Skechers GO Run 5 Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

Skechers GO run 5 shoes are a popular running and walking shoe from Skechers. With their lightweight knit upper and responsive cushioning, they are designed for comfort and performance.

But how waterproof are they? Let’s take a closer look at the GO run 5’s construction and features to see how they hold up in wet conditions.

Are Skechers GO Run 5 Waterproof

The standard Skechers GO Run 5 running shoes are not designed to be fully waterproof. They have breathable mesh and knit uppers that allow air flow but can also let in water.

However, Skechers may offer some GO Run 5 variations with additional water-resistant or waterproof treatments.

An Overview of the Skechers GOrun 5

The Skechers GOrun 5 is the fifth iteration of Skechers’ successful GOrun series. Key features of the GOrun 5 include:

  • Knit mesh upper – The upper is made of an engineered air-cooled knit mesh for breathability and flexibility. This woven fabric allows air to flow to the foot.
  • Goga Mat insole – This is a proprietary Skechers insole that provides high-rebound cushioning. It’s designed to be very responsive while running or walking.
  • Hyper Burst midsole – Skechers’ Hyper Burst midsole delivers an energetic bounce back with each step. It’s a lightweight foam that is both cushy and responsive.
  • Rubber outsole – The GOrun 5 has a rubber outsole in high-wear areas for durability and traction. Flex grooves allow the shoe to move naturally with the foot.

The result is a lightweight, flexible, and responsive cushioned running shoe. The GOrun 5 weighs around 6.7 oz for a men’s size 9, so it’s quite lightweight. The knit upper provides a soft and breathable feel around the foot. Overall, the GOrun 5 is designed as a comfortable performance running and walking shoe.

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Is the Upper Waterproof?

The upper of the Skechers GOrun 5 is made from an engineered knit mesh material. This type of upper is quite breathable, flexible, and lightweight. However, it is not inherently waterproof.

Engineered knit uppers are woven structures that allow air to easily pass through. This gives good ventilation to the foot, preventing overheating.

But it also means water can seep through the upper if you step in puddles or get caught in heavy rain.

Skechers has not applied any additional waterproofing coatings or membranes to the GOrun 5 upper. So the knit mesh itself will soak through when wet.

Your feet will get wet quite quickly walking in damp conditions or light rain in the GOrun 5 shoes.

In comparison, some running shoes use uppers with waterproof membranes or coatings. Examples like Gore-Tex or eVent uppers will be fully waterproof and keep your feet dry.

The tradeoff is decreased breathability. Since the Skechers GOrun 5 does not have these membranes, the upper remains highly breathable but not at all waterproof.

Does the Midsole and Outsole Offer Any Waterproofing?

Besides the upper, other key components are the GOrun 5’s midsole and outsole. Let’s see if they provide any additional waterproofing.

The Midsole

The GOrun 5 uses Skechers’ proprietary Hyper Burst midsole foam. This is a lightweight and responsive foam compound. It is designed to have an energetic bounce back with each step.

However, like most standard performance running shoe midsoles, Hyper Burst foam is not inherently waterproof. When immersed in water or very wet conditions, the open-cell nature of the foam will allow water to be absorbed into the midsole.

Midsoles need to have some degree of openness in the foam structure to keep them lightweight and allow for compression. This does compromise water resistance compared to materials like solid rubber.

So the Hyper Burst foam midsole itself does not add any meaningful waterproofness over the upper. The GOrun 5’s midsole will take on water when very wet, just like the upper.

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The Outsole

The outsole is normally the most water-resistant part of a running shoe since it uses solid rubber for traction and durability. However, no running shoe outsole is 100% waterproof, since there must be flex grooves cut into the rubber for flexibility.

The Skechers GOrun 5 outsole uses rubber in high-wear areas for grip and durability. It has numerous wide flex grooves across the forefoot and heel to allow natural foot movement while running or walking.

These flex grooves are necessary for flexibility, but they do allow water to enter through the outsole. When stepping into puddles, water will be able to pass through the flex grooves into the midsole.

In heavy rain or very wet conditions, the combination of the openings in the outsole and absorbent midsole means your feet will get wet in the GOrun 5. The outsole rubber offers slightly more water resistance than the upper or midsole, but it is still far from fully waterproof.

In Summary – The GOrun 5 is Not a Waterproof Shoe

In reviewing the Skechers GOrun 5’s upper, midsole, and outsole construction, it is clear this shoe is not designed with waterproofing in mind. Key points:

  • The knit mesh upper will soak through quickly in wet conditions due to the woven structure allowing water to pass through.
  • The Hyper Burst foam midsole absorbs water like most performance running shoe midsoles.
  • The outsole rubber offers some water resistance but has flex grooves that allow water to enter.

So while the GOrun 5 offers a very lightweight and breathable running shoe experience, this comes at the cost of poor water resistance. Your feet will get wet quite quickly if wearing these shoes in rain, puddles, or damp grass.

If you often run or walk in wet conditions, a running shoe with a waterproof Gore-Tex upper would be a better choice than the GOrun 5. But for dry conditions, the GOrun 5 offers impressive comfort and responsiveness for neutral runners.

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How to Waterproof Your GOrun 5

If you already have the Skechers GOrun 5 and want to improve water resistance, there are a few options:

Waterproof Sprays

Applying a waterproofing spray to your GOrun 5 can provide some extra water resistance, especially on the upper. Look for sprays designed for use on athletic shoes and camping gear. Here are some popular options:

Waterproof Spray Options for GOrun 5

Nikwax Fabric & Leather ProofProvides water repellency and maintains breathability $19 for 5 oz can
Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy-Duty Water RepellentSilicone-based formula resists water absorption|$7 for 10.5 oz can
Rectique ProoferFluoropolymer spray adds water resistance while maintaining breathability

Spray the upper liberally and allow to fully dry overnight. This will make water bead up and roll off the upper to some degree. It helps block water absorption into the upper material itself.

