Are Skechers Shoes Good for All Day Walking?

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It strengthens your heart, improves circulation, helps manage weight, prevents disease, improves balance and coordination, and boosts your mood.

But to reap these benefits, you need a good pair of walking shoes.

Skechers is a popular brand of athletic and casual shoes. But are they suitable for all-day walking? Let’s take a closer look

Are Skechers Shoes Good for All Day Walking?

Many Skechers shoe styles, especially their walking-specific lines like Go Walk and GOGA Max, are excellent choices for all-day walking.

Their cushioned midsoles, flexible knit uppers, and roomy toe boxes help reduce foot fatigue and discomfort when spending long hours on your feet walking.

Now let’s see how Skechers walking shoes stack up regarding these key criteria:


Skechers use flexible materials like knitted mesh in many styles. Flex grooves in the outsole also enable natural foot movement. Certain collections like Skechers GOwalk feature excellent flexibility.


Most Skechers walking shoes contain cushioned insoles and midsoles. The Ultra Go line has high-rebound ULTRA GO cushioning for extra comfort. For maximum impact absorption, look for Skechers with Goga Max or Air-Cooled Goga Mat insoles.


Some Skechers models have reinforced stability soles and structured heels to prevent overpronation. The Skechers D’Lites line has a chunky midsole for greater support. For ample arch support, try Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit shoes.


Mesh fabric uppers allow air to flow through many Skechers styles. This keeps your feet cooler during long walks. Synthetic and knit materials like Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam also promote breathability.


Skechers use lightweight synthetics, mesh fabrics, and foam materials to minimize weight. Skechers GOwalk slip-ons are exceptionally light without compromising cushioning. The Skechers GO Run line is also impressively lightweight.


Skechers walking shoes have textured rubber outsoles with patterns for traction. The GOwalk and GO Run outsoles grip surfaces well in both wet and dry conditions. Some styles have a durability-enhancing diamond-patterned bottom as well.


Skechers walking shoes are available in extended sizes, wide widths, and some narrow options too. This helps achieve a comfortable customized fit. The knitted upper on GOwalk models stretch to fit your foot like a glove.

What Makes a Good Walking Shoe?

Before considering Skechers specifically, let’s review what features to look for in a walking shoe in general:


The shoe should bend easily at the ball of the foot. This allows a natural stride and push-off.


Cushioning in the heel and forefoot absorbs impact. This protects your joints from shock. Memory foam is excellent for cushioning.


The shoe should support and stabilize your foot. Features like arches and midsole shanks prevent overpronation.


Mesh panels allow airflow to keep feet cool and dry. This prevents blisters and hot spots.


Lightweight shoes are less tiring to walk in over long distances. Look for materials like mesh that reduce weight.


The outsole should grip surfaces well without slipping. Rubber outsoles with grooved or lugged patterns work best.


Shoes should be snug but with a thumbnail’s width at the toes. The heel should not slip. Wide and narrow sizes are available.

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Key Skechers Technologies for Walking

In addition to having the basic features needed for walking shoes, Skechers incorporates innovative technologies into many of its styles:

  • Goga Max – This insole cushioning absorbs shock and provides a high-energy return for a springy feel underfoot.
  • Air Cooled Goga Mat – Open-cell foam insoles allow air to flow through, keeping feet cool.
  • Ultra Go – Highly resilient cushioning for enhanced comfort mile after mile.
  • Hyper Burst – Extremely light, responsive cushioning made from foam that’s 3D printed for a unique cell structure.
  • Flight Gen – Lightweight, flexible cushioning that absorbs shock and immediately rebounds.
  • GOga Mat – A yoga mat-inspired footbed provides soft cushioning that energizes every step.

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Top Skechers for All-Day Walking

Here are some top choices from Skechers specifically designed for walking comfort:

1. Skechers GOwalk Joy

The Skechers GOwalk Joy has a lightweight, breathable knitted textile upper. The multidirectional traction outsole is flexible for natural foot movement.

