Are Skechers Go Walk Shoes Waterproof? Find Out Now!

The Skechers Go Walk line of shoes is well-loved for its lightweight comfort and high-performance flexibility.

With advanced features like responsive cushioning and stability, it’s no wonder Go Walk has become a top-selling collection for the brand. But are these popular athletic shoes also waterproof?

Let’s take a closer look at the Go Walk series and its protection against wet conditions.

Are Skechers Go Walk Shoes Waterproof

Most Skechers Go Walk shoes are not designed to be fully waterproof. While some styles may have water-resistant coatings, the knit mesh uppers and cushioned insoles are not meant for submersion in water or wearing in heavy rain. The interior will eventually get wet in very damp conditions.

An Overview of the Skechers Go Walk Product Line

Skechers Go Walk was launched in 2011 as a revolutionary walking shoe with an innovative ultra-lightweight, flexible design. It has since expanded into a full collection with options for both men and women. Here is a quick overview of the Go Walk product line:

Key Features:

  • Proprietary lightweight injection-molded cushioning midsole
  • Advanced GOga Mat technology insole with high-rebound cushioning
  • Breathable mesh or textile uppers
  • Flexible grip outsoles with GOimpulse sensors for responsive traction

Categories Available:

  • Go Walk Performance Walking Shoes
  • Go Walk Athletic Sneakers
  • Go Walk Slip-On Shoes
  • Go Walk Outdoor/Hiking styles
  • Go WalkWork Shoes with safety features

Core Models:

  • Go Walk 3 – Low-profile mesh slip-on with Memory Foam footbed
  • Go Walk Legacy – Sporty lace-up walking shoe with a supportive midsole
  • Go Walk Max – Cushioned athletic-style sneaker with MgXtreme outsole
  • Go Walk Evolution Ultra – Nearly barefoot-feel waterproof outdoor walking shoe
  • Go Walk Drift – Fashion sneaker with a quilted upper and Cloudfoam insole

Now that we know the basics about the Go Walk collection, let’s look at whether waterproof styles are available.

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Are Go Walk Shoes Typically Waterproof?

In most cases, the standard Go Walk walking shoes from Skechers are not waterproof or water-resistant right out of the box. There are a few reasons why:

  • Breathable Mesh Fabric – Many Go Walk shoes feature uppers partially or fully made of open weave mesh fabric to provide airflow to the foot. But these porous materials also allow water to freely pass through.
  • Absorbent Insoles – The removable insoles in Go Walk shoes contain cushioning like Memory Foam. But foam soaks up and retains moisture easily.
  • Leather Accents – Some Go Walk models have suede or leather overlays or trim details. Leather absorbs and holds onto water rather than repelling it.

So while Go Walk shoes are incredibly lightweight, flexible, and comfortable for walking and casual wear, their materials and construction allow water to penetrate through fairly easily. You wouldn’t want to wear most Go Walks for a stroll through heavy rain.

However, Skechers has created some special Go Walk editions with enhanced waterproofing that we’ll cover next.

Finding the best Go Walk Waterproof Shoes

Even though most standard Go Walks are not water-resistant straight out of the box, Skechers has engineered certain Go Walk models to be fully waterproof using protective membranes and sealed seams:

For Men:

  • Go Walk All Weather
  • Go Walk Lake Low
  • Go Walk Max Waterproof
  • Go Walk Evolution Ultra

For Women:

  • Go Walk Carol Waterproof Chelsea Boot
  • Go Walk Legacy Waterproof Lace Up
  • Go Walk Sassy Seaside Waterproof Sandal
  • Go Walk Revolution Ultra-Extreme Winter Boot

These Go Walk selections use a combination of waterproof membranes and sealed seam construction to block moisture from seeping in and wetting feet. They allow airflow while keeping water out.

The waterproof Go Walk models provide wet weather versatility for walking, hiking, travel, and everyday wear. Their eye-catching styles don’t look overtly technical either. The only tradeoff is they cost a little more than standard Go Walks.

How to Waterproof Non-Waterproof Go Walk Shoes

If you already own a favorite pair of Go Walk shoes that you would like to make water-resistant, there are aftermarket products that can achieve this. Here are some effective DIY waterproofing options:

Spray-On Waterproofers

  • Sprays like Scotchgard and Crep Protect create a moisture-blocking barrier when applied to shoes.
  • Spray a light, even coating over the entire exterior of clean dry shoes. Allow 24 hours to cure. Reapply every 1-2 months.

Wax Polishes

  • Wax pastes like Otter Wax Leather Salve soak into materials to waterproof while conditioning leather.
  • Use a cloth to thoroughly rub the wax into every seam and surface. Let cure for 24-48 hours before wearing.

Silicone Sprays

  • Hardware store silicone sprays strongly repel water on fabric and leather shoes.
  • Mask laces and midsoles before spraying light coats. Allow 1-2 hours between coats to dry.

Wash-In Treatments

  • Products like Nikwax Cotton Proof revive DWR protection while washing shoes.
  • Add to the washing machine and gently wash per label instructions. Air dry shoes.

With aftermarket waterproofers, you can upgrade your regular Go Walk shoes with water-shedding abilities for wet weather durability. Reapply as directed.

