Are Skechers Go Walk Comfortable? Ultra Cushion & Support!

Are Skechers Go Walk shoes comfortable for walking and standing all day?

This is a common question for people considering buying these popular athletic shoes.

As someone who has worn Skechers Go Walks for years, I can provide detailed insight into the comfort level of these shoes.

Whether you’re on your feet all day for work or just want comfortable shoes for travel or casual wear, this article will help you decide if Skechers Go Walks are a good choice.

Are Skechers Go Walk Comfortable

Skechers Go Walk shoes are widely praised for their comfort. The lightweight, well-cushioned soles combined with soft knit uppers and roomy toe boxes help reduce foot fatigue and pressure points, making them a comfortable choice for casual walking and standing.

What Makes a Shoe Comfortable for Extended Wear?

When considering shoes to wear for hours at a time, you want shoes that have:

  • Cushioning – Cushioning in areas like the insole and midsole absorbs shock and reduces foot fatigue. Memory foam is excellent for cushioning.
  • Support – Supportive features help stabilize your foot, promote alignment, and prevent issues like plantar fasciitis. Arch support is important.
  • Breathability – Breathable mesh fabric reduces moisture so feet stay cooler and drier. This prevents blisters and skin irritation.
  • Flexibility – The shoe should bend where your foot bends naturally for easy movement.
  • Lightweight – Heavy shoes require more effort to lift and tire out feet and legs quicker.

Shoes like Skechers Go Walk are designed with these comfort features so you can wear them for extended periods.

Key Comfort Features to Look for in All-Day Shoes

Comfort FeatureWhy It’s Important
CushioningAbsorbs shock & reduces fatigue
SupportStabilizes & aligns feet
BreathabilityPrevents moisture & irritation
FlexibilityEnables natural foot motion
LightweightReduces weight/effort to lift

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Skechers Go Walk Technology and Comfort Features

Skechers Go Walk shoes are specifically engineered for athletic walking comfort. They have a sporty casual style suitable for wear all day.

Here are some key technologies they use for comfort:

Goga Mat Insole – This is a proprietary high rebound insole cushion made of foam. It absorbs shock efficiently while walking to reduce fatigue.

Orthaheel Technology – Skechers partners with acclaimed Australian podiatrists and orthopedic specialists to design arch support that helps realign feet to a natural position. This alleviates various foot problems.

Mesh Fabric Uppers – Lightweight breathable mesh fabric keeps air flowing so feet stay drier and cooler. Fewer moisture issues mean less blistering.

Roomier Toe Box – A wider toe box allows your toes to splay naturally while walking, enhancing stability and comfort. No pinching!

Flexible Soles – The soles bend at just the right spots to match the bending motion of your feet. This enhances natural foot mechanics.

In addition to attributes intended for comfort, Skechers Go Walks are also extremely lightweight at 4 to 6 ounces depending on the model. Less bulk and weight keep your feet from getting tired.

So in summary, Skechers designed the Go Walk collection specifically for comfortable wearability while active. The cushioning, support, breathability, flexibility, roomy fit, and light weight provide all-around comfort.

Skechers Go Walk Comfort Technologies

Goga Mat InsoleCushioning & shock absorption
Orthaheel TechnologyArch support & foot realignment
Mesh Fabric UppersBreathability & moisture reduction
Roomy Toe BoxAllows natural toe splay
Flexible SolesEnable natural foot motion
LightweightReduces weight/effort

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Skechers Go Walk Cushioning and Support

Now let’s take a more detailed look at how the cushioning and support features deliver exceptional comfort for all-day wear.

The cushioning starts with the Goga Mat technology in the responsive insole. This is a proprietary foam insole designed to quickly rebound back to shape after absorbing shock. It retains its cushion after extensive use.

Goga mat cushioning combines with high traction outsoles for flexibility and reactivity. The result is a floating feel when walking that seems to propel you forward with less effort.

For arch support, Skechers Go Walk utilizes Orthaheel orthopedic technology to promote foot stability, alignment, and natural motion.

Orthaheel helps counter overpronation, which is when feet roll too far inward. It does this with:

  • Medial Post – denser foam on the instep edge of the footbed prevents inward rolling.
  • Deep Heel Cup – cradles the heel to prevent sliding and friction.
  • Arch Support – supports the arches and realigns feet to a neutral position comfort.

In addition, some Skechers Go Walk models offer removable comfort insoles with ventilation ports if you need extra cushion or have custom orthotics.

