Skechers Bobs vs Hey Dudes Shoes

When it comes to all-day comfort, Skechers BOBS and Hey Dude are two affordable footwear brands that deliver.

With their slip-on styling, lightweight materials, and cushioning, they provide ease for your feet.

But how do you choose between these comfort-focused brands?

This detailed comparison guide analyzes the key similarities and differences between Skechers BOBS vs Hey Dude shoes.

Discover which is the right fit for your lifestyle and budget.

Comparison: Skechers Bobs vs Hey Dudes

The key difference between Skechers Bobs and Hey Dudes shoes is their respective aesthetics and target markets: Bobs from Skechers feature whimsical, casual designs aimed at women, while Hey Dudes offers laid-back slip-on styles geared more towards younger men’s casual lifestyle footwear.

Before comparing the specifics, here is an overview of Skechers Bobs vs Hey Dudes:

FeatureSkechers BobsHey Dudes
ConstructionCanvas, mesh, faux leatherCanvas, mesh
InsoleMemory foamMemory foam
Comfort FeaturesAir Cooled Memory Foam, arch supportMemory foam for cushioning
ClosureLaces, slip-on availableLaces, slip-on available
Width OptionsMedium, wide, extra wideMedium, wide
Size RangeMen’s: 7-16 Women’s: 5-12Men’s: 7-15 Women’s: 5-11
DesignsTons of fun, unique prints and patternsSolid colors and subtle patterns
Water FriendlyYes, water friendly designNot specifically water friendly
Price$30 – $60$35 – $75
WeightVery lightweightVery lightweight
CompanySkechers, USA basedHey Dude, Brazil based
Social InitiativesDonates shoes and funds charity eventsEco-friendly materials support sustainability

In summary, both Skechers Bobs and Hey Dudes are comfortable, lightweight shoes perfect for casual everyday wear. Key differences are that Bobs come in more bold, colorful designs while Hey Dudes offer more basic colors.

Bobs are also specifically made to get wet if needed. Hey Dudes may have a slight edge in premium feel and price reflects that.

But overall they offer similar value in high quality, memory foam casual shoes.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Skechers Bobs

  • Casual, slip-on style that is easy to put on and take off
  • Variety of fun, stylish designs and prints available
  • Some models feature memory foam insoles for added comfort

Cons: Hey Dudes

  • May not provide as much arch support or stability as more structured shoes
  • Durability may be a concern over extended use
  • Limited options for those with wider feet or specific support needs

Pros: Hey Dudes

  • Lightweight and flexible construction for all-day wear
  • Variety of casual, laid-back styles in a wide range of colors
  • Often more affordable than some other casual slip-on brands

Cons: Hey Dudes

  • Minimal arch support and cushioning compared to more supportive shoe types
  • Not as suitable for high-impact activities or all-day wear for those with foot issues
  • Limited availability in brick-and-mortar retail stores

Which Shoes Are Good for Different Activities

Shoes for Running

  • Skechers Bobs: The Bobs line is not designed for running. They are casual, comfortable shoes focused on everyday wear rather than athletic performance.
  • Hey Dude: The Hey Dude shoes are also not suitable for running. They are lightweight, casual shoes intended for everyday use, not high-impact activities.

Shoes for Walking

  • Skechers Bobs: The Bobs can be a decent option for casual, everyday walking. Their comfortable, flexible design provides basic support and cushioning for short to moderate walks.
  • Hey Dude: The Hey Dude shoes are a good choice for walking. Their lightweight, breathable construction and flexible soles make them comfortable for casual walking.

Shoes for Standing All Day

  • Skechers Bobs: The Bobs may provide reasonable comfort for standing all day, though they may not offer the same level of support and cushioning as some other Skechers models.
  • Hey Dude: The Hey Dude shoes can work well for standing all day. Their lightweight, cushioned design helps reduce foot fatigue during extended periods on your feet.

Now that you have an overview of the Skechers Bobs vs Hey Dudes differences, read on for an in-depth feature-by-feature comparison.

Overview of Skechers BOBS and Hey Dude

First, let’s get familiar with both brands before we dive into the nitty-gritty comparisons.

All About Skechers BOBS

Skechers BOBS is a line of casual lifestyle shoes with a “buy one, give one” charitable mission. For every pair sold, Skechers donates a pair to someone in need.

Some fast facts:

  • BOBS originally stood for “Be One. Give One.”
  • Canvas, knit, faux fur, vegan materials
  • Flats, sneakers, sandals, espadrilles, clogs
  • Machine washable styles for easy care
  • Affordable pricing is usually under $60

Hey Dude Shoes

Founded in 2008 in Italy, Hey Dude makes comfortable, lightweight shoes and slippers from high-quality, earth-friendly materials.

A quick overview:

  • Men’s, women’s, and kids’ styles
  • Casual lace-up and slip-on designs
  • Materials like cotton, wool, memory foam
  • Flexible sole with reflex and yield technology
  • Prices from $40 to $70

Now let’s see how Skechers BOBS and Hey Dude compare across different parameters.