Reapply every 1-2 months as the protection wears off over time. The waterproofing effect is temporary and wears off through abrasion while running.

Waterproofing Compounds

For even more water resistance, you can apply waterproofing compounds to the seams and stitching of the shoe upper. These are waxy pastes that fill in potential leaks.

Waterproofing Compound Options

Otter Wax Leather SalveThick wax mixture for leather and fabrics$15 for 2 oz tin
Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LPA beeswax leather conditioner that waterproofs$13 for 4 oz tin
Sno-Seal Original BeeswaxBeeswax-based waterproofing for leather and other materials$8 for 8 oz tin

Use a cloth or brush to work the compound into the upper seams, stitches, eyelets, and tongue. This fills any small gaps where water could enter. Let fully dry overnight before wearing.

The waxy nature of the compound remains even when dry, so it offers more lasting water resistance than sprays. Reapply every 1-2 months.

Waterproof Socks

Wearing waterproof socks under your GOrun 5 can keep your feet dry by blocking moisture from getting through the shoe upper. Look for waterproof socks designed for running and hiking. Popular options include:

  • Sealskinz Waterproof Running Socks
  • DexShell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks
  • Gore Wear C5 Waterproof Socks

These form a waterproof and breathable barrier around your feet, preventing wet shoes from soaking your feet. They do add warmth, so save them for cold and wet conditions.

Try Other Lacing Techniques

Lacing techniques that close up the collar of the shoe more can help prevent water ingress through the ankle opening. For example, using the heel lock method and tying the shoes tightly and securely may provide a bit more protection in wet conditions.

Comparing the GOrun 5 to Other Skechers Models for Water Resistance

The GOrun 5 is not marketed as a waterproof shoe. But how does it compare to other models from Skechers for weather protection?

GOrun Ride 6

The GOrun Ride 6 has a similar engineered mesh upper to the GOrun 5. It also lacks any waterproof membranes or coatings. The Ride 6 may absorb a bit more water than the GOrun 5 due to the denser knit construction. Overall, it has similarly poor water resistance.

GOrun Forza 4 Hyper

With a thicker upper construction using Skechers FitKnit material, the Forza 4 Hyper provides slightly more protection from moisture than the GOrun models. However, it still has openings that allow water to penetrate, so it will get soaked in wet conditions.

GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper

This shoe designed for marathoner Meb Keflezighi uses a lightweight synthetic and mesh upper. The synthetic portions may block a little moisture but the mesh areas still allow water ingress. It offers minimal weather protection.

Skechers GOrun All-Terrain

As an off-road and trail running shoe, the GOrun All-Terrain provides increased weather protection and element resistance. The upper combines mesh with synthetic leather and TPU overlays for structure and support. Small drainage ports in the outsole let water exit. While not waterproof, it resists light moisture better than road-running models.

Skechers GOrun MaxRoad 5 Ultra

This maximum cushioning shoe has a thickly padded collar and tongue to help block debris entry. A high-wear rubber outsole also provides some increased weather resistance. While not waterproof, the MaxRoad 5 Ultra offers slightly improved moisture management compared to minimalist GOrun models.

Skechers GOrun Ultra R2 GORE-TEX

The Ultra R2 GORE-TEX is a winterized trail running shoe. It uses a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane in the upper and high traction outsole to keep feet dry and warm in cold, wet, and snowy conditions. Of Skechers running shoes, this provides by far the best waterproofing. But it’s also heavier and less breathable due to the membrane.

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In conclusion, the Skechers GOrun 5 has no special waterproofing features. The knit fabric upper and foam midsole will readily absorb water when running or walking in wet conditions.

To get water-resistant Skechers running shoes, look at trail models like the GOrun All-Terrain or winterized styles with GORE-TEX like the Ultra R2. Or you can spray or treat your GOrun 5 to add some temporary water protection. Just don’t expect the GOrun 5 itself to keep your feet dry without additional waterproofing treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers GOrun good in the rain?

Most Skechers GOrun models, including the GOrun 5, are not particularly good in rain or wet conditions. Their mesh uppers and foam midsoles absorb water readily. They lack waterproof membranes or coatings to keep feet dry.

How do you waterproof Skechers GOrun?

To add water resistance to Skechers GOrun, use a waterproofing spray on the upper and apply waterproofing wax compounds to the seams. Wear waterproof socks inside. Choose a trail-style GOrun with synthetic overlays for somewhat better weather protection.

Should you wear waterproof shoes while running?

For running in wet weather, waterproof shoes help keep your feet dry to prevent blisters and discomfort. Look for waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex paired with breathable uppers. But for dry conditions, non-waterproof shoes are usually best for ventilation and comfort.

Do you need waterproof shoes for walking?

Waterproof shoes are recommended for walking frequently in damp conditions, light rain, snow, or slush. They prevent wet feet that can lead to discomfort and blisters. Look for waterproof leather or membrane-lined hiking boots or walking shoes to stay dry.

Are Skechers hiking shoes waterproof?

Some Skechers hiking boots and shoes include waterproof GORE-TEX linings, such as the Skechers Verdict Waterproof style. But regular Skechers hiking shoes without membranes are not inherently waterproof, just more resistant than typical sneakers.

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