Benefits of Waterproof Go Walk Shoes

Waterproofing your Go Walk shoes, whether through built-in construction or aftermarket treatments, has great advantages:

  • Keeps feet dry and comfortable in rain and snow
  • Prevents stains and dirt from setting into materials
  • Extends the lifespan by protecting from moisture damage
  • Minimizes odors by blocking dampness
  • Maintains warmth in cold conditions

Consider waterproofing if you’ll wear your Go Walk in wet environments frequently. The extra protection is worthwhile to keep your feet happy and shoes looking their best.

Factors to Consider About Waterproof Go Walk Shoes

While beneficial, there are a few considerations to think about about waterproof Go Walk shoes:

  • Waterproof membranes and sprays can inhibit breathability and airflow
  • Reapplication is needed every 1-2 months as waterproofing wears off
  • Light colors temporarily darken from pigmented sprays until fully cured
  • Heavy waterproof coatings leave materials feeling stiff at first until broken in
  • Not all fabrics and leathers can be made fully waterproof

However, the water-shedding abilities of waterproof Go Walk shoes outweigh these factors for most wearers. Just take proper care and maintenance to maximize their performance.

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Caring for Your Waterproof Go Walk Shoes

To extend the life of waterproof Go Walk shoes and keep the materials protected, follow these care tips:

  • Gently clean only when needed with mild soap and water, avoid harsh detergents
  • Rinse off dirt and debris promptly after wear before it gets ingrained
  • Use waterproofing cleaners and conditioners made specifically for shoes
  • Stuff with paper to absorb excess moisture and maintain shape if shoes get very wet
  • Allow to fully air dry between wears, avoid excessive heat
  • Reapply waterproofing treatments routinely per label instructions

With proper care for your waterproof Go Walks, you’ll keep your feet dry for many rainy walks to come.

How to Keep Feet Dry With Non-Waterproof Go Walks

If your Go Walk shoes aren’t waterproof, these tips can help keep your feet as dry as possible when wearing them in wet conditions:

  • Spray shoes with a water repellent like Crep Protect for minor water resistance
  • Wear waterproof socks as a barrier between your feet and shoes
  • Limit use in heavy rain or deep puddles
  • Add absorbent insoles to wick away moisture
  • Stuff shoes with paper towels to absorb wetness if they do get soaked
  • Bring an extra pair of dry shoes to change into after exposure
  • Clean and condition leathers frequently to maintain water resistance

While not a substitute for true waterproof shoes, these measures can help minimize dampness when wearing your favorite Go Walks in light rain and wet environments.

Waterproofing Go Walk Slip-Ons

For Go Walk slip-on styles, opt for sprays over waxes which can transfer onto socks and feet. Prioritize protecting the seams where water intrudes most. Allow slip-ons to fully air dry between wears and use moisture-wicking insoles to manage any internal wetness.

Caring for Go Walk Leather Accents

Many Go Walk models feature suede and leather overlays. Keep these areas conditioned and brushed to maintain their natural water resistance. Avoid wearing leather Go Walks in heavy rain or snow. Use protective sprays to repel light moisture on leather.

Go Walk Accessories For Wet Conditions

Waterproof Go Walk shoes will keep your feet dry, but other accessories can protect you further:

  • Go Walk All Weather Jacket – Lightweight wind and water-resistant coat with hood
  • GOwear Fleece Lined Water Resistant Leggings – Repels moisture while retaining heat
  • Skechers GOrun All Weather Gloves – Touchscreen compatible with waterproof insert
  • Skechers Unisex GObeanie Hat – Acrylic knit helps retain body heat when wet

Gear up with GO accessories for full weather protection during your walks.


Most Skechers Go Walk shoes are not fully waterproof, as they are designed primarily for casual wear and walking rather than outdoor activities in wet conditions. The majority of Go Walk models feature mesh or knit uppers, which can allow water to seep through when exposed to heavy rain or puddles.

However, some Go Walk styles, such as the Go Walk Outdoor line, incorporate water-resistant or water-repellent materials that can provide better protection against light rain or splashes.

For truly waterproof performance in wet environments, Skechers offers specific collections like the Go Walk Waterproof line or the Skechers Outdoor range, which are constructed with waterproof membranes and sealed seams.

While the standard Go Walk shoes offer breathability and comfort for everyday use, they may not be the ideal choice if you anticipate prolonged exposure to wet conditions.

Frequently Asked Question

Are standard Go Walk shoes waterproof?

No, most regular Go Walk walking shoes are not inherently waterproof due to their breathable mesh and absorbent material construction. Look for Go Walk styles labeled “waterproof” for protection.

What makes Go Walk shoes waterproof?

Go Walk waterproof shoes contain internal bootie constructions and waterproof yet breathable membranes that allow airflow while blocking liquid moisture from entering.

How do you waterproof Go Walk shoes?

Apply sprays like Scotchgard, rub in wax pastes like Otter Wax, or use silicone sprays on your Go Walk shoes. Treat the clean dry exterior and let cure fully before wearing for water resistance.

Should you re-waterproof Go Walk shoes?

Yes, reapply waterproofing treatments every 1-2 months or as directed on the label. Waterproofing wears off over time and needs to be restored, especially if shoes get washed frequently.

Can you get the inside of Go Walks wet?

You’ll want to avoid getting the insides of standard Go Walk shoes very wet as the moisture will be absorbed by the footbed and interior materials. Waterproof Go Walk styles are constructed to keep inner layers dry. Thoroughly air dry wet shoes before wearing them again.

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