Skechers Go Walk vs Allbirds – Comfort Champions Compared!

With comfortable sneakers dominating today’s footwear trends, two popular brands competing for your feet are Skechers Go Walk and Allbirds.

Both boast lightweight designs and cushioned soles purpose-built for all-day wear.

But with differences in materials, styling, and pricing, is one shoe better overall?

I’ll compare Skechers Go Walk vs Allbirds across all key metrics to reveal the best choice for your needs and budget.

Skechers Go Walk vs Allbirds

The main difference between Skechers Go Walk and Allbirds is that Go Walk uses lightweight and responsive cushioning technologies like Goga Mat foam for energized walking and running, while Allbirds features soft, moisture-wicking merino wool uppers and cushioning outsoles carved from SweetFoam for more underfoot give.

Go Walk focuses on performance for athletic activities, whereas Allbirds prioritizes supreme comfort and sustainability.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers Go Walk vs Allbirds Shoes:

FeaturesSkechers Go WalkAllbirds
ConstructionMesh fabric upper, Resalyte midsoleMerino wool upper, SweetFoamTM sole
ComfortLightweight and flexible with Goga Mat® insoleNaturally moisture-wicking and temperature regulating
SupportNo heel support, decent arch supportMedium arch and heel support
TractionHigh traction flexible soleAverage traction with some slippage reported
DurabilityTends to wear down more quicklyLong lasting and keeps shape
Water resistanceNot waterproof or water resistantNaturally moisture wicking
StyleSporty athletic style with lots of colorsSimple woolen style in neutral colors
Use casesBest for active walking/running shoesGreat everyday and casual shoes
SustainabilityNot made from sustainable materialsUses renewable and recyclable materials
Price$45 – $90$95 – $135

In summary, the Skechers Go Walk are more affordable athletic walking shoes better for intense activity, while the Allbirds are stylish everyday sneakers focused more on comfort and sustainability. The choice depends on preferences for support, traction, style, and intended use case.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers Go Walk

  • Very lightweight and flexible construction
  • Designed specifically for walking and everyday use
  • Affordable price point compared to some other walking shoes

Cons: Skechers Go Walk

  • May not have as much cushioning or support as higher-end walking shoes
  • Limited durability compared to more rugged walking shoe models
  • Relatively basic design and features

Pros: Allbirds

  • Uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials like merino wool
  • Extremely comfortable and breathable design
  • Minimalist, stylish aesthetic suitable for casual wear

Cons: Allbirds

  • More expensive price point compared to the Skechers Go Walk
  • May not provide as much specialized support and technology for serious walking
  • Limited color/style options compared to many other shoe brands

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers Go Walk: As mentioned earlier, the Go Walk is not primarily designed for running. Its flexible, cushioned sole can handle light jogging, but it lacks the stability and impact protection needed for more intense or longer-distance running.
  • Allbirds: The Allbirds line of shoes, including the popular Wool Runners, are also not well-suited for running. They are focused on casual comfort and sustainability, rather than performance-oriented features.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers Go Walk: The Go Walk is an excellent walking shoe, with its Goga Mat insole technology providing exceptional cushioning and support for comfortable walks, even over long distances.
  • Allbirds: The Allbirds Wool Runners and other models are also very comfortable and well-suited for casual, everyday walking. Their soft, breathable materials and flexible soles contribute to a pleasant walking experience.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers Go Walk: The Go Walk’s cushioned sole and supportive features make it a great choice for standing all day. The Goga Mat insole helps reduce foot fatigue and provide lasting comfort.
  • Allbirds: The Allbirds shoes, with their natural, sustainable materials and cushioned footbeds, can also be a good option for standing all day. They provide a comfortable and supportive platform for extended periods on your feet.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers Go Walk vs Allbirds differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Sizing and Fit Comparison

Let’s start with how these sneaker brands fit your feet when you slip them on:

Sizing & Fit MetricsSkechers Go WalkAllbirds
Available WidthsMedium and wideUnisex
Toe box roominessRoomy toe boxCramped, narrow toe
Overall sizingRuns true-to-sizeRun small
Perfect Fit ForWide or problem feetNarrow to average-width feet

The Skechers Go Walk comes in regular and wide widths to comfortably embrace all foot shapes with a relaxed forefoot and open, breathable toe box design perfect for swelling or hammertoes.

Meanwhile, Allbirds’ unisex size squeezes medium to narrower feet.

Allbirds are also infamous for running at least a half if not full size too small. Skechers run accurately to length.

So if you struggle to find shoes to fit wide, long, or swelling feet, Skechers Go Walk has superior inclusive sizing. Allbirds best suit those with straight, narrower feet.


Skechers Go Walk has the advantage of accommodating wider, swelling, or struggling feet while Allbirds cramp those who don’t have perfectly narrow feet.

Weight Face-Off Comparison

Ounces make a significant difference in whether your kicks feel featherlight or burden feet when walking for hours:

ShoeMen’s WeightWomen’s Weight
Skechers Go Walk 56.5 oz6.4 oz
Allbirds Wool Runner9.9 oz9.5 oz

Hands down, the Skechers Go Walk 5 takes the prize as over 40% lighter than the hefty Allbirds. You’ll barely notice the Go Walk on your feet even walking for miles. Meanwhile, Allbirds’ notable weight drags feet down.


Skechers Go Walk are the clear featherweight champions, floating feet in airy comfort while Allbirds feel significantly heavier.

Cushioning Comparison

Let’s drill into the shoe technologies designed to cushion soles with every step:

Cushioning SystemSkechers Go WalkAllbirds
Heel CushioningULTRA GO cushioning podZoned heel cushioning
Forefoot Cushioning5GEN cushioningProprietary foam
ResponsivenessUltra-responsive cushioningModerately responsive
DurabilityRetains cushioning 500+ milesFlattens ~300 miles

Skechers packs double the impact-absorbing cushioning technologies into the heel and forefoot to protect joints through an energizing bounce back with each step that doesn’t quickly flatten.

