Skechers vs Xtep Shoes – Which Brand Wins for You?

When choosing the right pair of shoes, comfort is a top priority for most footwear buyers.

Two brands known for their comfortable kicks are Skechers and Xtep.

But which shoes win the ultimate comfort crown?

This detailed face-off between Skechers and Xtep shoes will help you decide.

Skechers vs Xtep

The main difference between Skechers and Xtep is their target customer base and product focus – Skechers primarily sells casual lifestyle and performance athletic shoes mainly in North America, whereas Xtep is a leading Chinese manufacturer of value-focused sportswear, specializing in athletic footwear, apparel and accessories for the mass market domestic customer.

While Skechers brings casual style and innovative comfort features, Xtep’s focus is affordability, functionality and tapping into national pride of Chinese consumers.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers vs Xtep Shoes:

HeadquartersUnited StatesChina
Year Founded19922003
Key TechnologiesAir Cooled Memory Foam, Max CushioningJoint Shock Technology
CategoryAthletic, casual, walking, work shoesAthletic/sportswear shoes and apparel
ManufacturingChina and VietnamChina
MarketsGlobalMainly China, expanding worldwide
Product RangeLifestyle and performance shoes for men, women and kidsShoes, apparel and accessories for running, basketball etc
StylesWide range from simple to bold fashionClassic to modern athletic styles
PricingAffordable to moderate, $40-$100Affordable, caters to local consumer base
Brand ImageMass market, commercialMass appeal, value-for-money
Star EndorsementsNo/few high profile endorsementsHasUsed NBA players like Klay Thompson to promote brand
Store PresenceAvailable widely at department stores, online etc6,000+ stores in China, limited international presence
Resale ValueLittle to no resale valueNiche collector market in Asia
DurabilityAverage, varies by modelDecent but not outstanding
TractionGood for casual useSpecialized traction for sports use
CushioningVery good in Memory Foam modelsGood cushioning targeted at Chinese foot structure

In summary, Skechers has wider global presence and brand image while Xtep caters more specifically to Chinese consumers and is growing internationally to compete with major brands.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers

  • Wide variety of styles for different activities (athletic, casual, work)
  • Generally comfortable and well-cushioned shoes
  • Often on sale or discounted

Cons: Skechers

  • Can be less durable than some other brands
  • Some styles may not be as supportive
  • Can be more expensive than Xtep

Pros: Xtep

  • More affordable than Skechers
  • Often good value for the price
  • Can be surprisingly stylish

Cons: Xtep

  • Not as well-known as Skechers
  • Selection may be more limited
  • May not be as durable as some other brands

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers: Not necessarily the best choice for serious runners. Some Skechers offer lightweight cushioning, but they may lack the responsiveness and stability needed for high-impact activities like running.
  • Xtep: Similar to Skechers, Xtep doesn’t prioritize running shoes. While they may have some running-inspired styles, they might not provide the optimal support and responsiveness for dedicated running.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers: Skechers excels in comfort-focused walking shoes. Their lines like Go Walk and Skechers Performance offer well-cushioned midsoles and flexible designs ideal for long walks.
  • Xtep: Xtep can be a good budget option for walking shoes. They may not have the same level of cushioning as some Skechers models, but they can still provide sufficient comfort for casual walks.

Shoes for All-Day Standing

  • Skechers: Skechers offers several lines with arch support and shock absorption, making them suitable for standing all day. Their Skechers Arch Fit and Work collections prioritize comfort for extended periods on your feet.
  • Xtep: Similar to Skechers, Xtep has shoes designed for work environments. While they may not be as widely known for arch support, some Xtep models can still be comfortable for standing all day, especially considering their affordability.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers vs Xtep Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Overview of Skechers and Xtep

Skechers is an American lifestyle and athleisure footwear brand founded in 1992. It offers various casual, athletic, and performance shoes tailored for comfort.

Xtep is a Chinese sportswear brand launched in 2001. Its shoes span running, basketball, soccer, fitness, hiking, and everyday wear featuring comfort technologies.

Compares both brands:

Skechers vs Xtep – Brand Overview

Year Founded19922001
Target AudienceUnisex – all agesUnisex – all ages
Key ProductsLifestyle shoes, performance shoesSports shoes, casual shoes
Unique Selling PointAir Cooled Memory FoamK-5 high elastic sponge
Global Stores3000+5000+
India Presence500+ stores30+ stores

Now let’s compare Skechers and Xtep shoes in detail across important markers to determine the comfort champion:

Detailed Comparison

1. Range of Shoes

Skechers’ footwear range includes:

  • Lifestyle: Sandals, slip-on, casuals, walking shoes, boots
  • Performance: Gym/training shoes, running shoes, golf shoes
  • Work: Foodservice, industrial, tactical shoes
  • Kids: School shoes, light-up sneakers

Whereas Xtep shoes come in categories like:

  • Running: Roads, trails, marathon shoes
  • Basketball: High, mid and low tops
  • Soccer: Football boots, turf shoes
  • Fitness: Gym, training, weightlifting
  • Outdoors: Hiking shoes, trekking shoes
  • Lifestyle: Casual sneakers, walking shoes

So Skechers has more lifestyle variety while Xtep focuses on performance-first athletic shoes.

2. Cushioning Technology

A key comfort factor is the cushioning system:

Skechers – Air Cooled Memory Foam: Memory foam inserts adapt to your foot’s shape for a personalized fit and support. The air-cooled variant increases breathability. Available in some collections.

Xtep – K-5 High Elastic Sponge: Its proprietary stretchy, bouncy K-5 sponge under the footbed provides excellent shock absorption for soft landings. Featured in most Xtep shoes.

