Skechers vs On Cloud – Comfort Running Shoe Showdown!

Choosing the right athletic shoe is crucial for comfort and performance during workouts and daily activities.

Two popular athletic footwear brands to consider are Skechers and On Cloud.

But with so many styles and features to evaluate, how do you decide which brand is better for your needs?

We compare Skechers vs On Cloud shoes across several key factors. We’ll analyze shoe construction, cushioning and support, weight and flexibility, intended use, special features, price points, and more.

Skechers vs On Cloud

The primary distinction between Skechers and On Cloud shoes is that Skechers concentrates on lifestyle and athletic footwear while On Cloud specializes in running shoes and active wear. Skechers incorporates memory foam and other cushioning technologies for casual versatility, whereas On Cloud uses a unique CloudTec sole with segmented cushioning pods engineered specifically for an adaptive, responsive running experience.

Ultimately, Skechers aims for approachable style and comfort while On Cloud pursues high-performance functionality for runners.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers vs On Cloud Shoes:

FeatureSkechersOn Cloud
Country of OriginUnited StatesSwitzerland
Year Founded19922010
Types of ShoesAthletic, walking, training, gymRunning, athletic
Popular Shoe LinesGOrun, GOwalk, GOtrainCloud, Cloud X
Typical Price Range$50 – $100$130 – $170
Technologies UsedAir Cooled Memory Foam, Hyper BurstCloudTec cushioning, Speedboard
Width Sizing AvailabilityMedium, wide, extra wideMedium, wide
Durability300-500 miles400-500 miles
Style VarietyHigh with loud colorsSimple and muted colors
Use CasesShort runs, gym, casual wearSpeed training, racing, endurance
International AvailabilityGlobalMainly US and Europe

In summary, Skechers offers affordable cushioned shoes for casual and beginner fitness activities whereas On focuses on high-performance running using innovative but expensive technologies for serious runners.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers

  • May not offer as much support and stability as premium running shoe brands
  • Cushioning and responsiveness may not be as advanced as higher-end options
  • Shorter lifespan compared to more durable shoes
  • Limited color and style options for more serious runners

Cons: Skechers

  • Casual/everyday running
  • Beginner or occasional runners
  • Those on a tighter budget

Pros: On Cloud

  • Premium materials and construction for high-quality feel
  • Innovative “cloud” cushioning system provides excellent impact absorption and responsiveness
  • Sleek, modern aesthetic appeals to fashionable runners
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Good arch support and stability features

Cons: On Cloud

  • Significantly more expensive than Skechers and many other running shoe brands
  • Limited availability compared to larger brands like Nike or Adidas
  • May not provide as much comfort and “pillow-like” feel as Skechers
  • Traction not as robust as some other trail/off-road running shoes

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • On Cloud shoes are designed specifically for running and are known for their lightweight, responsive cushioning and support. They use a patented CloudTec sole that provides excellent shock absorption and energy return to propel you forward while running.
  • Skechers have some running-focused models, but they are generally not considered as high-performance as the On Cloud shoes for serious runners. Skechers tends to focus more on comfort and everyday wear rather than elite running performance.

Shoes for Walking

  • Both Skechers and On Cloud make excellent walking shoes. Skechers are renowned for their comfort and cushioning, with models like the Go Walk line designed specifically for all-day walking.
  • On Cloud walking shoes also provide great comfort and support for long periods of walking, with their lightweight and responsive CloudTec sole. They may have a slight edge in terms of stability and energy return compared to many Skechers walking shoes.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers are a top choice for standing all day, with many of their shoes featuring superior cushioning and arch support. Models like the Work and Max Cushioning lines are designed for all-day comfort on your feet.
  • On Cloud also makes shoes well-suited for standing all day, with their innovative CloudTec soles providing excellent shock absorption and support. However, Skechers may have a slight advantage in this category in terms of overall cushioning and comfort for prolonged standing.

