics walking shoes. Those needing additional orthopedic correction should utilize custom insoles though.

Now that you know how Skechers and Onitsuka Tiger, you can choose the right combination of performance, style, and value matching your wearing needs!

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