Are Skechers Go Run Machine Washable? Easy Cleaning Tips!

Skechers Go Run shoes are a popular athletic shoe choice praised for their responsive cushioning. With frequent wear, it’s understandable if these shoes get dirty and smelly.

A common question is whether you can just throw them in the washing machine.

Let’s take a look if machine washing works or risks damage.

Are Skechers Go Run Machine Washable?

Skechers does not recommend machine washing their Go Run shoes. The knit uppers and cushioned soles can become damaged or misshapen in a washing machine.

Instead, Skechers advises spot-cleaning the Go Run shoes with a small brush and mild detergent.

Overview of Skechers Go Run Shoes

First, let’s review what makes up Skechers Go Run shoes:

  • Lightweight, flexible mesh uppers
  • Foam midsole for responsive cushioning
  • Rubber waffle outsoles for traction
  • Some models have a M-Strike midfoot design
  • Available as road and trail running shoes

Skechers aims to make these shoes breathable and comfortable for logging miles. But can they handle the harsh environment inside a washing machine?

Are Skechers Go Run Pre-Treated to Be Machine Washable?

No, Skechers Go Run shoes are not pre-treated or marketed as machine washable shoes.

They contain delicate materials not designed to withstand tossing in the wash. The mesh uppers and cushioning foam could become damaged.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t machine wash them. It just means Skechers doesn’t officially recommend it. We’ll explore if cautious cleaning is possible.

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Risks of Machine Washing Skechers Go Run

Before deciding whether to machine wash, consider the notable risks:

1. Mesh tearing

The flexible uppers could catch on internal washing machine components. This can cause rips, holes, loose threads, or tears.

2. Glue breakdown

Getting shoes saturated in water can break down the adhesives bonding sole layers together. This could result in delamination.

3. Midsole compression

The EVA foam cushioning could become compacted and misshapen when subjected to machine vibrations and the weight of wet shoes spinning.

4. Treads wearing down

Rubbing against the washing barrel can smoothen fine grip lines on rubber outsoles. This diminishes traction.

So clearly machine washing does carry risks of damaging Go Run shoes. Proceed with caution if trying it.

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What Problems Justify Machine Washing Skechers Go Run?

Machine washing Skechers Go Run should only be considered if facing certain severe issues:

  • Strong, lingering odors
  • Visible mold or mildew
  • Mud or stains that remain despite brushing
  • Accumulation of fabric pilling or fuzz

For typical surface dirt or dust, gentle hand washing should suffice. Reserve machine washing for the worst grunge not removable otherwise.

If shoes just have a minor odor and visible dirt, skip the washing machine.

Tips For Safely Machine Washing Skechers Go Run

If machine washing Skechers Go Run, follow these precautions to minimize damage:

Choose a front-loading machine

Top-loading agitators can be harsh. Front-loaders have gentler tumbling for delicate items.

Use cold water

Hot water risks the adhesives and foam cushioning. Cold water protects material integrity.

Low spin cycle setting

High-speed spin cycles apply excess G-forces against shoes and seams. Use the gentlest spin.

Place shoes in a delicate bag

Mesh pouches protect shoes from direct barrel contact while allowing water flow.

Customize detergent

Skip bleach, fabric softener, and enzymatic cleaners. Use sensitive skin laundry detergent.

Air dry only

Machine heat or dryer friction will degrade shoes. Pat dry then let fully air dry for 24 hours.

With these precautions, machine washing Skechers Go Run has lower risks. But it’s still not guaranteed safe for every shoe.

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Best Methods For Washing Skechers Go Run

Beyond dubious machine washing, what are the ideal cleaning methods?

1. Surface spot clean

For light dirt, wipe down exterior shoe areas with warm water and gentle soap. Rinse wiped sections well. Air dry fully.

2. Deep hand wash

To eliminate odor-causing bacteria and embedded stains, hand wash shoes. Submerge in cold water with sensitive skin detergent. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to gently scrub. Rinse thoroughly. Stuff shoes with paper to hold shape as they air dry.

3. Vinegar soak

For serious stink issues, soak shoes overnight in a vinegar bath. Acetic acid kills odor-causing fungi and bacteria. Rinse well afterward.

4. Insole removal

Take out the footbed insoles to machine wash separately on a gentle cycle. This lifts away bacteria sources.

For most typical dirtiness issues, these methods work well without putting the whole shoe at risk.

Do Any Skechers Go Run Shoes Claim To Be Machine Washable?

