Skechers HCRST vs LD99 – Comfort Clash!

Skechers is a reputable brand known for making comfortable and supportive shoes at affordable prices.

Two of their popular styles are the HCRST and LD99 models. But with similarities in comfort technologies and price points, how do you decide which pair is right for you?

This in-depth comparison covers all the key factors to consider when purchasing Skechers HCRST versus LD99 shoes. Read on to learn the pros and cons of each before determining the best option for your needs.

Skechers HCRST vs LD99

The key difference between Skechers HCRST and LD99 is that the HCRST has a higher cushioning responsive foam midsole providing shock absorption and comfort, while the LD99 uses a two-part foam midsole focused more on lightweight durability.

Both offer traction outsoles good for road running.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers HCRST vs LD99 Shoes:

Comparison CriteriaSkechers HCRSTSkechers LD99
CategoryAthletic training shoeLifestyle walking shoe
Ideal UseHigh intensity workouts, cardio, HIITCasual walking, travel
ConstructionBreathable mesh upper, supportive overlaysLeather or textile upper
OutsoleDurable rubber traction gripLightweight foam bottom
CushioningHigh rebound Hyper Burst midsoleAir Cooled Memory Foam
Comfort FeaturesMemory foam insole, padded tongue/collarMemory foam insole
FitRuns small, narrowRuns true to size
SupportRigid heel counter, external heel braceMinimal structural supports
Weight8.8 ozVery lightweight at 5.2 oz
StyleSporty athletic designClassic slip-on walking profile
Color OptionsBold color combinationsMore subdued tones
CareMachine washable upperSpot clean leather or air dry upper
Price$$ (around $100)$ (around $60)

In summary, the HCRST provides a specifically engineered athletic shoe for high intensity training while the LD99 offers a basic, comfortable lifestyle slip-on for light activity. Consider key needs around activity level, foot support, and versatility when selecting between the two Skechers models.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers HCRST

  • Advanced shock absorption technology
  • Durable outsole with good traction
  • Stable platform for pronation control
  • Well-cushioned for long distances

Cons: Skechers HCRST

  • May feel heavy or bulky for some runners
  • Upper may not be as breathable
  • Lacks energy return or propulsive feel
  • Design looks a bit clunky or outdated

Pros: Skechers LD99

  • Lightweight and responsive cushioning
  • Breathable upper for ventilation
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Sleek, modern design aesthetic

Cons: Skechers LD99

  • Cushioning may feel overly soft
  • Less durable outsole compared to others
  • Minimal pronation control features
  • May have a narrower fit in the forefoot

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

Skechers HCRST

  • The HCRST (Hyper Cushioned Ride Stability Technology) is designed for runners who need extra cushioning and stability.
  • The midsole features a combination of ULTRA GO cushioning and a medial post for support and motion control.
  • The outsole has a durable rubber compound and flexible grooves for traction and responsiveness.
  • Suitable for daily training runs and longer distances, especially for overpronators or those with mild to moderate stability needs.

Skechers LD99

  • The LD99 (Lightweight, Durable, and Distance) is a lightweight and responsive running shoe.
  • It features a lightweight FLIGHT GEN midsole material that provides cushioning and energy return.
  • The outsole has a flexible and durable rubber compound for traction.
  • Best suited for faster-paced runs, tempo workouts, and shorter distances where a responsive and lightweight shoe is preferred.

Shoes for Walking

Skechers HCRST

  • The ULTRA GO cushioning and medial post provide ample comfort and support for walking, making the HCRST a good choice for extended periods of walking or standing.
  • The stable and supportive design can help reduce fatigue and discomfort during long walks.

Skechers LD99

  • While the LD99 is designed for running, its lightweight construction and cushioning can make it suitable for walking as well.
  • However, it may not provide as much support and stability as the HCRST for prolonged periods of walking or standing.

Shoes for Standing All Day

Skechers HCRST

  • The combination of cushioning and stability features in the HCRST makes it a better option than the LD99 for standing all day.
  • The medial post and supportive design can help reduce foot fatigue and discomfort during extended periods of standing.

Skechers LD99

  • The lightweight and responsive design of the LD99 is not optimized for prolonged standing.
  • While it may be comfortable for short periods of standing, the lack of dedicated stability features may cause discomfort and fatigue over time.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers HCRST vs LD99 Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Overview and Intended Use

Both HCRST and LD99 shoes incorporate Skechers comfort features but are designed for different levels of activity:


The Skechers HCRST line features the High Comfort Relaxed Fit Technology for maximum cushioning during extended wear. With a roomy toe box and stretchable woven fabric, they adapt to wide feet and provide relief for conditions like bunions.

Best for: All-day wear, long hours on your feet, wide feet


Skechers LD99 shoes utilize the Lightweight Design for Athletic Comfort technology. With responsive cushioning and flexibility, they offer both comfort and support for light activity or sports.

Best for: Walking, exercise, travel, casual everyday wear

ModelIntended Use
HCRSTAll-day wear, long hours on feet, wide feet
LD99Light activity, walking, exercise, travel, everyday wear

So if you need a shoe for standing or walking long distances, prioritize the HCRST. But the LD99 works better for more athletic activities given its lightweight responsive design.