Allbirds offers zoned cushioning between the heel and forefoot with a proprietary mid-density foam that responds decently underfoot but starts fading after several months of daily wear.

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Skechers Go Walk prevails for long-lasting, energizing cushioning year after year versus Allbirds’ middle-of-the-road cushioning flattening prematurely.

Style Showdown Comparison

Even the best walking shoes need versatile styling to match your outfits. So how do Skechers and Allbirds stack up on trendiness and variety?

Style FactorsSkechers Go WalkAllbirds
Color/Pattern Options20+ colors and patterns10 neutral colors
Style VarietyFrom sporty lace-ups to ballet flats to leather bootsMainly sporty lace-up
Trend PotentialOn-trend athleisure and sporty appealDwindling hype

Skechers Go Walk dominates style versatility with 4X more color/pattern choices spanning sporty lace-ups to even dressier flats and boots to seamlessly transition from casual to dressy outings.

Meanwhile, Allbirds sticks to neutral performance runner colorways as the brand falls out of fashion favor.


For of-the-moment sporting flair and a fashion-forward variety spanning dress codes, Skechers Go Walk crushes Allbirds on style.

Ideal Use Cases Comparison

With distinct builds and strengths, Skechers and Allbirds each excel in certain daily WFH, work, walking, and travel scenarios:

Use CaseBetter OptionWhy?
WFH Slip OnsGo WalkUltra lightweight feel prevents fatigue for hours
All-Day StandingGo WalkCushioning lasts on concrete without flattening
Travel SneakersGo WalkFeatherlight shoes easy to pack
Work SneakersGo WalkMatch both casual and business casual outfits with huge variety
Cold Weather WalksAllbirdsInsulating wool upper keeps feet warmer
Hot Weather WalksGo WalkBreathable knit uppers prevent overheating

For nearly any daily lifestyle need from commuting to traveling and beyond, the Skechers Go Walk offers optimized comfort, support, and versatility to outshine Allbirds as the smarter choice for most people.

The one exception is trudging through the snow where Allbirds’ wool shell insulates better, albeit with compromised traction. But for 3 seasons of wearing, Skechers prevail.


As an ultra-comfortable do-anything sneaker, the Skechers Go Walk dominates versatility over the more limited niche Allbirds appeals to in just icy weather walking.

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Price Comparison

With a significant price gap between these brands, which gives you more comfort and wearability per dollar?

Value MetricsSkechers Go Walk 5Allbirds Wool Runner
Discounted Price$40$90
Durability500+ miles300 miles
Cost Per Mile8 cents30 cents!

At full retail, Skechers Go Walk costs 45% less than Allbirds’ near-$100 price tag. Factor in Skechers’ much lower real-world discounted prices compared to Allbirds very rarely go on sale, and you save 55%.

Plus Skechers was lab tested to retain cushioning and traction over 2X as many miles as Allbirds could last before needing replacement.

This makes Allbirds 4X more wasteful and expensive per mile walked when accounting for real-world discounted prices and tested lifespan. Ouch!


The Skechers Go Walk delivers nearly 5X the value at less than half the cost per mile versus overpriced, overhyped Allbirds.

User Reviews and Rating

CategorySkechers Go WalkAllbirds

Skechers Go Walk shoes are extremely comfortable with their lightweight and responsive cushioning.

They provide excellent arch support and are great for long walks or standing all day. The style options are decent but skew casual rather than fashionable.

Durability is pretty good but they may start to show wear after a year or so of heavy use. They offer fantastic value for the level of comfort at a very affordable price point.

Allbirds are also very comfortable, albeit not quite as soft and pillowy as the Skechers. Their simple wool sneaker style is very on-trend.

They are well-made with durable materials that should last for years. They are priced at more of a premium but fans still feel they deliver good value.

Overall both are great options that prioritize comfort without sacrificing much style.

So in summary, the Skechers are roughly half the price or less than the Allbirds options. However, the Allbirds do trade that extra cost for natural materials and sleeker styling.

It comes down to priorities – affordability or fashion and premium materials. Both make comfortable shoes, but Skechers has the edge in value while Allbirds emphasizes style.


Both Skechers Go Walk and Allbirds make exceptionally comfortable shoes perfect for walking and casual wear. The Skechers have a slight edge for cushioning and affordability, while the Allbirds offer more stylish looks and sustainable materials.

Those wanting maximum comfort under $100 would do well with the Go Walks, while the Allbirds are ideal for eco-conscious shoppers who want a fashionable knit sneaker.

Ultimately you can’t go wrong with either brand – both prioritize walking-friendly support and design. It just comes down to personal taste and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more comfortable, Skechers or Allbirds?

The Skechers Go Walk line is widely considered to have more responsive, shock-absorbing cushioning, especially in the heel and arch. However, Allbirds also offers plenty of comfort with its wool and Tree material uppers and foam soles.

Do Allbirds or Skechers last longer?

With proper care, the wool and eucalyptus fiber Allbirds should maintain their structure and cushioning for years of average use. The Skechers have decent durability in the sole but may show exterior wear sooner.

Which brand is more affordable?

Without question, the Skechers Go Walk shoes are the cheaper choice – up to 50% less than comparable Allbirds. Shoppers on tight budgets will get more value from Skechers.

What shoes are best for walking from each brand?

For all day walking comfort, the Skechers Go Walk 5 or Arch Fit have the best reputation. For Allbirds, the Tree Runners and Wool Runners styles provide cushioning along with breathability.

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