Currently, only one style directly claims machine washability:

The Skechers Go Run Hydro line has a water-friendly design. The washable construction features:

  • Drainage ports to allow water flow out
  • Reinforced, ripstop upper material
  • Outsoles and critical seams sealed with waterproof tape

This specialized construction allows tossing the Hydro Go Run in the washing machine worry-free. Note it still recommends a delicate cold cycle.

No other Skechers Go Run varieties specifically tout machine wash durability. As covered earlier, cleaning other styles requires more caution.

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Tips For Preventing Odor and Dirt Build-Up

Regardless of regular cleaning method, you can proactively prevent Skechers Go Run from getting too dirty or smelly:

👟 Let shoes fully air and dry out overnight after each wear. Moist shoes breed odor-causing bacteria faster.

👟 Use anti-microbial insoles to inhibit bacteria, mold, and mildew growth.

👟 Apply sprays like Gear Aid ReviveX to refresh the fabric and repel dirt.

👟 Use cedar shoe trees to wick moisture and maintain shape between wears.

With smart preventative care, you won’t need to aggressively wash shoes as often.

When Do You Need New Skechers Go Run Shoes?

While cleaning extends the lifespan, at some point washing cannot restore performance and integrity.

Plan on replacing washed-out Skechers Go Run shoes every 300-500 miles run. Or about every 1 to 1.5 years based on running frequency.

More signs indicating needing replacements:

  • Visibly worn-out treads with smooth areas
  • Changes to your gait, pacing, or emerging pains
  • Uppers that lose all compression and bounce
  • Yellowing midsoles or crumbling rubber bits

For avid runners, annual shoe replacement maintains safety and shock absorption critical for joint protection.

Proper rotation extends shelf life. But expect to swap out older pairs each year.

Machine Washing Skechers Go Run Shoes By Model

To summarize key tips, refer to this comparison of machine washing risks for popular Skechers Performance Go Run models:

Shoe ModelMachine Wash Risk ProfileIdeal Cleaning Approach
Skechers Go Run Ride 9High risk of damageSpot clean/ handwash only
Skechers Go Run ConsistentHigh risk of tearsSpot clean/ handwash only
Skechers Go Run Razor ExcessHigh risk of tread wear, mesh tearsSpot clean/ handwash only
Skechers Go Run Forza 6Medium risk of the delicate cycleHand wash preferable
Skechers Go Run HydroLow riskMachine wash permissible
Skechers Go Run MetricMedium risk of the delicate cycleHand wash preferable

Evaluate your specific model and the extent of dirt before deciding on machine versus hand washing. When in doubt, skip the machine to play it safe.


In closing, Skechers Go Run shoes are not originally designed for machine washing. The mesh fabric and foam cushioning face risks of tearing or breakdown.

However, with extreme care, cautious delicate machine washing may be possible in some cases. For most typical dirtiness issues though, hand cleaning or spot cleaning the exteriors proves safest for preserving shoe health. Implement preventative care too like letting shoes fully dry out and using anti-odor insoles.

Overall machine wash Skechers Go Run shoes very sparingly and only if essential to rescue them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Skechers Go Run shoes have good arch support?

Yes, Skechers Go Run shoes are designed with arch support in mind. They feature a contoured footbed and midsole that helps to cradle the arch, providing cushioning and support for runners with varying arch types.

How durable are Skechers Go Run shoes?

Skechers Go Run shoes are known for their durability. They have a rubber outsole that provides traction and is resistant to wear and tear. The uppers are also made of breathable mesh materials that can withstand frequent use.

Are Skechers Go Run shoes suitable for long-distance running?

Many runners find Skechers Go Run shoes comfortable enough for long-distance running. The cushioning system helps absorb impact and reduce fatigue, making them suitable for longer distances. However, it’s important to break them in properly and listen to your body’s needs.

Can Skechers Go Run shoes be used for activities other than running?

Yes, Skechers Go Run shoes are versatile and can be used for various activities beyond running, such as walking, gym workouts, and light hiking. The cushioning and support make them suitable for high-impact activities, while the lightweight design allows for comfortable wear during lower-impact activities.

How should I care for my Skechers Go Run shoes?

To ensure the longevity of your Skechers Go Run shoes, it’s recommended to clean them regularly with a soft brush and mild soap and water. Avoid exposing them to excessive heat or moisture, and replace them when the cushioning or tread starts to wear down significantly.

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