Are Skechers Go Walk 5 Waterproof? Stay Dry on Wet Walks!

Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes have become a popular choice for many walkers and athletes looking for comfortable athletic shoes.

With their lightweight mesh upper, responsive midsole, and durable outsole, they provide all-day comfort for activities like walking, running errands, traveling, and more.

A key question for many consumers is whether the Go Walk 5 shoes are waterproof and can hold up in wet conditions.

We will examine the waterproof features and capabilities of Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes to help you determine if they are the right option for your needs.

Are Skechers Go Walk 5 Waterproof

The Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes are not fully waterproof. While they have a water-repellent treatment on the knit uppers, they are not designed to be submerged in water or worn in heavy rain or puddles. The interior will eventually get wet in very wet conditions.

Overview of Skechers Go Walk 5 Shoes

Before diving into the specifics of waterproofing, let’s briefly overview the Go Walk 5 shoe line:

  • Release Date: August 2018. The Go Walk 5 is the fifth generation of Skechers Performance Division’s Go Walk series which first launched in 2011.
  • Types: Go Walk 5 shoes come in several styles including Go Walk 5 Eclipse, Go Walk 5 Solar, Go Walk 5 Spark, Go Walk 5 Integrity, and more. There are styles designed for men and women.
  • Key Features: Mesh fabric upper, Goga Mat insole, high-rebound cushioning, flexible 5Gen midsole, and durable rubber traction outsole.
  • Usage: Lightweight athletic lifestyle shoes designed for walking, travel, gym, and everyday wear.
  • Reviews: The Go Walk 5 line has received generally very positive reviews, with wearers praising their lightweight comfort and cushioning.

Now that we’re familiar with the Go Walk 5 shoes, let’s look at whether waterproofing is a key feature.

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How Do Skechers Go Walk 5 Handle Water, Rain, and Moisture?

Since the Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes are not waterproof, how do they hold up when exposed to wet conditions? Here is an overview:

  • Light Rain/Splashes: The shoes provide reasonable water resistance for very light rain, dew, and accidental splashes. The mesh fabric does have some hydrophobic treatment which causes water to bead up and roll off initially. However, after extended exposure, moisture will begin to soak through.
  • Heavy Rain: In heavy rain, Go Walk 5 shoes will become saturated quite quickly as water penetrates the mesh fabric and seams. The feet will get wet without proper rain gear.
  • Slush/Snow: When walking in slushy winter conditions, the upper mesh will soak through with moisture. Without proper insulation, feet become cold and wet quite quickly.
  • Mud/Grass: The outsole tread has decent traction for muddy trails and grass. But mud and dirt kicked up can penetrate the mesh and lacing areas.

How to Waterproof Skechers Go Walk 5 Shoes

While not waterproof out of the box, there are some effective options to add waterproofing to your Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes:

1. Use Waterproof Spray Treatments

  • Spray-on waterproofing products like Scotchgard can provide useful water resistance for mesh shoes like the Go Walk 5.
  • Look for sprays designed specifically for shoes and fabrics. Apply a coating over the entire upper area.
  • Allows the mesh to remain breathable while repelling moisture. Provides reasonable water resistance.
  • Downsides are temporary protection that wears off over time and needs to reapply every few months.

2. Apply a Waterproofing Wax or Cream

  • Beeswax, wax bars, and waterproofing creams can be rubbed into the mesh fabric and seams to seal out moisture.
  • Provides longer-lasting protection compared to sprays. Allows mesh to remain breathable.
  • Downsides are messy applications and can change the look/feel of shoes from the residue left behind.

3. Use Waterproof Socks or Gaiters

  • Wearing waterproof socks (like from SealSkinz) or gaiters inside the shoes creates an inner waterproof barrier.
  • Provides complete waterproofing separately from the shoes. Keeps feet warm and dry.
  • Can get hot for athletic use. The extra layer may impact shoe sizing and comfort.

