Do Skechers Go Walk Stretch Out? Walk in Comfort!

Skechers Go Walk shoes are a popular choice for those looking for comfortable walking shoes.

A common question people have is whether these shoes stretch out over time.

As we walk, our feet tend to swell and relax, needing more room in the shoes.

Does Skechers Go Walk accommodate this? Let’s take a closer look

Do Skechers Go Walk Stretch Out

The Skechers Go Walk shoes are designed with knit mesh and fabric uppers that do have some flexibility to stretch and conform to the feet over time.

However, they should not stretch out excessively with regular wear. Proper sizing helps maintain the intended fit.

An Overview of Skechers Go Walk Shoes

Before getting into whether they stretch, here is some background on Skechers Go Walk shoes:

  • They are lightweight walking shoes with thick, responsive cushioning. This absorbs impact and shock.
  • The upper is made of breathable mesh or fabric, keeping your feet cool.
  • The Goga Mat insole provides high-rebound cushioning and keeps its shape.
  • The outsoles contain rubber pods for traction and durability.
  • They have a roomy toe box allowing your toes to spread out.
  • They are available in slip-on and lace-up versions.

Skechers Go Walk aims to be comfortable for walking and running errands. Do they also adapt as your feet swell and relax?

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How Skechers Go Walk Shoes Stretch?

The uppers are made of flexible materials: The mesh and fabric uppers are designed to be stretchy and breathable. As you wear them, they mold and shape to your feet.

They contain cushioning that compresses: The Goga Mat insoles and thick midsoles compress with extended wear. This makes more interior space.

The outsoles can widen: The rubber outsoles also become more flexible, allowing your footprint to spread out a bit.

They have a roomy toe box: Skechers Go Walk has an inherently spacious toe box allowing room for swelling and splaying toes.

So while Skechers Go Walk fit comfortably right away, they do adapt even more to your feet. This helps prevent pinched nerves and sore spots as your feet expand and relax.

How Much Do Skechers Go Walk Shoes Stretch?

Most wearers find Skechers Go Walk stretch about a half size to a full size with regular wear. Here is how the shoes stretch out:

Toe BoxWidens up to 0.5 cm
InstepGains 0.3 – 0.6 cm room
WidthIncreases up to 0.3 cm
LengthIncreases up to 1 cm

Keep in mind stretch varies based on your feet, gait, weight, and intensity wearing them. But in general, length seems to adapt the most.

Also, note thicker sock sizes can reduce stretch capacity. And those with flat, inflexible feet may experience less give than average.

Tips For Stretching Out Skechers Go Walk

You don’t have to wait passively for your Skechers Go Walk to stretch. Here are pro tips for actively breaking them:

  • Wear them initially around the house – Walk short indoor distances to begin molding them.
  • Try on sock options – Heavier socks take up interior space reducing stretch capacity.
  • Use a shoe stretcher – Placing shoes on a stretcher applies tension for targeted stretching.
  • Stuff shoes when not worn – Packing crumpled paper in them keeps the shape expanded.
  • See a podiatrist – For problem foot pain, see a specialist to assess fit. Custom inserts or callus shaving may help.

With some patience and these tips, your Skechers Go Walk will better cradle your feet.

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Do Skechers Go Walk Shoes Run True To Size?

Skechers Go Walk does initially run true to size. However many wearers opt to size up by half a size or full size:

  • Those with wide feet find the extra room comfortable.
  • It allows space for the shoes to mold and stretch.
  • Feet tend to swell on hot days or during high activity.

That said, those with narrower feet may prefer ordering their regular size.

I’d recommend trying your typical size first. Evaluate overall fit and room to wiggle toes. Size up if feet feel too snug width-wise or length-wise. This allows space for stretch and swelling on active days.

At What Point Do Skechers Go Walk Stretch Out?

Most wearers report noticeable stretch and form-fit by weeks 2 to 4 of regular wear.

The more frequently you walk in them, the quicker they adapt. Further gradual stretch may occur up to 2 to 3 months.

Here is the typical stretch timeline:

PeriodType of Stretch
First WearContour to the foot shape
Week 1Loosen width, moderate length gain
Week 2-4Biggest stretching for width and length
1-3 MonthsGradual additional stretch
3+ MonthsFully conformed with minimal further changes

Note this timeline will vary based on your gait patterns and intensity wearing them.

Infrequent wear may mean they take longer to fully stretch. But they should adapt reasonably well within the first month with regular use.

Do Stretch-Out Skechers Go Walk Still Support Feet?

Yes, Skechers Go Walk maintains its supportive cushioning and functionality even after stretching out.

The Goga Mat insole retains its high-rebound properties long-term. And the shock-absorbing midsole does not lose significant cushioning either.

The upper may contour to your shape but still provides structure, flexibility, and breathability. Its elasticity allows it to stretch without excess wear.

Just note extremely heavy use for over a year may degrade support somewhat. But for most wearers support remains excellent despite stretch.

Replacing insoles every 6-12 months helps maintain cushioning. Letting shoes fully air out overnight retains bounce too.

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At What Point Should You Replace Stretched-Out Skechers Go Walk?

Plan on replacing stretched-out Skechers Go Walk every 1-2 years depending on the frequency of wear.

Here are signs indicating it’s time for a new pair:

  • Treads appear visibly worn down.
  • You notice the loss of cushioning or shock absorption.
  • The upper has holes, tears, or seems extremely loose and misshapen.
  • Your feet hang off the sole edge indicating excessive stretch.
  • You experience new foot pain like blisters or sore arches.

As long as shoes still feel comfortable and intact, no need to replace them. But inspect wear every few months for safety and support.

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Do All Skechers Go Walk Styles Stretch Out?

Yes, all varieties of Skechers Go Walk stretch out to some degree. However, some accommodate more expansion than others.

For example, the original Skechers Go Walk slip-on is very stretchable. Reviews indicate they mold extensively to feet.

Meanwhile, Skechers Go Walk Arch Fit has a snugger instep and midfoot band. So they may limit overall stretch capacity a bit more.

Skechers Go Walk Max shoes with taller uppers also have more structure for more support. So expect a little less stretch from them versus low-cut options.

But overall, Skechers builds flexibility and gives in to all their Go Walk lines. With average wear, any style should contour more to your feet over time.


In summary, yes Skechers Go Walk shoes do stretch and expand, usually a half size up to a full size. This helps the shoes better support and cushion your feet as you walk. Plan on wearing them around the house initially to start the break-in process. And consider sizing up half a size if you have wider feet or swelling concerns. With consistent wear, you will enjoy a custom, form-fitted feel within the first month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my Skechers Go Walk stretch faster?

Wear them frequently including short indoor walks which mold them faster. You can also use a shoe stretcher, stuff the shoes when not wearing them, or seek a podiatrist’s help with inserts.

What if my Skechers Go Walk are still too tight after they stretch?

Try thinner socks or remove the insole for more space. If still too tight across width and length, it likely means you need the next half or full size up.

Should I buy Skechers Go Walk a half-size bigger in case they shrink over time?

No need to size up just for future shrink concerns. These shoes only stretch out, even years later after consistent wear. They will become looser over their lifespan rather than tighter.

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