It features high-rebound ULTRA GO cushioned insoles and soft Goga Mat footbeds. At 4.5 ounces, this slip-on style is ideal for full days of walking.

2. Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit

This walking shoe has a supportive arch design to guide your foot’s natural movement. The structured heel promotes stability.

The responsive ULTRA GO cushioning and Air Cooled Goga Mat insole absorbs shock. The slip-on knitted upper is stretchy and breathable.

3. Skechers GO Run Consistent

Part of Skecher’s high-performance running collection, this shoe also works well for walking. The Flight Gen cushioning and Air Cooled Goga Mat insole provide lightweight comfort.

The molded heel stabilizes your foot while the flexible outsole enables a natural stride. The engineered mesh upper is extremely breathable.

4. Skechers D’Lites Ultra

This retro sneaker has a chunky supportive midsole and padded collar. The Air-Cooled Memory Foam insole and padded tongue ensure walking comfort.

The traction rubber outsole and heel overlay provide stability. Available in extended widths, the leather upper accommodates swelling feet.

5. Skechers Summits

With a sporty treaded outsole, supportive heel stabilizer, and breathable mesh panels, this athletic walking shoe provides comfort and traction.

The Air Cooled Memory Foam insole cushions each step while absorbing shock. The synthetic and mesh upper allows ample airflow.

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How to Choose the Best Skechers Walking Shoe

Consider the following when selecting Skechers walking shoes:

  • Your arch type – Do you have high arches or flat feet? Look for Skechers styles catering to your arch height.
  • Traction needs – Outsoles with deeper lugs grip better on rough terrain. Shallower treads work well indoors.
  • Fit – Select the appropriate width and size. Try shoes on in the late afternoon when feet are most swollen.
  • Mileage – Lightweight shoes like GOwalk work best for long distances. Cushioned styles provide comfort for shorter walks.
  • Surfaces – Textured outsoles provide versatility on various surfaces. Smooth treads grip well indoors.
  • Comfort features – Seek out Skechers technologies like Air Cooled Memory Foam for maximum comfort.
  • Style – Choose sports-focused or casual designs to suit your walking environment. Bold colors keep you visible.


In summary, Skechers can be an excellent choice for comfortable walking shoes to wear all day long. Models designed specifically for walking have the cushioning, support, flexibility, breathability, and durability needed for comfort over miles.

Skechers walking-focused technologies like Goga Max insoles and Hyper Burst midsoles provide energetic, shock-absorbing cushioning. With performance features like traction rubber outsoles, stabilizing heels, and lightweight materials, Skechers enables you to rack up steps in cushioned comfort.

Just be sure to select the proper size and style based on your needs. With the right pair of Skechers on your feet, you can comfortably walk and explore all day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers good for walking on concrete?

Yes, many Skechers walking shoes work very well for concrete surfaces. Cushioning systems like Goga Max and Flight Gen cushion each step on hard concrete. Textured outsoles provide good traction so you won’t slip. Lightweight styles help prevent fatigue from long walks on concrete.

How long does Skechers walking shoes last?

With proper care, Skechers walking shoes typically last 9-12 months if worn daily for walking. Factors like mileage, walking surfaces, foot strike pattern, and rotational use of shoes impact longevity. Using them just 2-3 times per week extends their life.

Are Skechers good for flat feet?

Yes, many Skechers walking shoes work well for flat feet due to cushioned, supportive insoles. Look for Skechers with enhanced arch support like GOwalk Arch Fit. Some styles also have medial posts to prevent overpronation associated with flat feet.

Are Skechers decent quality?

Skechers walking shoes are known for having better quality and durability than Skechers casual and fashion sneakers. Key indicators of quality are stitching, materials used, and technologies incorporated. Reviews of specific walking styles can shed light on expected quality and longevity.

Do Skechers walking shoes run true to size?

Skechers walking shoes generally run true to size. However, certain styles like GOwalks run slightly small due to the knitted upper. Trying shoes on in-store and sizing up if needed ensures the proper fit. Wide and extra wide widths are also available for a better fit.

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