Now that you have an overview of Skechers vs On Cloud Shoes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Shoe Construction

Skechers and On Cloud utilize different shoe construction methods that impact durability, flexibility, and comfort:

Skechers vs On Cloud Shoe Construction

FeatureSkechersOn Cloud
Manufacturing ProcessInjection moldedCompression-molded
Material CompositionSynthetic, meshMesh, elastic speed laces
StabilityReinforced heelsSingle-piece outer sole
WeightHeavierUltra lightweight

As this table shows, Skechers employs injection molding to fuse synthetic overlays and mesh fabric. This yields sturdy yet breathable shoes.

Meanwhile, On Cloud compression molds ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam together in a single piece for an exceptionally light shoe.

While Skechers offers more structure, On Cloud places priority on delivering a barely-there feel. The weight difference reflects these different goals.

Cushioning & Support Comparison

Proper cushioning and support prevent injury while giving comfortable mileage. Here’s how Skechers and On Cloud shoes compare in these areas:

Cushioning & Support Features

FeatureSkechersOn Cloud
Midsole CushioningAir Cooled Memory FoamCloudTec® (EVA foam)
StabilityGel-infused memory foam, reinforced heelsAnatomical footbed
Arch SupportModerate to highMedium
Use CaseLong miles & workoutsMedium to long distance

A few key distinctions stand out. Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam cradles the foot with responsive cushioning. This makes it suitable for both lengthy runs and intense gym sessions.

By contrast, On Cloud’s signature, CloudTec® midsole delivers a soft landing followed by explosive takeoff energy return. With less overall foam density, CloudTec® suits medium to long distances better than intense training.

On Cloud also prioritizes anatomical design for a comfortable stride. But Skechers offers greater stability through structured heels and higher arch support. This can aid runners who overpronate.

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Weight & Flexibility Comparison

An athletic shoe’s weight and flexibility impact comfort and performance. Here is how Skechers and On Cloud compare:

Weight & Flexibility Features

FeatureSkechersOn Cloud
Heel to Toe Drop4mm or 8mm6mm
FlexibilityMedium stiffnessHighly flexible
Use CaseLong miles & stabilityNatural running experience

On Cloud, shoes are exceptionally lightweight at 6-8oz due to the single-piece compressed midsole. This delivers a barely-there feel for natural running mechanics.

By contrast, Skechers shoes weigh over 11oz. Heavier cushioning and stability elements account for this. While not as flexible as On Cloud, Skechers still enable a comfortable stride.

So those requiring stability favor Skechers. But On Cloud gives nearly unrestricted foot movement that minimalist runners will enjoy.

Intended Use & Activity Comparison

Both Skechers and On Cloud make shoes tailored for specific activities and uses:

Skechers and On Cloud Intended Uses

CategorySkechersOn Cloud
RunningGOrun Speed seriesCloud series
WalkingGO Walk Arch FitCloudace
Gym & TrainingFlex Appeal, Gorun FastCloud X
LifestyleRelaxed FitCloudnova

For pure running, Skechers GOrun Speed rivals the On Cloud line in delivering responsive cushioning at various heel heights.

Skechers also offers the GO Walk Arch Fit with stability to prevent overpronation on long walks. Versus On Cloudae prioritizes all-day wearability over corrections.

For cross-training and the gym, Skechers has more styles that stabilize feet during lateral moves and weightlifting. Cloud X emerges as the closest gym alternative.

Finally for lifestyle, Skechers has everyday casual designs beyond athletic purposes. Though On Cloudnova gives comparable casual comfort and cloud-like cushioning.

So in review, Skechers edges out On Cloud in versatility with more specialized shoes per activity. But On Cloud still covers core bases like running and walking.

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Unique Comparison

Skechers and On Cloud also provide unique features not found with competitor brands:

Skechers – M Strike Technology promotes midfoot placement for efficient strides. Meanwhile, athletic styles like GO Run Ride 9 employ Hyper Burst cushioning – an ultra-responsive compressed foam compound.

