Skechers vs BOBS – Comfort Clash!

Skechers and BOBS are two popular affordable shoe brands that offer a variety of footwear catering to men, women, and kids.

Both brands are owned by Skechers USA, with BOBS positioned as Skechers’ charitable line.

But should you choose Skechers or BOBS for your next pair of casual, athletic, or work shoes? In this detailed comparison guide, we analyze the key differences and similarities between the two brands.

Skechers vs BOBS

The main difference between Skechers and BOBS is their brand identity: BOBS is a charitable footwear brand under Skechers that donates a portion of its sales to help animals, while the core Skechers brand focuses on affordable and trendy lifestyle and performance footwear across various collections.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers vs BOBS Shoes:

FeatureSkechers (Main Line)BOBS (Skechers’ Line)
Company OverviewAmerican footwear and lifestyle brand founded in 1992, known for its casual and comfortable shoesSkechers’ lifestyle brand focused on comfortable and relaxed footwear
Product RangeCasual shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, boots, apparel, and accessoriesCasual slip-on shoes, sandals, and apparel
Target MarketCasual consumers seeking comfortable and stylish shoesConsumers seeking casual and relaxed footwear
MaterialsWide range of materials including leather, mesh, and synthetic fabricsCanvas, textile, and synthetic materials
Comfort and CushioningStrong focus on comfort and memory foam cushioning for all-day wearEmphasis on comfort and relaxed fit
Design and StyleDiverse range of styles from casual to athleticRelaxed and casual designs with a laid-back vibe
Price RangeAffordable to mid-range prices, typically between $50 and $100Affordable prices, typically between $40 and $70
Retail PresenceWidespread retail presence in malls, department stores, and dedicated Skechers storesAvailable at Skechers retail locations and select retailers
Brand PerceptionCasual, comfortable, and affordableCasual, relaxed, and affordable
Charitable InitiativesVarious social and charitable initiativesBOBS focuses on supporting animal welfare organizations through its “Paws for a Cause” initiative

This table highlights the key differences between Skechers’ main line and its BOBS line in terms of their product offerings, target markets, materials, comfort features, design and style, pricing, retail presence, brand perception, and charitable initiatives.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers

  • Wide range of casual, athletic, and performance footwear
  • Innovative comfort technologies like Memory Foam
  • Global brand with widespread retail availability
  • Often more affordable than BOBS line

Cons: Skechers

  • Can be perceived as a mass-market brand
  • Limited styles focused on casual, relaxed looks
  • No charitable component to most product lines
  • May lack the unique styling of the BOBS line

Pros: BOBS

  • Relaxed, casual, and comfortable slip-on styles
  • Fun, colorful designs and patterns
  • Portion of profits donated to charity causes
  • Simple, lightweight, and easy to wear

Cons: BOBS

  • Generally more expensive than standard Skechers lines
  • Limited range of styles beyond casual slip-ons
  • May not be suitable for athletic activities
  • Still a relatively new and niche product line

Which Shoes are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers: The Skechers Arch Fit line has some performance features like responsive midsoles that can work for running, but they are not dedicated elite running shoes.
  • BOBS: BOBS by Skechers are casual, comfort-focused shoes not designed for running or high performance activities.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers: The Goga Mat and Arch Fit Skechers lines provide excellent cushioning, arch support and comfort tailored for walking.
  • BOBS: BOBS shoes have a casual, lightweight design that can be comfortable for moderate walking, but lack the dedicated walking shoe tech of Skechers’ athletic lines.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers: Shoes like the Skechers Work line with Goga Mat cushioned insoles are engineered specifically for prolonged standing comfort.
  • BOBS: While BOBS are casual, comfortable shoes, they don’t have the same level of specialized cushioning and support as Skechers’ lines designed for all-day standing.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers vs BOBS Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Overview of Skechers and BOBS

Let’s first look at a quick overview of both brands before diving into the comparisons.