So both brands integrate comfort cushioning innovations but Xtep K-5 tech seems more consistent and advanced.

3. Size Availability

Skechers India stocks these standard men’s sizes: 7,8,9,10,11.

Whereas Xtep India goes up to UK size 13 to accommodate wider Indian feet. So Xtep has better sizing.

4. Width Options

Most Skechers shoes lean towards a roomy relaxed fit with a wide toe area and extra space to size up. Ideal for wide feet.

Xtep running shoes come in standard D/medium and 2E/4E wide sizes for both men and women catering to narrow as well as wide fit issues.

So again Xtep takes the lead on width variances.

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5. Size Consistency

Skechers shoe sizes tend to run a half to one size large so trying before buying is advisable. The size charts are given to serve as a guideline.

Xtep shoes in contrast have more true-to-size accuracy across running and basketball models especially. So safer to order true sizes online.

Thus Xtep has better consistency.

6. Weight

Skechers casual sneakers keep weight low by utilizing a single-layer flexible outsole and lightweight foam midsoles. Great for all-day wear.

Xtep athletic shoes incorporate multi-layered midsoles combining various foams from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) to thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). So weight is on the heavier side.

Therefore Skechers footwear is lighter.

compare additional parameters:

Cushioning & Comfort Factors

Heel CushioningMediumExcellent due to Air Cushion heels
Forefoot CushionExcellent due to Memory FoamExcellent due to 5th Gen Impact Guidance tech
Shock AbsorptionMediumExcellent due to K-5 elastic foam
Bounce BackLowHigh due to rubberized foam rebound
Under Arch SupportMediumAdequate due to contoured shape
Meta-Rocker SoleSome shoesSelect shoes

Comfort & Protection Features

Lace-up AdjustmentYesYes
Padded Tongue & CollarYesYes
Removable SocklinerSome shoesMost shoes
Breathable LiningAir Mesh/Moisture Wicking FabricsAir Mesh
Toe ProtectionReinforced Toe BumperThermoplastic Urethane Toe Cap
Ankle SupportPadded CollarsIntegrated Stabilizers

7. User Reviews

Skechers reviews commonly praise the lightweight cushioning and roomy fit as very comfortable for daily use. Some durability issues are mentioned.

Xtep shoes are lauded by wearers for the responsive K-5 foam, breathable upper, and secure gripsole. A few sizing inconsistencies were highlighted.

So owners validate the comfort claims of both brands.

User Reviews and Rating

User Reviews

Skechers⭐⭐⭐⭐✩“I’ve been wearing Skechers for years and love the comfort and support. Lots of cute styles and very affordable.”
Xtep⭐⭐⭐✩✩“Xtep shoes look nice but don’t seem very durable. Had issues with sole separation after a few months.”

Price Comparison

BrandTypical Price RangeSales Price RangeExample Products
Skechers$40 – $70$30 – $50Women’s Flex Appeal, Gorun, D’Lites, Slip-on styles
Xtep$50 – $120$30 – $80Running shoes, basketball shoes, sports fashion sneakers

In summary:

  • Skechers is more popular based on almost 400,000 reviews and consistent 4 star average rating. Known for comfort and value.
  • Xtep has lower reviews highlighting quality issues. Stylish but not as durable.
  • Xtep has a wider price range, from affordable to higher-end performance shoes. Skechers prices in an affordable to mid-range sweet spot.

So shoppers tend to prefer Skechers for reliable comfort and style at reasonable price points compared to Xtep.

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The Comfort Verdict

Based  on above comparison analysis across critical comfort parameters, here is the final verdict:

Cushioning Comfort: Xtep shoes win due to advanced cushioning systems like K-5 high elastic foam offering superior shock absorption and bounce back. Ideal for high-intensity training.

Fit Comfort: Skechers shoes prove better with memory foam adjusting to unique foot shapes. Ample room in the toe area and wide fit cater to swollen feet too.

All-Day Wearability: Skecher’s casual range is preferable for lightweight flexibility and breathability easing prolonged wear.

So Skechers lifestyle shoes triumph for casual everyday comfort whereas Xtep athletic shoes take the sports performance comfort crown!


  • Skecher strengths lie in adaptive memory foam and relaxed fits perfect for casual use.
  • Xtep excels at technical cushioning and protective support ideal for fitness activities.
  • For casual wear, Skechers wins on flexibility and lightweight comfort.
  • For athletic shoes, Xtep is better cushioned and supportive during dynamic motions.

So choose Skechers for lifestyle fashion and Xtep for athletic function depending on personal comfort priorities! Both champion comfort using differentiated technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Skechers have steel-toe shoes?

Yes, under the Skechers Work line, you can find ASTM-compliant steel, composite, alloy, and soft toe styles for industries involving heavy loads. Some categories are food service, industrial, and tactical.

Is Xtep good for flat feet?

Yes, certain Xtep cushioned walking shoes and cushioned running shoes with removable insoles can accommodate customized orthotics. Seek deep heel cups, arch support, and medial stability.

What is the Xtep shoe size chart?

Xtep uses UK sizing on box labels. The conversion is:
UK 6 = US Men 7 = US Female 8
UK 6.5 = US Men 7.5 = US Female 8.5
UK 13 = US Men 14 = US Female 15

Which Skechers work shoes are best?

Top-rated Skechers work shoes are:
Skechers Flex Advantage for food service
Skechers Relaxed Fit Workshire – Romeo for industrial jobs
Skechers Workshire – Dunmore for tough outdoor jobs

Does Xtep make wide-width shoes?

Yes, Xtep running and other shoes come in width options like D/medium for regular feet and wide variants such as 2E and 4E for broader feet. So accommodates narrow as well as wide widths.

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