By combining cushioning and support technologies, Skechers Go Walk shoes provide lasting comfort without losing their shape or performance – even after extensive wear.

How Skechers Go Walk Cushioning and Support Features Deliver Comfort

FeatureComfort Mechanism
Goga Mat InsoleResponsive cushioning absorbs shock
Traction OutsolesFlexible & reactive stride
Orthaheel Medial PostPrevents overpronation
Orthaheel Deep Heel CupStabilizes foot in the shoe
Orthaheel Arch SupportRealigns neutral foot position
Removable SocklinerAccommodates custom orthotics

My Experience Wearing Skechers Go Walk Shoes

I’ve been wearing various styles of Skechers Go Walk shoes for years and find them to be the most comfortable for all-day wear compared to other athletic brands.

My job involves both office work and retail floor management. That means up to 6-8 hours a day of mixed standing, walking, kneeling, and climbing ladders – often on hard concrete surfaces. So I need cushioning, and supportive shoes to prevent back, knee, and especially foot pain.

After trying different Nike, Adidas, and Reebok shoes, I settled on Skechers Go Walks as my go-to everyday shoes for these reasons:

Exceptional Cushioning

The Goga Mat and Orthaheel technologies provide plush cushioning and support while still feeling responsive and lightweight, even after hours of wear. My heels and arches feel great compared to regular sneakers.

Roomy Toe Box

I have slightly wide feet, and the generously sized toe box allows plenty of room for toe splaying and swelling throughout the day without pinching nerves.

Sporty Style

While optimal for athletic wear, the lace-up style also works well paired with casual pants or jeans so I can keep them on both in and out of work.

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Style and Fit Considerations for All-Day Comfort

In addition to technologies intended for comfort, choosing the right Skechers Go Walk style and fit contributes to keeping your feet happy all day.

Style Types

You can choose from lace-up athletic shoes, slip-on athleisure shoes, sandals, and even work shoes. Consider when and where you plan to wear them most to choose a style you’ll be excited to wear daily.

Some popular all-day comfort styles include:

  • Go Walk Joy Slip-On Sneakers
  • Go Walk Arch Fit Strap Sandals
  • Go Walk Pursuit Lace-Up Shoes

Fit Tips

Getting the right size is crucial for comfort. Skecher shoes tend to run slightly big. Follow these fit tips:

  • Select your normal running shoe size
  • Size down 1⁄2 size if between sizes
  • The shoes will stretch slightly after break-in

You want about a thumb width between your toe and the front of the shoe. The uppers will give a bit but shouldn’t be painfully tight out of the box.

Also, lace-up shoes allow you to adjust tightness for swollen feet midday. Slip-ons lack adjustability so take care selecting size.

Following the brand’s sizing recommendations can prevent discomfort from ill-fitted shoes if you’ll be on your feet all day.

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Based on Skechers’ innovative comfort technologies, rave customer reviews, and my own experience, I can confidently say Skechers Go Walk delivers on its promises of exceptional cushion, support, and lightweight athletic performance.

For nurses, teachers, retail employees, or anyone else needing comfortable shoes to get through long shifts on their feet – Skechers Go Walk should be the top contenders for keeping your feet happy and pain-free all day long.

They offer the right balance of responsive cushioning, stabilization, breathability, and flexibility plus sporty styling to seamlessly wear from work to weekend. I hope this detailed evaluation of what makes Skechers Go Walk shoes so reliably comfortable helps you choose great-fitting, supportive shoes to stay active in comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much arch support do Skechers Go Walk shoes have?

With Orthaheel technology built-in, most models provide excellent arch support that may even help Plantar Fasciitis and other conditions caused by overpronation or lack of support. Some styles have removable insoles to accommodate custom orthotics too.

Do the shoes maintain their cushioning and support over time?

The Goga Mat and Orthaheel technologies are designed to retain cushion and support even after many months and miles of wear – longer than most athletic shoes. The cushioning tends to last around 12-18 months for average users.

Are Skechers Go Walk good for travel?

With the generous cushion, support, and lightweight design, Skechers Go Walk shoes are ideal for vacation travel involving lots of walking at destinations. The sporty style also works well paired with travel outfits.

Which Skechers Go Walk is best for all-day standing and walking?

It depends on your needs and preferences, but top picks for all-day comfort include the Go Walk Arch Fit Strap sandals, Go Walk Pursuit lace-ups, and Go Walk Joy slip-on sneakers based on cumulative customer reviews.

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