Are Skechers Liteweight Shoes Good for Running?

Running is a popular and accessible way to get exercise.

With the right pair of running shoes, it can be an enjoyable activity with many health benefits.

Skechers offers several lightweight shoe models that claim to be suitable for running.

But are Skechers lite weight shoes good options for runners?

Are Skechers Lite Weight Good for Running

Are Skechers Liteweight Shoes Good for Running?

While Skechers Lite Weight shoes provide cushioning and are very lightweight, most reviews suggest they lack the support, responsiveness, and durability required for serious running.

The Lite Weight line is better suited for casual walking rather than high-impact activities like running. Dedicated running shoes would be a better choice.

Overview of Skechers Lite Weight Shoes

Skechers is an American footwear company that produces a variety of casual and athletic shoes. Several of their shoes are marketed as “lite weight” models, meaning they are designed to be lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.

Some examples of Skechers lite weight shoes include:

  • Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper
  • Skechers GOrun Ride 6
  • Skechers GOwalk Lite
  • Skechers GOrun 600
  • Skechers GOrun Forza 4
  • Skechers GOrun 7+ Hyper

These shoes typically have a lightweight, flexible mesh upper and foam midsole to keep them light on your feet. The lugs on the rubber outsole vary from model to model, with some featuring grippy traction lugs and others having a smoother profile. The amount of cushioning also varies across the different models.

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Factors that Make a Good Running Shoe

When considering any running shoe, there are certain factors you’ll want to keep in mind:


A running shoe needs to be comfortable even during long runs. An uncomfortable shoe can cause pain and injuries. Look for proper breathability, flexibility, and cushioning.


The shoe should fit snugly without limiting natural foot motion. Make sure to get properly fitted at a specialty running store.


The midsole cushioning protects the feet and joints from impact. Cushioning requirements depend on your running style (more pronation = more cushioning needed).


A stable shoe will help control excessive inward rolling of the foot, which is called overpronation. Stability shoes are ideal for runners with flat feet or who overpronate.


Durable outsoles, welded/stitched uppers, and high-quality materials allow running shoes to hold up to frequent mileage. Replace shoes every 300-500 miles.


The outsole should grip the ground to avoid slips. Lug patterns, rubber compounds, and flex grooves affect traction.


In general, lighter shoes are faster and more comfortable for most runners. Racing flats can weigh less than 6 oz, while trainers are 8-12 oz.


Mesh uppers allow airflow to keep feet cool and dry during runs. This helps prevent blisters and hot spots.

Are Skechers Lite Weight Shoes Suitable for Running?

So do Skechers lite weight shoes provide the combination of features most runners need?

Here is a detailed look at how these shoes perform for running:


  • The flexible, stretchy knit upper on Skechers models like the GOrun Ride 6 provides a sock-like fit that adapts to your foot. This improves comfort for most.
  • Cushioning varies quite a bit. Some models like the GOrun Forza 4 have ample cushioning while others like the GOrun 600 are very minimal for a natural running feel.
  • A few runners report the upper being too snug or stiff out of the box but say they break in nicely.


  • Skechers lite weight shoes tend to run true to size but trying them on is recommended.
  • The knit upper stretches to accommodate wider feet more comfortably.
  • Models with a regular lacing system allow you to customize fit across the foot.


  • With Hyperburst midsoles, some models like the GOrun Razor 3 have responsive, springy cushioning that is adequate for longer runs.
  • Cushioning is minimal by design in shoes like the GOrun 600 and GOrun 7+ to promote natural running form. These have less protection on hard surfaces.
  • Low-drop shoes (4-6mm) help strengthen muscles and connective tissues gradually.


  • For runners needing stability, the GOrun Forza 4 has arch support and a medial post to reduce excessive inward foot rolling.
  • Other Skechers models are neutral cushioned shoes that won’t provide stability features.


  • Upper materials vary from durable knit blends to less rugged mesh on some models. Seams and overlays add structure to help the shoes last longer.
  • Outsoles with exposed foam wear more quickly but most include durable rubber in high abrasion areas.
  • Skechers lite weight shoes generally hold up for 300-500 miles with proper rotation. Higher mileage runners may want more durable options.


  • Grip tends to be just adequate, not exceptional. Flexible outsoles and shallow lugs suit roads more than trail running.
  • Wet traction suffers on some models according to wear testers.


  • Weights range from around 6.5 oz for models like the GOrun 600 up to 10 oz for the GOrun Razor 3.
  • This keeps the shoes light and fast for training and racing.


  • The knit blend or open mesh uppers allow good airflow around the foot for moisture management.
  • Most don’t have water-resistant features so could get soaked in very wet conditions.