On Cloud – CloudTec cushioning gets highlighted the most. But On Cloud shoes also utilize Zero-Gravity foam to deliver ultra-light landings. Speedboard technology offers rigidity for explosive takeoffs in the running line.

Which brand wins out comes down to preference. Do you want a midfoot strike, Hyper Burst foam, and stability?

Or does a featherlight feel, explosive speed, and unrestricted flexibility appeal more?

Consider where your needs align.

Price Comparison

While Skechers and On Cloud compete in technology and performance, they differ significantly in pricing:

Skechers vs On Cloud Price Point Comparison

BrandAverage Price Range
On Cloud$120-$170

Skechers positions itself solidly as an affordable athletic brand. Typical prices span $50-$100 whether for lifestyle or performance shoes. This makes it one of the most budget-friendly options.

By contrast, Swiss-engineered On Cloud shoes cost between $120-$170. You certainly pay more for the cushioning technology. But fans praise the smooth, responsive ride as justifying the price point.

Ultimately comfort and features matter most – not solely budget. Still, those with limited funds might lean towards Skechers for greater affordability.

User Reviews and Rating

FeatureRatingSkechersOn Cloud
Cushioning⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Review: Skechers has excellent cushioning that absorbs shock and feels like walking on air.Review: On Cloud has good cushioning though not as soft and padded as Skechers.
Fit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Review: Skechers fit true to size and width for most feet.Review: On Cloud offers a very comfortable, customized fit that contours to each foot.
Weight⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Review: Skechers run a bit heavy compared to other performance shoes.Review: On Cloud are incredibly lightweight, you barely feel like you’re wearing shoes!
Durability⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Review: Skechers show some wear and breakdown after several months of use.Review: On Cloud shoes hold up very well over long distances and varying terrain.
Performance⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Review: Skechers perform solidly for casual runs and workouts.Review: On Cloud excel at long distances and respond great during tempo runs or sprints.

I structured the comparison in a table with features as rows and the two shoe brands as columns.

For each feature, I provided a 5 star rating and a sample user review highlighting that attribute of the shoes. Please let me know if you would like me to modify or add anything!


When choosing between On Cloud versus Skechers shoes, consider construction method, cushioning type, stability, weight, flexibility, and pricing. Analyze your foot type and fitness activity needs against their specialized features.

For runners needing responsiveness on roads and trails, On Cloud excels in delivering featherlight, smooth rides.

The signature CloudTec makes them a top choice for neutral gaits. Yet stability-seeking athletes will get more support through Skechers.

Casual wearers after next-level cushioning at work or play can’t go wrong with On Cloud. But those wanting budget-friendly walking and lifestyle shoes find a better fit with Skecher’s many affordable designs.

In the end, identifying athletic versus lifestyle and stability requirements makes choosing simpler. Let your needs determine whether building clouds or powering through miles feels right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is best for running?

On Cloud gets the edge for dedicated neutral running shoes. Lightweight CloudTec foam facilitates smooth turnover and bounce. Meanwhile, Skechers offers comparable technologies like Hyper Burst while giving added stability. Choose On Cloud for cushioning and Skechers if overpronation could occur.

Do On Cloud shoes feel like walking on clouds?

Yes – the proprietary CloudTec cushioning lives up to its name! Expect lightweight steps, explosive energy return, and continuous comfort mile after mile.

Why are On Cloud shoes more expensive than Skechers?

The price difference largely relates to imported materials and patented cushioning technology in On Cloud’s shoes. Skechers can leverage cheaper manufacturing for affordability. But On Cloud invests in premium components that do deliver an exceptionally smooth run.

Which brand makes more lifestyle, non-athletic shoes?

While both brands have lifestyle lines, Skechers offers far more variety in casual shoes at affordable costs. Choices range from sandals to slip-resistant styles ideal for occupations.

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