4. Apply a DIY Sealant Like Silicone or Beeswax

  • For a home solution, you can coat the inside seams with clear silicone or melted beeswax to plug leaks.
  • Allows mesh to remain breathable while sealing leaks and seams. Inexpensive DIY solution.
  • Messy process. Rough application can leave residue and alter shoe fit. Temporary protection.

So in summary, while not waterproof out of the box, there are some good solutions to add effective water resistance to your Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes through aftermarket treatments and accessories.

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Key Factors That Impact Waterproof Performance

Several variables influence how waterproof a pair of Go Walk 5 shoes will be for you in daily use:

Shoe Age & Use – Brand-new shoes will resist water longer. After break-in and wear, the coatings and treatments used become less effective.

Conditions – Very heavy rain, deep puddles, and snow will overwhelm shoes faster than light rain and splashes.

Activity Level – More athletic use and friction degrades waterproofing quicker than casual wear.

Foot Sweat – Perspiration from your feet impacts the ability of coatings and sprays to resist water over time.

Reapplication – Periodic reapplication of sprays, waxes, etc will enhance water resistance. It diminishes over time.

Individual Results – How well waterproofing works and lasts varies based on individual circumstances and product choice.

Waterproof Performance Factors

Shoe Age & UseNew vs worn-in shoesWears off over time
ConditionsHeavy rain vs splashesHeavy rain overwhelms us faster
Activity LevelAthletic vs casual useAthletic motion degrades quicker
Foot SweatPerspirationDiminishes coatings over time
ReapplicationRenewing treatmentsEnhances resistance
Individual ResultsPersonal variablesVaries from person to person

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How do I clean my Go Walk 5 shoes after getting them wet?

  • Remove the laces and insoles and allow the shoes to fully air dry. Stuff with newspaper or towels to absorb moisture faster.
  • Don’t place too close to heat sources to dry, as high heat can damage shoes. Allow 12-24 hours to dry fully.
  • Use antibacterial foot spray inside shoes between wears to prevent odor and mold growth.
  • A washable shoe bag helps keep them isolated in a gym bag between uses after getting wet.
  • For dirt, spot-clean the mesh upper gently with mild soap and water using a soft brush. Avoid overly soaking the shoes.

Proper cleaning and drying are crucial to maximize the life of your Skechers after getting them wet.


In summary, while Skechers Go Walk 5 shoes are highly comfortable, lightweight performance shoes, they do not offer inherent waterproofing capabilities right out of the box. The mesh fabric upper and rubber outsole will soak through quickly in wet conditions, allowing water inside to wet your feet.

However, there are effective aftermarket solutions to improve water resistance like sprays, waxes, and waterproof socks/gaiters. Factors like conditioning, activity level, and reapplication impact long-term waterproof performance. With proper maintenance and treatments, Skechers Go Walk 5 can become a versatile shoe for both dry and wet weather use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective way to waterproof my Go Walk 5 shoes?

Waterproof socks and gaiters provide the most complete and reliable waterproof barrier. Sprays work temporarily while waxes/creams last longer but have messy applications.

Will aftermarket waterproofing treatments alter the fit or sizing of my Go Walk 5?

Exterior sprays minimally impact fit. But added interior layers like waterproof socks may affect sizing and require adjusting shoe size up a half-size.

How long do waterproofing sprays and creams last on athletic shoes?

Sprays provide about 3-6 months of protection with regular use. Waxes, creams, and rub-on treatments typically last around a year before needing reapplication. Prosperity depends on the frequency of wear.

Can I use cooking oils or petroleum jelly to waterproof my Skechers shoes?

Cooking oils like coconut oil do not provide effective waterproofing and can damage shoes. Petroleum jelly is also not recommended as it degrades the materials and leaves residue. Use only commercial shoe waterproofing products.

Where can I find replacement insoles for my Go Walk 5?

Skechers sells official replacement insoles for the Go Walk 5 line on their website. Check the product number inside your shoes to find the matching insole style online or at authorized shoe stores.

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