All About Skechers

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, Skechers designs develops and markets lifestyle, athletic, and work footwear for men, women, and children.

Some quick facts about the brand:

  • Third largest athletic footwear brand in the United States
  • Sold in over 170 countries and territories worldwide
  • Diverse range including sneakers, boots, sandals, casuals and athleisure
  • Technologies like Air Cooled Memory Foam, Relaxed Fit, Stretch Fit
  • Reasonably priced from $50 to $120

Introducing BOBS from Skechers

BOBS is Skecher’s charitable line of shoes, apparel, and accessories. Launched in 2011, BOBS donates new shoes to underprivileged kids for every pair sold.

Here’s an overview:

  • “BOBS” stands for Benefiting Others By Shoes
  • Over 23 million pairs donated across the United States and 60+ countries
  • Vegan styles made from recyclable materials
  • Canvas, eco-felt, and faux fur are some materials used
  • Price range from $30 to $60

So while Skechers focuses on style, comfort, and performance, BOBS has an additional philanthropic mission. Now let’s compare the two brands in detail.

Detailed Comparison of Skechers and BOBS Shoes

1. Range of Products

Both brands offer extensive product selections for men, women, and children.

Skechers Product Categories

  • Lifestyle: Sneakers, casuals, sandals, boots, slip-on
  • Performance: Running, training, golf, walking, gym, sport
  • Work: Safety, boots, food service, uniforms, slides
  • Kids: Sneakers, light-up shoes, boots, sandals

BOBS Product Selection

  • Women: Flats, slip-ons, sandals, espadrilles, wedges
  • Men: Loafers, sneakers, boat shoes, sandals, clogs
  • Girls & Boys: Sneakers, flats, sandals, light-up shoes
  • Apparel: Tops, sweatshirts, jackets, ponchos, tees
  • Accessories: Socks, bags, hair accessories, jewelry

BOBS has more casual and lifestyle options focused on the meaning behind the brand while Skechers offers performance shoes and non-slip work footwear that BOBS lacks.

2. Size and Width Availability

Both brands cater to standard foot shapes and widths. Here are the size charts:

Skechers Men’s Size

  • US: 6 to 13
  • UK: 5 to 12
  • EU: 39 to 47
  • Width: Medium (D), Wide (2E)

Skechers Women’s Size

  • US: 5 to 11
  • UK: 3 to 8
  • EU: 36 to 42
  • Width: Medium (B), Wide (D)

BOBS Men’s Size

  • US: 7 to 13
  • UK: 6 to 12
  • EU: 40 to 47
  • Width: Medium

BOBS Women’s Size

  • US: 5 to 10
  • UK: 3 to 7
  • EU: 35 to 40
  • Width: Medium

The size range is similar but Skechers offers more width options for those needing wider toe box shoes. BOBS has fewer half-sizes.

3. Style and Design Elements

There are some distinct style differences between the two affordable brands.

Skechers Style

  • Sporty and athleisure aesthetic
  • Bold pops of color, prints, patterns
  • Chunky outsoles, retro and street style
  • Mixed materials and textures
  • Collaborations with brands like Demi Lovato

BOBS Style

  • Bohemian and relaxed vibe
  • Solid neutrals and pastels
  • Canvas, textile, or vegan materials
  • Subtle patterns and prints
  • Raffia, espadrilles and rope details

BOBS has a laidback feminine style in flats and espadrilles while Skechers trends are more sporty and lifestyle-oriented in its sneakers, sandals, and casuals.

4. Comfort and Fit

Comfort technologies differ slightly between the two affordable brands.

Skechers Comfort Features

  • Air Cooled Memory Foam insole
  • Arch Fit design for support
  • Relaxed Fit roomy toe box
  • Stretch knit fabric upper
  • FlexSole flexible outsole

BOBS Comfort Highlights

  • Memory Foam Footbed
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Soft canvas or knit uppers
  • Flexible materials and soles
  • Some vegan materials like faux fur

Skechers offers more technology and arch support while BOBS focuses on flexible natural materials for comfort. But both brands provide cushioning where it counts.