Weight and Materials Comparison

Construction plays a key role in shoe comfort and support over time. Here’s how the models compare:


With a high rebound EVA foam midsole and soft fabric lining, HCRST shoes prioritize lightweight cushioning and breathability. Models like the HCRST Trail Boot also feature a rugged yet flexible outsole and waterproof leather upper for functionality.

MidsoleHigh rebound EVA foam
LiningSoft fabric
UpperLeather, textile


The LD99 uses lightweight, supportive materials like an air-cooled memory foam insole and flexible groove forefoot outsole. The combination balances cushioning and stability for dynamic movement.

MidsoleLightweight foam
InsoleAir-cooled memory foam
OutsoleRubber, groove design
UpperMesh fabric

So the HCRST offers exceptional lightweight cushioning while the LD99 provides great stability for activity with its strategically designed outsole and insole.

Fit and Sizing Comparison

Finding the right shoe size is critical for comfort. Here is how the sizing runs on both models:


With its wide toe room, the HCRST fits a half-size large in most cases. Length stays true to size, but review sizing charts since styles like boots may vary.

Size up? For wide feet, no. True to size or size down 0.5-1 full size is best.

Size down? For narrow feet, yes. Size down 0.5-1 full size.


The LD99 runs narrower than the HCRST but is still roomy in the forefoot. Most wearers find it fits true to size in both length and width.

Size up? Not necessary for most.

Size down? Only if feet run wider than average.

Trying shoes in-store is best to ensure a proper length and width fit. However, sizing down in the HCRST or sizing up in the LD99 can lead to discomfort.

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Cushioning and Comfort Comparison

The right cushioning brings all-day comfort – here’s how the Skechers models stack up:

HCRST Cushioning

  • Ultra Go cushioning system – Provides high-rebound cushioning that’s ultra-lightweight and responsive. Creates a comfortable walking experience.
  • Air Cooled Goga Mat insole – Offers breathable cushioning and anti-microbial moisture control. Helps regulate the temperature inside the shoe.
  • Memory foam top layer – Extra cushioning and molding support.

LD99 Cushioning

  • Air Cooled Memory Foam – Breathable foam cushioning molds to your foot for personalized comfort and support.
  • Responsive midsole – Lightweight cushioning for flexibility and traction with activity or movement.

Both offer quality cushioning, but the HCRST has extra memory foam for superior comfort during long wear. The LD99 prioritizes a lightweight feel that stays fresher for activity.

User Review and Rating

Shoes need traction to prevent slips plus durability to withstand daily wear. Here’s how they compare:


Review: The Skechers HCRST provide excellent cushioning and good traction for high intensity workouts. They are also very durable with a solid outsole. The LD99 offers a sleeker style that works well for casual wear, but isn’t quite as performance driven. Overall the HCRST is the better option for athletic activities while the LD99 prioritizes fashionable looks.

Price Comparison

ShoeAverage Price
Skechers HCRST$65
Skechers LD99$45

The HCRST costs around $20 more than the LD99. The extra cost is justified by the HCRST’s specialized features for high intensity training. The LD99 offers Skechers style at a more budget friendly price point.

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Style Comparison

With the right style, your shoes complete any outfit. Skechers offers diverse options across both lines:

HCRST Styles

  • HCRST Trail Boot – Rugged waterproof leather and lugged outsole
  • HCRST Sport Clog – Slip-on comfort clog with air-cooled memory foam
  • HCRST Slip Resistant Sneaker – Athletic slip-resistant walking shoe

LD99 Styles

  • LD99 Trainers – Low profile lace up athletic shoes
  • LD99 Oxford Shoes – Classic Oxford style with stitching accents
  • LD99 Velcro Sneakers – Easy velcro closure walking shoes

So no matter your needs – rugged, sporty, classic – Skechers HCRST and LD99 lines have styles sure to fit your taste.


For all-day comfort and a roomy wide fit, the Skechers HCRST leads with its lightweight cushioning system, memory foam, and flexible fabrics. It works well for long hours on your feet in demanding jobs.

But the LD99 takes the lead if you need a stable athletic shoe for activities like walking, exercise, or travel. Key benefits include its grooved flexible traction sole and breathable lightweight cushioning technology.

Check intended use, fit, and style options to decide the right Skechers shoe for you. Both offer quality and comfort at an affordable price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do HCRST or LD99 shoes come in wide sizes?

The HCRST runs wider than average to accommodate expansion with use. But LD99 fits narrower through the toe box. Neither comes in designated wide sizes.

Are HCRST or LD99 shoes better for plantar fasciitis?

With extra memory foam and cushioning, the HCRST excels at providing arch and heel support to aid conditions like plantar fasciitis that benefit from shock absorption.

How long do HCRST and LD99 shoes last?

With rugged materials and durable stitching, the HCRST lasts over 1 year with regular use. Expect 6 months to 1 year from LD99 shoes with average wear before replacing.

Do HCRST or LD99 have removable insoles?

Some HCRST styles feature removable insoles while LD99 insoles tend to be permanently set. Check the exact model for details. Aftermarket insoles can be added to both for further custom orthotic support.

What stores sell Skechers HCRST and LD99 shoes?

Major retailers like Amazon, Zappos, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Famous Footwear, and carry selections from both Skechers lines. Price and availability vary.

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