Comfort Factors Comparison

1. Cushioning and Insoles

Cushioned insoles provide comfort where you need it most – under the foot.

Skechers BOBS CushioningHey Dude Cushioning
Memory Foam FootbedMemory foam or wool insole
Textile lining prevents irritationYield reflex padded foam midsole
Flexible midsole cushioningErgonomic cupped shape
Most styles lack specialized supportLightweight EVA or rubber outsole

While both offer memory foam, Hey Dude has more technology built into its specialized sole unit.

But BOBS has decent all-around comfort that works for casual wear.

2. Fit and Sizing

Finding the right fit ensures all-day comfort in any shoe.

Skechers BOBS SizingHey Dude Sizing
Runs true to sizeRuns large, size down 0.5
Available in medium widthsUnisex sizing with a wide range
Women’s sizes 5-11, Men’s 7-13Men’s sizes 7-15
Few wide width optionsWomen’s sizes 5-12
Limited half sizesHalf sizes available

Hey, Dude has more size and width variations for a customizable fit.

Skechers BOBS fits true to size in standard options.

3. Break-In Period

Shoes that need less break-in offer comfort right away.

Skechers BOBS SizingHey Dude Sizing
Runs true to sizeRuns large, size down 0.5
Available in medium widthsUnisex sizing with a wide range
Women’s sizes 5-11, Men’s 7-13Men’s sizes 7-15
Few wide width optionsWomen’s sizes 5-12
Limited half sizesHalf sizes available

BOBS start comfy while Hey Dudes take 1-2 weeks of wear to soften and mold to your feet.

But the initial firmness makes Hey Dudes more durable.

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4. Weight and Flexibility

Lightweight, flexible materials move naturally with your feet.

Skechers BOBS Weight and FlexibilityHey Dude Weight and Flexibility
Very lightweight at 6-12 ozSuper lightweight at 5-8 oz
Flexible canvas or knit uppersEasy to pack and carry
Full-length outsole flexionFlexible sole construction
Structured support lackingOutsole flex grooves

Hey Dude shoes are marginally lighter given the minimalist design.

But both brands offer flexibility from top to bottom ideal for travel and all-day wear.

5. Arch Support

Arch support alleviates foot pain and strain.

Skechers BOBS Arch SupportHey Dude Arch Support
Memory foam molds to your archAnatomical cupped sole supports arches
Removable insole if you need more supportWool footbed conduces to arches
Podiatrist-approved insoles on some stylesMedial ridge for stability
Mostly neutral support is best for flat archesLacks features for flat feet

Hey Dude has a contoured design and stability ridge more suitable for medium to high arches.

BOBS works well for neutral or flat feet.

6. Upper Materials

Smooth, irritation-free materials prevent discomfort atop your feet.

Skechers BOBS Upper MaterialsHey Dude Upper Materials
Soft washed canvasCotton, wool, linen, canvas
Knit textile or jerseySuede leather in some styles
Vegan or faux leather and suedeBreathable mesh lining
Mesh panels for breathabilityPull tabs at the heel for easy wear

BOBS uses more synthetic knits and vegan materials. Hey Dude focuses on natural fibers like cotton, wool, and linen that feel great.

Style, Use Cases, and Other Factors

Beyond just comfort, let’s compare other parameters that impact your decision between these two brands.

Style and Variety

Both brands offer slip-on casual silhouettes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Skechers BOBS StyleHey Dude Style
Flats, loafers, sneakersLoafers, lace-ups, slip-on
Espadrilles, sandals, clogsMonochrome and two-tone colors
Prints, solids, pastelsSome florals and abstract patterns
Bohemian, artistic vibePreppy, upscale aesthetic

BOBS has more variety like espadrilles and a laidback vibe.

Hey Dude focuses on a classic slip-on in many colors with a refined preppy feel.

Traction and Grip

Traction ensures secure footing on slick or uneven surfaces.

Skechers BOBS TractionHey Dude Traction
Everyday flexible tractionTextured bottom for a neutral grip
Some styles with grippy soleNot designed for rough terrain
Lifestyle use not for hiking or workOkay for walking and travel
Lack of heavy tread or lugsLack of heavy tread or lugs

Being lifestyle brands, neither has rugged traction for intense activities. Both work fine for everyday use in urban settings.

Ease of Cleaning

Choose washable shoes for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Skechers BOBS CareHey Dude Care
The majority are machine washableHand wash or machine wash gentle
Air dry away from direct heatLet air dry to retain shape
Spot clean faux leather or furSpot clean suede and canvas

Most BOBS and many Hey Dudes can be tossed straight into the laundry for an easy refresh. Both brands are simple to clean and care for.

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Price Comparison

As value brands, both offer affordable price points.