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5. Traction and Grip

Sufficient grip and traction help prevent slips and falls, especially in the workplace.

Skechers Traction

  • Multi-directional lug designs
  • FlexSole provides flexibility without losing traction
  • GOGA Mat technology for ground contact
  • Slip-resistant outsoles in work shoes

BOBS Traction

  • Textured outsoles for normal conditions
  • Some shoes with slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Flex grooves allow flexibility
  • Lifestyle shoes may lack heavy traction

Skechers’ work shoes have excellent grip for service industry roles. BOBS has basic traction suitable for everyday wear rather than high-intensity work.

6. Weight and Flexibility

Lightweight, flexible shoes are more comfortable for all-day wear.

Skechers Weight and Flexibility

  • Lightweight materials like textiles, mesh
  • FlexSole outsole bends with the foot
  • Flex grooves for natural movement
  • Some rigid stability features in performance shoes

BOBS Weight and Flexibility

  • Very lightweight canvas, textile, or faux fur
  • Flexible rubber and EVA outsoles
  • Minimal rigid stabilization elements
  • Made for casual flexible wear

BOBS shoes are lighter and more flexible for casual everyday use. But Skechers athletics and work shoes balance flexibility with stability as required by the activity.

7. Breathability

Proper ventilation keeps feet cool and dry during long hours of wear.

Skechers Breathability

  • Mesh fabric uppers allow air circulation
  • Perforations and ports help with ventilation
  • Moisture-wicking lining in athletic shoes
  • Faux leather or dense materials may lack breathability

BOBS Breathability

  • Cotton, canvas, and textile uppers
  • Woven patterns allow air to flow through
  • Some sandals have open designs
  • Faux fur or lined shoes may get warm

Both brands offer open and breathable designs for summer. But some synthetic styles can get warm for all-day wear.

8. Ease of Cleaning and Care

Washable shoes are easy to clean and maintain for longer use.

Skechers Care

  • Canvas and textile shoes are machine washable
  • Wipe faux and synthetic leather clean
  • Remove laces and insoles before washing
  • Air dry away from direct heat


  • Most styles are machine washable
  • Use cold water and a gentle cycle
  • Stuff with newspaper to retain shape during drying
  • Spot clean faux fur and non-washable materials

BOBS offers more completely washable styles being focused on casual fabrics. But both brands have shoes that can go in the laundry to look fresh and new.

9. Price Range

As affordable brands, both offer shoes under $100 with BOBS on the lower end.

Skechers Price Range

  • Lifestyle: $50 to $70
  • Performance: $70 to $120
  • Work: $75 to $95
  • Kids: $35 to $50

BOBS Price Bracket

  • Women: $30 to $60
  • Men: $40 to $60
  • Girls & Boys: $25 to $50
  • Apparel and accessories: $5 to $30

BOBS has very wallet-friendly options under $50 while Skechers starts around that price point and goes up to $120 for highly cushioned athletic shoes.

10. Arch Support

Those needing pronation correction and arch support may prefer Skechers.

Skechers Arch Support

  • Arch Fit orthotic insole on some styles
  • Medial post helps correct overpronation
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam cradles arches
  • Removable insoles to add your orthotic

BOBS Arch Support

  • Memory Foam insole molds to your foot
  • Textile and fabric uppers flex with your foot
  • Minimal stability features
  • Add your orthotic for needed arch support

Skechers offers better built-in arch support. But BOBS has removable insoles to accommodate orthotics for flat feet.

Where to Buy Skechers and BOBS Shoes

Both footwear brands are available online and in physical stores.

Where to Buy Skechers

  • Skechers website and exclusive stores
  • Large format stores like Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop
  • Multi-brand outlets and smaller shoe shops
  • Online on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

Where to Buy BOBS

  • Skechers website and stores
  • Limited availability in multi-brand outlets
  • Better presence online at Amazon and Flipkart
  • International website delivers globally

Skechers has much wider availability across channels, while BOBS is mainly available online and in select physical outlets.