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Recommendations for Running in Skechers Lite Weight Shoes

Here are some tips to get the most out of using Skechers lightweight shoes for running:

  • Test them out first on shorter 1-3 mile runs to check comfort and fit. Break them in slowly, especially if snug out of the box.
  • Use Body Glide or socks to minimize friction that could cause blisters until the shoes adjust to your feet.
  • Replace insoles with custom orthotics if you need additional arch support. Some models have removable insoles.
  • Select appropriate cushioning for your needs. Models like the GOrun 600 work best for experienced runners with efficient gaits.
  • Add a gait analysis at a specialty running store if you need help selecting shoes to match biomechanics.
  • Rotate with 1-2 other pairs of shoes to give foam and upper materials time to recover and extend the durability of the shoes.
  • Use on roads, tracks, groomed trails, and non-technical terrain for best traction. Avoid very rocky trails.
  • Consider water-resistant sprays if used in wet conditions frequently to help maintain dry feet.
  • Replace every 300-500 miles to avoid losing shock absorption and risking injury in worn shoes. High-mileage runners generally log those miles quicker.

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Recommended Skechers Models for Runners

While Skechers doesn’t market shoes specifically for running as major brands such as Brooks and ASICS do, some of their lightweight models can certainly work quite well for new runners or those who prefer a more minimal shoe. If you like the overall look and feel of Skechers shoes and want to run in them, consider the following models:

For Neutral Runners

  • Skechers GOrun Ride 6 – A well-cushioned neutral trainer for daily mileage at about 9.7oz.
  • Skechers GOrun Forza 4 – A stability shoe that also works for mild overpronators at 9.7oz.
  • Skechers GOrun 7+ Hyper – An incredibly lightweight shoe at 6.7oz for uptempo runs.
  • Skechers GOrun 600 – A flexible, zero-drop shoe for natural running form at just 6.5oz.

For Trail/Off Road

  • Skechers GOrun MaxTrail 5 – An affordable trail shoe at just $95 with a rugged grippy outsole.
  • Skechers GOrun Speed TRL Hyper – A lightweight trail shoe at 8oz for obstacle course racing or groomed trails.

For Walking/Cross Training

  • Skechers GOwalk Lite – A versatile walking shoe for all-day wear at 7.6oz.
  • Skechers GOtrain Flex – A cross-training model with a stable midfoot design for versatile wear.

Comparison to Major Running Brands

Compared to brands of long-distance-rooks, Saucony, and New Balance that cater specifically to runners, Skechers Lite weight shoes are more lifestyle/casual fitness focused.

While their performance is decent, they won’t have the same sophisticated features and technology found in demileagerunning shoes.

The trade-off is that Skechers models are generally more affordable and accessible for new runners. Their flexible, lightweight feel appeals most to runners who prefer a natural, minimal shoe over a structured model.


Skechers produces a variety of comfortable and affordable lightweight shoes that can work decently well for running. They are best suited for newer runners or those who prefer minimalist shoes over highly structured options.

The flexible knit uppers provide a fairly comfortable and breathable fit for most users. Cushioning varies across models from minimal to moderately cushioned for daily training. Traction is generally adequate for roads and groomed trails but not optimized for rough terrain.

Models like the GOrun Ride 6 and GOrun Forza 4 offer enough cushioning and support for moderate mileage for neutral runners or mild overpronators. Very lightweight models like the GOrun 7+ work well for speed training and racing if you prefer minimalist shoes.

While Skechers models can certainly work for running, they won’t provide the specialized performance features found in shoes from major running brands. The trade-off is that they cost significantly less, usually around half the price of top-tier running shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers good for long distance running?

Some Skechers models with adequate cushioning like the GOrun Ride 6 can work for longer distances if you don’t require a high stability or structured shoe. Build mileage gradually and have realistic expectations for durability at higher mileage.

What should I look for in running shoes?

Key factors are fit, cushioning, stability/support features, durability, traction, weight, and breathability. Having a gait analysis at a specialty running store can help select the best shoes for your individual biomechanics and running needs.

How often should you replace running shoes?

Plan to replace running shoes every 300-500 miles. The midsole cushioning breaks down over time so worn shoes won’t provide adequate shock absorption. Rotate between 2-3 pairs to maximize the longevity of each pair.

Are Skechers good for trail running?

Skechers doesn’t make technical trail running shoes. Models like the GOrun Speed TRL work decently on groomed dirt trails or obstacle course racing but lack features needed for rough terrain. Look to trail brands for rugged options.

Can Skechers be used for HIIT training?

Yes, Skechers lightweight shoes work well for various high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises like plyometrics and boot camp-style circuits. Focus on cross-training models with adequate lateral support for side-to-side motions.

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