Are Skechers Go Walk Good for Wide Feet? Comfort You Need!

Do Skechers Go Walk shoes work well for people with wide feet? This is a key question for those needing athletic shoes that can comfortably accommodate wide feet all day long.

As someone with broad feet myself, I have tried many Skechers Go Walk models over the years.

I’ll share my insight on finding the right fit, roomiest walking shoe styles for wide feet, and design features that provide comfort.

Are Skechers Go Walk Good for Wide Feet

Skechers Go Walk shoes can accommodate wider feet quite well. The shoes feature roomy toe boxes and stretchable knit uppers that allow the forefoot to splay naturally.

Many wide-footed wearers praise the comfortable, non-constricting fit of the Go Walk line.

Challenges Finding Athletic Shoes for Wide Feet

Having wider-than-average feet makes finding well-fitted, comfortable shoes tricky for a few reasons:

Limited Wide Width Options – Most athletic shoe brands don’t offer wide-width sizes at all, or only in certain models. This greatly reduces options.

Toe Boxes Too Narrow – Even regular-width shoes often taper too much in the toes. Without ample room to spread, toes overlap and cause discomfort.

Heels Slip Up/Down – Feet sliding forward can pinch toes, sliding back causes blistering. Wide feet need a locked-in fit.

Added Pressure Points – Higher weight and pressure concentrated on a smaller surface area leads to more irritation.

Without proper accommodation of their wider dimensions, people end up with poorly fitted shoes leading to foot pain, instability, and trips and falls. Fortunately, some Skechers Go Walk styles do cater well to wide feet.

Challenges Finding Athletic Shoes for Wide Feet

Limited wide-width optionsReduces selectionSkechers offers wide widths
Narrow toe boxesPinching & irritationChoose roomier models
Heels slip up/downBlisters, toe pinchingImproved locking support
Added pressure pointsDiscomfortCushioning & Stability

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Skechers Go Walk Wide Width Sizing

The good news is select Skechers Go Walk athletic shoe models do come in wide-width sizes! This immediately increases comfort options for broad feet.

Most Skechers shoes use a letter symbol next to the size to indicate width:

  • M = Medium for average feet
  • W = Wide for broader feet

For example, a size 10W features a wider profile than a size 10M.

This expanded toe box and adaptable lacing allow for natural toe splay without squeezing and discomfort – essential for active wide feet!

Below are some popular Go Walk models offering men’s and women’s wide-width sizes:

  • Go Walk Evolution Ultra shoes
  • Go Walk Max shoes
  • Go Walk Arch Fit shoes
  • Go Vulc 2 shoes

Check individual model listings on to confirm wide-width availability, as it does vary across styles.

Skechers Go Walk Shoe Models Offering Wide Widths

ShoeWide Width?
Go Walk EvolutionYes
Go, Walk Max,Yes
Go Walk Arch FitYes
Go Vulc 2Yes

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Roomiest Skechers Go Walk Shoe Models

In addition to wide-width sizing, Skechers builds certain Go Walk shoes intentionally roomier in the toe box while still stabilizing feet. This enhances stability and accommodates swelling.

From personal experience, the roomiest or most spacious Skechers models for comfortable wide feet include:

Go Walk Evolution Ultra – Very lightweight athletic walking shoe with stretch knit fabric uppers that conform nicely to broad or swollen feet.

Go Max – With extra cushioning and support, the Max line offers a laterally expanded toe box and extended heel counter gripping wide feet securely.

Go Vulc 2 – The vulcanized outsole design allows this sneaker to flex and contour generously for wide flat feet while the Goga Mat insole cushions.

While everyone’s feet vary slightly, start your search among those roomiest styles if you need extra space for wide-toe spread, swelling, or custom inserts.

Roomiest Skechers Go Walk Models for Wide Feet

Shoe ModelRoominess Features
Go Walk Evolution UltraStretch knit uppers
Go, Max,Expanded toe box, heel grip
Go Vulc 2Contouring shape

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Skechers Go Walk Comfort Technologies for Wide Feet

Beyond fit and sizing, Skechers Go Walk shoes utilize proprietary technologies intended to provide exceptional comfort and support – especially important for wide feet prone to issues.


The cushioned Goga Mat insole offers essential shock absorption. This prevents pain and swelling on pressure points common with wide feet.


Orthaheel technology helps align feet, counter overpronation, and stabilize motion. This alleviates ankle and knee pain sometimes stemming from flat or wide feet.


Flexible grooved soles move naturally with walking stride, enhancing comfort across broad feet which can cause stiff, unresponsive shoes to crease painfully.

By directly addressing wide foot comfort needs, Skechers Go Walk helps make athletic shoes a realistic pain-free option rather than a painful compromise.

Skechers Comfort Technologies Benefitting Wide Feet

TechnologyBenefit for Wide Feet
Goga Mat cushioningAbsorbs pressure & swelling
Orthaheel stabilitySupports natural alignment
Flexible grooved solesPrevents uncomfortable creasing

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Perfectly Fitting Wide Width Go Walk Shoes

With multiple wide-width models and intentionally roomy fits available, how do you select perfectly fitted Go Walks for your particular feet? Follow these expert tips:

Measure Both Feet

Use a Brannock device or printable sizer to measure the length AND width of each foot separately. Feet are often differently sized.

Consult Size Chart

Compare your measurements to the Skechers size chart online and note the size/width recommendation. Size up if between sizes.

Try On In Store

Shop late today when feet are swollen. Walk laps testing for pinching, heel slippage, toe room shifting your weight around.

Wear Test

Wear the properly fitted shoes around the house for short periods testing comfort before taking them out for all-day wear.

Investing the time to properly measure and fit your specific wide feet will pay off with long-lasting active comfort in the right Skechers Go Walk shoes!


Finding athletic shoes offering ample toe room, flexibility, and support in wide foot sizes proves challenging. Fortunately, select Skechers Go Walk walking shoes accommodate wider feet beautifully right out of the box.

By understanding their wide-width sizing, roomiest shoe models, innovative comfort technologies, and fit tips, you can select great-fitting Go Walks tailored to your feet. Walking comfortably minus foot pain is life-changing. Your wide feet deserve a shoe champion like Skechers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which models are the widest in the toe box?

The roomiest toe boxes tend to be in the Go Walk Evolution Ultra, Go Max, and Go Vulc 2 styles. But sizing up or custom inserts can also work.

Do Skecher’s wide-width shoes look bulky?

Not at all! Skechers designs athletic shoes and sandals specifically to look sporty rather than clunky. Wide sizes scale up proportionally in the heel and forefoot keeping aesthetics balanced.

Should I size up between regular and wide?

Yes, sizing up to a wide is recommended if your measurements indicate you’re between widths. Start on the wider platform for a more comfortable fit accommodating swelling.

How long does break-in take for Skechers wide shoes?

Many customers report great comfort right away with no painful break-in period required. But allow about 5-10 wears for any snugness to ease as materials contour specifically to your feet.

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