Price Comparison of Popular Shoe Models

Here is a price comparison of some popular models from both brands:

Shoe StyleSkechers PriceBOBS Price
Women’s Slip-On$60$50
Men’s Canvas Sneaker$70$45
Women’s Wedge Sandal$90$55
Men’s Clog$80$60
Girl’s Sneaker$50$40
Boy’s Athletic Shoe$55$35

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User Reviews

BrandRatingSkechersBOBS from Skechers
Comfort⭐⭐⭐⭐✰“Very comfortable memory foam insoles.”“Insoles are comfortable but thinner than regular Skechers.”
Durability⭐⭐⭐⭐✰“The soles wore down faster than expected.”“Canvas materials are less durable than leather.”
Style⭐⭐⭐⭐✰“Lots of cute fashionable styles.”“Fun punk rock and artistic looks.”
Price⭐⭐⭐⭐✰“Fairly affordable and good value.”“Very budget-friendly pricing.”
Use⭐⭐⭐⭐✰“Great for walking and casual daily wear.”“Better for light use vs daily wear.”
Sizing⭐⭐⭐⭐✰“Skechers tend to run small.”“BOBS run big, size down a half or full size.”
Traction⭐⭐⭐⭐✰“Traction wears down easily on some styles.”“Thin flexible soles mean less traction.”
Overall⭐⭐⭐⭐✰“Cute and comfortable casual shoes.”“Affordable but lacking in durability and support.”

Which is Better?

  • Skechers is the winner if you need performance shoes for running, training, or work environments. It also has more technologies for arch support and foot issues.
  • BOBS is ideal for casual everyday lifestyle wear and making a charitable impact. The style is laidback and feminine.
  • Skechers has a slight edge in terms of comfort technologies and availability. But BOBS is lighter and more flexible.
  • For the budget-conscious, BOBS offers great value shoes under $50. Skechers starts around that price and goes up to $120.

So choose Skechers for athleisure, comfort, and support. Pick BOBS to add meaning to your purchase and get basic casuals and flats on a budget. Let your footwear needs guide you to the right brand.

Summary Comparison Chart

Here is a quick recap of the key differences between the two brands:

RangeLifestyle, athletic, work shoesCasual flats, sneakers, sandals
Fit and SizeWide width optionsFewer half sizes
StyleSporty, athleisureBohemian, relaxed
ComfortMore technology cushioningFlexible natural materials
TractionSlip-resistant outsoles for workBasic everyday traction
Price$50 to $120$30 to $60
Arch SupportBetter stability featuresRemovable insoles for orthotics
AvailabilityWider online and offlineMainly online and in Skechers stores


Skechers and BOBS cater to slightly different footwear needs while keeping prices affordable. Skechers is the better everyday choice providing sporty style, cushioning, and support. BOBS is ideal for laidback fashion on a budget with the added incentive of charitable giving.

Consider your personal preferences for design, use cases, and price to pick between these two accessible shoe brands. Both Skechers and BOBS will keep you comfortable wherever your feet take you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BOBS the same as Skechers?

BOBS is owned by Skechers but positioned as Skechers’ charitable line donating a pair of shoes for every one sold. The branding and styles differ between the two.

Is Skechers better quality than BOBS?

Skechers offers more performance technologies and stability features making it better for athletic activities. But BOBS has good quality basic casuals.

Where can I buy BOBS shoes?

BOBS shoes are available on their website and at select Skechers stores. Online, you can find BOBS on Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra among other sites. Availability is limited compared to Skechers.

Do Skechers have memory foam shoes?

Yes, many Skechers shoes like sneakers, sandals, and slip-ons use Air Cooled Memory Foam insoles for cushioning comfort.

What is unique about Bob’s shoes?

BOBS donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. The brand also uses eco-friendly vegan materials.

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