Skechers BOBS PriceHey Dude Price
Women’s: $30-$60Women’s: $50-$70
Men’s: $40-$60Men’s: $45-$75
Kids: $25-$50Kids: $40-$50
On sale often under $50Ranges from $40-$75

BOBS starts lower at $30 while Hey Dudes are consistently $40 to $70.

But both offer comfortable shoes well under $100.


Waterproof shoes protect your feet in wet conditions.

Skechers BOBS Waterproofing

  • Mainly casual non-waterproof styles
  • Some treated cotton or canvas pairs
  • Avoid heavy rain and slush

Hey Dude Waterproofing

  • Select water-resistant options
  • Coated suede or waxed canvas
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Okay in light rain or snow

Neither brand specializes in waterproofing. Opt for waxed or coated pairs from both for mild wet weather use.

Where to Buy Skechers BOBS and Hey Dude

You can conveniently find both brands online and in stores.

Where to Buy Skechers BOBS

  • Skechers website and stores
  • Limited availability in shoe stores
  • Amazon, Zappos, Journeys, DSW
  • International shipping from

Where to Buy Hey Dude

  • Hey Dude website
  • Zappos, DSW, Journeys, Rack Room
  • Amazon in 30+ countries
  • Store locator on site

Hey Dude has a smaller retail footprint with wider online shipping options. BOBS is easier to find locally but also available across online retailers.

User Reviews and Rating

FeatureRatingSkechers BobsHey Dudes
Comfort⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The Bobs line gets rave reviews for comfort. Memory foam and air cooled insoles make them very cushy for all-day wear. Lightweight materials help too.Users find Hey Dudes surprisingly comfortable with the soft, lightweight canvas and EVA foam outsoles. Arch support is lacking for some though.
Style⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Lots of fun, casual styles and patterns available. Some users feel the giant Skechers logo is too prominent on the sides though.Minimalist laidback style goes with everything from jeans to suits. Beige and other colors provide a basic, understated look.
Durability⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Most users are impressed with Bobs’ durability considering the affordable prices. Soles and stitching hold up well to daily wear for 6 months plus.Being made of canvas, most users say Hey Dudes last a long time with consistent wear, over a year in some cases. Soles may show wear sooner.
Waterproof⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The Bobs line is not marketed as waterproof. While some materials may repel light moisture, heavy rain or puddles will soak through.Hey Dudes emphasizes their canvas shoes are washed canvas, making them waterproof and stain resistant. Most users agree they keep feet dry.
Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Very affordable, always under $50. Seen as good value for the money given the technologies and reputable brand.Also very inexpensive, around $40 on average. Users feel Hey Dudes are an amazing value for surprisingly sturdy shoes.

The Verdict: BOBS vs Hey Dudes

Now for the final verdict on which brand comes out on top:

  • For instant comfort – BOBS slightly edges out Hey Dude with its flexible construction and instant wearability.
  • For all-day support – Hey Dude’s contoured sole and reflex technology gives it an advantage with prolonged use.
  • For machine washable care – most BOBS and many Hey Dude styles can be tossed right in the laundry.
  • For budget buyers – BOBS starts at lower price points under $50 compared to Hey Dude’s $40 base price.
  • For style variety – BOBS offers more types like espadrilles and prints in a casual boho vibe compared to Hey Dude’s preppy slip-on colors.
  • For wide sizing availability – Hey Dude accommodates more foot shapes and widths.

So choose BOBS if you want instant slip-on comfort on a tight budget.

Pick Hey Dude for superior cushioning and support all day long.

Let your needs and preferences guide you to the best choice between these two comfort brands.


When evaluating Skechers BOBS versus Hey Dude, consider your priorities for comfort, support, style, budget, and intended use.

Both brands deliver easygoing slip-on silhouettes with decent cushioning at wallet-friendly prices.

BOBS is ideal if you want instant step-in comfort and variety in flats, sneakers, and sandals under $50.

Hey Dude offers superior technologies in its sole for cushioning and arch support in preppy slip-on loafers from $40 to $70.

So choose the affordable shoe brand that best matches your needs. Whether it is BOBS or Hey Dude, you can walk in lightweight comfort all day, every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hey Dude shoes comfortable?

Yes, Hey Dude shoes are known for their lightweight comfort and reflex padded outsole. The contoured footbed also provides arch support.

What are Skechers BOBS made of?

Skechers BOBS are made of canvas, knitted textiles, vegan leather/suede, and other animal-free materials as part of their ethical mission.

Do Hey Dude shoes run big?

Yes, most users recommend sizing down in Hey Dudes as they run 0.5 to 1 size large. Trying them on first is advisable.

Are Skechers BOBS good walking shoes?

BOBS are very lightweight and flexible which makes them decent for short walks. However, they lack stability features that make them suitable for extended walking.

Are Hey Dude shoes machine washable?

Some Hey Dude styles are machine washable on a gentle cycle. Others need to be hand-washed and air-dried. Check the care instructions.

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